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The Turquoise Table Collection: My Favorite Things

We partnered with Kristin Schell of The Turquoise Table. Check out her five favorite items from her exclusive collection available now at your nearest Tuesday Morning location!

Come to the Table

It feels like Christmas in July. I can’t believe The Turquoise Table Collection from Tuesday Morning is finally here.

Every piece has special meaning. Each item in the Collection was carefully chosen with one purpose in mind – to help you live as Front Yard People.

Four years ago, I put the Turquoise Table in my front yard with the hope of creating a place to connect and build community. It worked! The Turquoise Table became a welcome place to gather in our neighborhood – like the old, village well. A place to slow down and catch up with one another over coffee or sweet tea.

Today there are Turquoise Tables in every state from California to Maine and seven countries.

All over the world people are gathering at Turquoise Tables in all kinds of front yards and even on Main Street! We crave community—authentic connection to do our one-and-only crazy lives together. And what’s better than living it out with the people right where you live, inviting them to your own front yard?

Will you join us? Your journey of loving your neighbors, creating a simple place for community, and daring to live as Front Yard People can begin now.

turquoise table

Front Yard People are the ones who raise their hands and say, “I’m all in!” Let’s be a people that build our lives around each other, opening our lives and homes to others, one Turquoise Table at a time.

To help get you started, we’ve created The Turquoise Table Collection. It is my hope and prayer that these simple and inviting pieces bring joy to your Turquoise Table gatherings.

For fun, I’m sharing five of my favorite pieces from The Collection. But, who are we kidding? I could never choose just five.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee at the Turquoise Table—it’s still my favorite way to gather friends and neighbors. A quick cup of coffee (or tea!) is all it takes to slow down and connect. When hospitality seems hard, I remind myself that simply showing up is half the battle. These coffee mugs are cheerful reminders to invite a friend for coffee. Brew a pot of coffee, let friends choose a mug, and settle in at the table for conversation.

Fave Items Coffee Mugs

Porcelain Bakers & Insulated Totes

Gathering at the Turquoise Table doesn’t have to be complicated. As someone who makes things harder than they need to be, I’m grateful for SIMPLE. These simple porcelain bakers are my favorites. Fill one with a cherry crumble or a warm, comforting casserole for a friend. Need inspiration? Try my simple watermelon feta salad. Don’t forget to add totes from The Collection, too.

Favorite Things Porceline Baker

A fun bit of turquoise trivia: the quatrefoil pattern on the insulated totes matches the inside cover of my book, The Turquoise Table: Finding Community and Connection in Your Own Front Yard. How fun is that?

Giving Plate

When we take the opportunity to open our lives and homes to others, it’s really about sharing. Sharing our lives. Sharing our time and resources. Did you know the root for the word recipe means both “to give” and “to receive”? The beautiful concept behind the Giving Plate is a recipe for love – to give and receive with others. Make a batch of your favorite cookies and share them with a neighbor on the Giving Plate. Dare to imagine how many homes will receive a small taste of love as the plate gets passed around. How fun will it be if the Giving Plate comes full-circle and lands back in your home?

Giving Plate TM Favorite Things


Gather small & love deep. It’s been the mantra of the Turquoise Table from the beginning. Show up. Listen. Love. Picnic tables, by design, are meant to hold four, maybe six people. Okay, eight if you squish tight. True connection happens in small moments with a few people. For years, I felt like I was skimming the surface with relationships – I was going wide, but not deep. By slowing down and focusing on the people right in front of me, my relationships with friends and neighbors have flourished.

This beautiful wooden breadboard is my favorite reminder to gather and love.

File Jul 22, 10 41 44 AM

Turquoise Slow Cooker

Drum roll, please! Hands down I’m most excited about The Turquoise Table Collection Slow Cooker. I know, it may sound odd, but I love my slow cooker. Even more embarrassing? I named it.

Meet Monsieur Le Sous Chef! Who wouldn’t love a sous chef to help make dinner? I love to cook, but most days it’s not practical to linger in the kitchen over a new recipe. Plus, I’d rather spend that time, lingering at the table. For an easy solution, I rely on M. Le Sous Chef. He does all the work, while I get to enjoy more time with family and friends.

One of my favorite dishes to make in the Turquoise Table Slow Cooker is Chicken Tinga Tacos. Try it and let me know what you think.

Slow Cooker Favorite Things

I can’t wait to hear what your favorite pieces are from The Turquoise Table Collection. Be sure to let me know. I love hearing from you.

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