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DIY Bandanas for Your Pets

It’s no secret that I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. You’ll find me there at least once a month, and I’m pretty familiar with everything in the kitchen aisle, and of course, the crafting aisle. But on my most recent trip I was by myself (no kids!) and wanted to explore a little more, so I browsed through the pet section of my local store. I’d glanced at it in passing during previous trips, but this time I went in search of goodies for our three dogs.


There was so much to choose from, I was quite impressed! For example, did you know Tuesday Morning sells grain-free and gluten-free dog treats? I had no idea. I grabbed a few of the healthy treat options, some new stainless steel food bowls and a few doggie toys. I have outdoor farm dogs, but if your pets are used to staying indoors, you should check out their huge selection of uber-comfy dog and cat beds. They looked so soft that I couldn’t resist touching a few, and the materials were really great quality.

Bella Bowls stainless steal dog bowl – $6.99 compare at $18.99
Spiked rubber ring – $3.99 compare at $8.99
Roller bone – $5.99 compare at $14.99
Natural Reward dog treats – $3.99 compare at $9.99
YumZies Jerky Chews – $4.99 compare at $11.99
Superior Farms 100% natural venison liver dog treats – $6.99 compare at $14.99
Two 1-yard cuts of 100% cotton flannel – $3.99 compare at $9.99
1-yard of 100% cotton duck cloth – $2.99 compare to $5.99
Fat quarter bundles- $3.99 compare at $12.99
1-yard of 100% wool fabric – $2.99 compare at $9.99

Obviously, no trip to Tuesday Morning is complete until I check out the crafting inventory. I found some great new fabric selections including fat quarter bundles of quilting cottons, 100% wool apparel fabric, some cute flannel sets and even 100% cotton duck cloth!


I used some of the fabric to create bandanas for my dogs and goats, which turned out to be such a fun and easy project! I created a video tutorial so you can learn how to make them yourself. All you need is a few fat quarters and your basic sewing supplies. These bandanas are great because they slip right over your pet’s collar. After you make one, you’ll be making them by the dozens for every occasion and holiday.



Honestly, you never know what you’ll find at Tuesday Morning. The 40-minute drive is always worth it for me, and the prices can’t be beat. My pets are happy with their stylish new duds, and I added more fabric to my stash. Win-win!

– Vanessa, The Crafty Gemini

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Vanessa Wilson

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Blog: Crafty Gemini

My home Tuesday Morning location: Butler Plaza in Gainesville, Florida

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Crafts and kitchen… it’s definitely a tie!

A little about me: I’ve been crafting my entire life! To keep me busy when I was a kid, my mom would give me challenging projects like designing my own board games or building something out of scrap materials. I always needed to be doing something with my hands… and as an adult, nothing has changed! I got into sewing while looking for a new creative outlet during law school. A few years ago, I traded in my legal career for a video camera and began to focus solely on my business and raising two kids on a five-acre organic farm. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about as much as I can and to pass that knowledge down to my kids. I am thankful I get to make a living by simply living my life.

What I love to write about: I love to write about my crafty projects, our homestead and what I’m up to with homeschooling my kids. I basically enjoy writing about my life!

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  1. Reply Snap

    I have a great fence and a pergola that look great with birdhouses and outdoor “decor”!

  2. Reply Pat L.

    I’m going to try the bandanas for all the family pets for Christmas next year! Thank you!

  3. Reply bonnie

    there is a small clump of trees in my yard and the birds love that area so that is where a new house would go just for them.. The feeders are always on the porch of my husbands workshop…

  4. Reply Georgann Rizzo

    I have plenty of trees.

  5. Reply ashley c

    I would hang it on the front porch!

  6. Reply Jen F

    In my new backyard!

  7. Reply Amber

    I love birds!

  8. Reply cathleen Mingolello

    In my front yard, it’s a great view from my living room. My daughter and I love to watch them.

  9. Reply Arlene Sanchez

    I would put the birdfeeder outside my daughters bedroom window. The birdhouse would go on my apple tree.

  10. Reply David

    tree in the front hard outside my bedroom window

  11. Reply sandra davis

    I would put in out in my backyard

  12. Reply Rainn

    I have a tree out side my kitchen window. I’d hang it there so I could watch the birds.

  13. Reply Misti

    I would place it in my backyard.

  14. Reply Ronnal Lippman

    On my back porch near my pool. I usually have my morning coffee out there and it would be awesome

  15. Reply melissa baker

    I have a nice oak tree out back I would hang it from!

  16. Reply Diane Baum

    I have been making personalized birdhouses for my friends on their birthdays-I want to learn how to make birdhouses that can stand up to the outside cold winter weather

  17. Reply Bo

    Please bring back the Belmont Two-tier Vanity Tray. I bought one a while back and I am interested in buying a couple more. I keep checking your stores to no avail.

  18. Reply Teresa Organ

    I think that I would put it in the front yard.

  19. Reply Cari Jackson

    I live on the edge of a forest , right in the village of Penfield, just 3 doors down from birds unlimited and just a quarter mile away from Tuesday morning. I am so blessed! and am always blogging about/posting pictures on instagram and pinterest about how much I love to hike. A birdfeeder right outside my window would bring some cheer to my sometimes long dull hours in the home office.

  20. Reply Sharon Savoy

    This is my first trip to Tuesday Morning. I love it. I have been following Vanessa for quite a while and have learned so many things I thought I would never be able to. At 62 I guess the old saying is wrong. You can teach and old dog new tricks. Thank you so much. Respectfully, Sharon

  21. Reply BECKY PHELPS

    in my front yard where I can watch the birds from my couch or porch

  22. Reply Marilyn Nawara

    I would put it in the tree in the backyard so that I can see if from my desk while I work during the day.

  23. Reply Kristina (CraftyPaws)

    This is so cute! I am definitely going to give this a try. Thanks so much for the great bandana tutorial! From the looks of your description of yourself we have a lot in common. I love my dogs and crafting (which I do every day!). 🙂 TFS hugs, Kristina