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Pumpkin Orange Is the New Black

Have you heard? It’s fall, y’all, and nothing says autumn quite like a pumpkin. Whether you eat it, carve it or turn it into a planter, our friend Mr. Pumpkin is the spokesperson for fall. Pumpkins are perfect for Halloween, but if you play your cards right, you can work the trend all the way to Christmas.


I typically go on a pumpkin-buying bender at the start of October. I’m always attracted to the heirloom pumpkins with their unusual shapes and colors. These pumpkins make gorgeous centerpieces all through fall. Pumpkins will stay good an amazingly long time if you don’t carve them. Get the most bang for your pumpkin buck by stretching their decorating potential from Halloween through Thanksgiving and then eating them! Yup, you can eat the bumpy, weird-looking pumpkins, too!

Creative Cooking



I love cooking with pumpkins almost as much as I love decorating with them. The Internet is full of amazing and surprising culinary uses for pumpkins. I can’t wait to make a batch of my pumpkin and sage lasagna. You can easily substitute pumpkin in most any recipe that calls for an acorn or butternut squash. Pumpkin is amazing in soups. I have a pumpkin and black bean soup recipe I make every year. Dips with pumpkin are also delicious. Make a batch of pumpkin hummus for your next fall party and then serve it in a pumpkin. And you can’t not make at least one sweet thing from your pumpkins. That would just be wrong. Baked goods freeze beautifully, so why not think about stretching those pumpkins all the way to Christmas morning with some pumpkin muffins or breads?

Not Just for Jack-o-Lanterns

10172014-JP-jute pumpkin


Obviously you don’t have to eat your pumpkins, especially if you invested in the fake ones. Why not use them as planters? I did. For Halloween I dyed two hanging jute planters I picked up at Tuesday Morning this summer black. I removed the tops from two faux pumpkins and added dirt and plants. All that was left to do was hang! Another great look that will last me through the fall is making pumpkins into vases. Afraid your plants might die? Try some faux plants. Make a tabletop planter out of a faux pumpkin and some faux succulents. You can’t kill these plants no matter how black your thumb is. Plus the look of flora and fauna in a home always warms things up.



What brought me to Tuesday Morning in the first place was its craft department. Pumpkins in the fall don’t have to be literal. Think about the color, the symbolism and other ways you can be inspired by pumpkins in your DIY projects. Last Thanksgiving my daughter and I made these adorable fall-themed shadowboxes. We talked about the things we were thankful for, and I filled a deep picture frame and she filled a cereal box cut to look like a frame. Pumpkins are also a great way to showcase and augment other fall crafts. Yarn turkeys look that much better when surrounded by pumpkins.


So all hail the mighty pumpkin. Don’t just think of this fruit as a one-trick Halloween pony. Oh no, the Mighty Mac, Lumina and Fairytale pumpkin varieties should be celebrated all fall long. These versatile beauties can last for months, so invest in a few and your table or vignette will look festive for weeks. If you need more ideas check out our pin board- It’s Pumpkin Season.

Whether you decorate with them, eat them or use them as crafty inspiration, every fall, orange is the new black.



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Jennifer Perkins

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My favorite Tuesday Morning department: I’m pretty smitten on the seasonal décor and craft departments.

A little about me: I dabble in all things DIY. Lucky for me, Tuesday Morning does, too. I’m a crafter at heart. I have written and published books on jewelry-making, hosted TV shows about crafting and run a successful DIY company that has been featured everywhere from Marie Claire to The Wall Street Journal. I love to cook, craft, decorate, plan parties — you name it, if it involves paint or glue, I’m in.

What I love to write about: I want to share my love of DIY with the world. I’m constantly writing about the parties I’m throwing, the crafts I’m doing with my kids or my latest home décor project. I get bored easily and tend to flip-flop my passions, but they all have a crafty slant.

I blame this craft addiction on my mother, who took me to my first Tuesday Morning. I am passing this vice onto my children. They love all the craft kits for kids in the toy department. I love the craft department. Whether I need yarn for weaving wall hangings or am in the mood to scrapbook, Tuesday Morning has me covered.

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