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My Most Unique #TreasuredGift

Blogger Beckie Farrant of Infarrantly Creative has shared the story of her most unique #TreasuredGift.

Have you ever had a gift that someone gave you that was so precious and special to you that it transcends time? I mean, sure, those acid wash jeans I got for Christmas one year in 1987 were off the chain. However, styles and fads come and go and those acid washed jeans are long gone.


The day I was born a close family friend (who played a surrogate uncle role in my life) gave me a charm bracelet with a sterling silver baby cup with my birthday engraved into it, 8-10-77. I have had this bracelet for 38 years. What started as a bracelet for a baby with one charm on it grew and grew into this bracelet filled with memories and trinkets from my childhood.


Charms were added by my parents, my surrogate uncle mentioned above, junior high BFFs, and boyfriends. The bracelet is loud when worn, ridiculously heavy, and overly embellished with charms, and I love it.

You see each charm tells a story. The gumball machine charm a few to the right of my picture below? This was given to me by my surrogate uncle and symbolized my insatiable sweet tooth.


While that was a huge part of my childhood, I must admit, it is still very true of me today. I would ride my bike to White Hen Pantry in Elgin, Illinois (where I grew up) with my best friend and buy those plastic fruits filled with sugar powder and a can of white frosting. I would hide the white frosting under my bed and take spoonfuls of it each day until I ate the entire tub. Then I would have to somehow sneak the empty tub into the garage trash can so my parents wouldn’t find it. No, my parents didn’t approve, nor knew about my frosting binges.

Or how about the roller skate? That reminds me of countless middle school Friday nights at Roxy Wheels in Dundee, IL.


I couldn’t afford (and no way my parents would pay for) the $200+ speed skates that every cool kid had. I remember cutting my skates to make them look more like speed skates. I paid $4 for thicker skate laces and always made sure my pant leg covered the top of my skate boots so no one would discover the imposters. I also remember the day a kid fell right in front of me and I tripped right over him and landed on my shoulder and broke my collarbone. A lot of memories are compounded in that little roller skate charm.

It is amazing how my charm bracelet keeps me so connected to my childhood and reminds me of things I long have forgotten. It helps me remember moments long gone and what I dreamed about as a child, pre-teen and teenager.

In early high school those dreams mostly consisted of when my parents would allow me to have my own phone line. The minute I got a job at 15, I purchased my own phone line. The number was 695-2037. That number will always be burned into my memory. It was my first ring of independence, and hence, the reason for the phone charm.


Then there is the charm I purchased for myself while in college on a study tour of Israel (the one of the left of the softball glove). I remember as a young woman, walking through the Holy Land and watching the deep truths I learned growing up becoming really real to me in those moments. It was an amazing trip that I want to be burned into my memory forever.


I have charms to symbolize my wedding day, vacations I have been on, sports I played (even the swimming charm to symbolize that one dreadful season I swam and begged my parents to let me quit everyday – but they didn’t), activities I was into, and foods I loved. Each and every charm connects me to a memory. Thank you Uncle Jon, who has long passed, for giving me a gift 38 years ago that is still my most treasured gift.

Oh and if you happen to be my BFF who has the other half of the best friend charm would you please stand up? I have no idea where that came from 😉

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