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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

We recently asked our Facebook fans to tell us what about they most look forward to about fall. I was looking over the hundreds of responses, and I started getting so excited about fall that I could hardly stand it! Here in North Texas, fall is a big tease — a short window (two weeks, tops!) of temperate weather before it starts getting really cold. And there’s no glorious foliage to speak of, unfortunately; the leaves stubbornly cling to the trees until sometime around Thanksgiving, when they fall en masse, brown and dusty. So maybe we’re still in flip-flops and tank tops when Starbucks rolls out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes — that doesn’t dampen our autumn spirit! I think it just makes us appreciate that short window (when it finally arrives) even more. Today, I’m dedicating this blog to a few of the most popular responses to our informal little Facebook poll: colorful leaves, pumpkin everything, and football!

Draw on Autumn’s Palette

One of the things on my bucket list is a trip to the northeast during fall to see the amazing foliage. There’s nothing quite like it, is there? If you love autumn leaves as much as I do, but live in a part of the country that doesn’t get to experience them firsthand, check out our Hello Fall! pinboard — I have some amazing eye candy pinned for you there!

Once September hits, I’m ready to add some seasonal colors to my home décor, but I like to bring in a few unexpected colors as well. Don’t be afraid to riff on the color palette to keep your decorating fresh!

I love the pale blue in this color palette. This would be a great palette to work with if your home has more of a coastal or cottage style of décor!


Unexpected pops of color, like the vibrant purple and verdant green in this gorgeous floral arrangement, add visual interest and keep your décor from becoming flat.


I love this sweet door decoration because it proves how versatile neutral arrangements can be! Don’t limit yourself to oranges and reds; shades of whites and greens can be as evocative for fall as they are for every other season. If home decorating is already colorful, consider going neutral with your seasonal décor instead!


Savor Pumpkin in Everything

Before Pinterest, I truly thought I was the only person who could enjoy pumpkin-flavored everything all year long! Now I realize that I’m just one of a multitude of pumpkin lovers. I do, however, limit my pumpkin intake for the fall — just so I can enjoy the changing seasons, since Mother Nature doesn’t really cooperate here in North Texas (the land of two seasons).

For me, pumpkins and pastry are just meant to go together. This recipe from Better Homes & Gardens for pumpkin empanadas caught my eye — a pumpkin pastry I can hold in my hand? Yes, please!


I thought I’d see it all in terms of pumpkin-flavored recipe hacks, until I saw pumpkin spice Rice Krispies treats! That’s a new one for me … but they do sound tasty and kid-friendly!


OK, this one isn’t a recipe, but it brings together two of my favorite ubiquitous trends: pumpkins and Mason jars! These darling little DIY Mason jar pumpkins would make fantastic treat holders for hostess, teacher, or neighbor gifts, don’t you think?


Revel in Football Season!

Now, I know that football is popular across the country, but if you’re from the South like me, you’ll know what I mean when I say that football has a special place in our hearts. My 8-year-old son just joined a youth football team in our neighborhood, and my heart was nearly full to bursting watching him at his first practice! Between watching him, college ball, and the NFL, I think it’s going to be a great season!


Here’s the perfect take on pumpkin decorating for all you football lovers out there. I have decided that this is one craft for the top of my fall craft to-do list! Isn’t it fun?

This football-themed mantel is fun and easy to do. Use pennants from all the teams in your conference or state — IF you’re willing to let an opponent’s colors into your home! (I’m not so sure I’m that gracious.)


Football and great comfort food go hand-in-hand. I just love the idea of a chili bar for a game-watching party or post-party meal, if you’re a football mom! (Just make sure that your base chili isn’t too spicy for little ones.)


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of fall! And thanks to all of you who posted your favorite aspects of the season on our Facebook page — you all certainly inspired ME this time!


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  1. Reply Missy Clark

    I soooo loved the pumpkin football! Thanks for sharing the Mason jar pumpkins, too!

  2. Reply Carla

    Anna, It must the TEXAS in us because it sounds like you just described me (usually more than one project going on at a time)! While I currently reside in Central Oregon I’m true Texan at heart from Fort Worth. Love you ideas.

  3. Reply Del Nana

    The Autumn jars are the “bomb”. Will surely be making those…in fact I may start tonight. Thanks for the inspiration.