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Set a Fun & Funky Thanksgiving Table

Have you ever heard that piece of advice about what to wear to a dinner party? You could wear your jammies and slippers from the waist down because all anyone is going to see is what you are wearing above the table. This same nugget of wisdom holds true for decorating your Thanksgiving table. Don’t worry about scrubbing baseboards or making beds if you are having everyone over to your home this holiday season. Instead, make sure the table, where everyone will sit, is epic and interesting.



“Epic and interesting” does not mean spending a ton of money. I like to check what I already have around the house first. Thanksgiving tables do not have to be decorated with all things turkey and Pilgrim. Think of fall colors as your inspiration and go from there. Do you have orange chairs at another table in the house? Woven baskets hanging on a wall that could be placed on a table? Quilting fabric that could be used as a tablecloth? I did.


Super Seating Ideas

If you are hosting a lot of people, you have 2 choices. If you have the space, you can rent tables and try to put everyone in the same room. Or, if you’re like me, you might prefer to have several different tables around the house for people to choose from. The problem with dinner parties – and let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is much like a dinner party – is that where you choose to sit determines who you will spend the rest of the evening getting to know. That can be a good, bad or boring thing. Encourage guests (maybe even make place cards) to sit next to relatives or friends they do not get a chance to visit with often. Maybe everyone sits at a different table and next to a different person for dessert. If your gathering is extra large, consider name tags. For the rehearsal dinner at my wedding, everyone had a name tag with one sentence below about how we knew them. These sentences acted as great starting points for conversations: “My name is Leah – I live in NYC and went to school with Jennifer in London for college.”



A quick and easy way to free up space is to have a designated kids’ table. Consider putting crafts or coloring sheet placemats on the kids’ table. Keep the kids busy in between turning their noses up to green beans and cranberries. The more occupied the children are, the more time the adults will have to chat. If you have very small children who are still messy, consider setting up a picnic in the backyard – weather permitting. The whole family could sit outside if you wanted. In Texas, the weather is still very temperate at Thanksgiving. I typically have my turkey in a barn with my extended family in East Texas, and the informal atmosphere always works great.


Make Your Décor Uniquely Yours             

It is not where people sit, it is what they see while they are there. Make it memorable, make it your own and make it different. Chairs don’t have to match; mine never do. If your Halloween pumpkins have not begun to rot, use them to dress the table. Have no qualms about using paper plates and napkins and combining them with expensive vintage dinnerware. Buy a $5 bouquet of flowers because fresh flowers make everything better. No need for a crystal vase – consider a pumpkin planter or pitcher instead. My entire house is eclectic and kitschy, so why would I set a Thanksgiving table any differently?



My vintage-style tablecloth (only $24.99) and tribal quilting fabric (only $19.99 for 5 yards) used as a tablecloth came from Tuesday Morning. Make your table Pinterest-worthy with the help of scrapbooking picks ($1.99) in pumpkins, again from Tuesday Morning. The woven baskets (only $14.99) adding texture to my table are from, you guessed it, Tuesday Morning. Check your own house for Thanksgiving table décor first and then head to Tuesday Morning for a few fun and funky supplements. Check out our Thanksgiving Table Essentials pin board for more ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Season of Giving

Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? To kick off the holiday season, we’re launching a series of giveaways every Friday! Details appear at the end of each blog post on Fridays, so keep checking back for a chance to win a unique set of products every weekend (entries accepted Friday through Sunday). This weekend, we’re giving away a Thanksgiving Basket stuffed full of goodies to dress your table: a Lenox platter, 2 serving bowls, salt and pepper shakers, treat bowls and napkin rings, a Towle 65-piece flatware set, and turkey bowl server with serveware! Sign up below to enter!

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Jennifer Perkins

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Jennifer Perkins

My home Tuesday Morning location: Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: I’m pretty smitten on the seasonal décor and craft departments.

A little about me: I dabble in all things DIY. Lucky for me, Tuesday Morning does, too. I’m a crafter at heart. I have written and published books on jewelry-making, hosted TV shows about crafting and run a successful DIY company that has been featured everywhere from Marie Claire to The Wall Street Journal. I love to cook, craft, decorate, plan parties — you name it, if it involves paint or glue, I’m in.

What I love to write about: I want to share my love of DIY with the world. I’m constantly writing about the parties I’m throwing, the crafts I’m doing with my kids or my latest home décor project. I get bored easily and tend to flip-flop my passions, but they all have a crafty slant.

I blame this craft addiction on my mother, who took me to my first Tuesday Morning. I am passing this vice onto my children. They love all the craft kits for kids in the toy department. I love the craft department. Whether I need yarn for weaving wall hangings or am in the mood to scrapbook, Tuesday Morning has me covered.

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  1. Reply Laura and Terry Clark

    Just shopped at the Tuesday Morning in Petaluma Ca and wow the store looked so good. The shelves were neat and the displays were well organized. It was a pleasure to shop there. The store manager Chuck was very welcoming and helped us find things we were looking for. We will be visiting again soon.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Laura, That’s great to hear!

  2. Reply Barbara Nelson

    Jennifer, I’m in Dallas Tx. I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning for years… to the stores! From pumpkins to all things shiny &a sparkling TM is the go to place for me. Lots of ideas & stocked shelves to choose from!. Thanks for your blog.

    • Jennifer Perkins
      Reply Jennifer Perkins

      Hey Barbara I’m in Austin, but was just shopping the Tuesday Morning in McKinney this weekend. TONS of great things.

  3. Reply Kristine Landreman

    Always find something to make my house look great!

  4. Reply Lee Ann

    Always on the lookout for table tips! Thanks!

  5. Reply Vera burns

    I love Tuesday Morning and have been a customer for 30 years.

  6. Reply Mary Robertson

    I like to decorate my home for different occasions and Tuesday Mornings always has great items to make my home look inviting. Every holiday I try to add something new and the Thanksgiving basket would really add to the occasion.

  7. Reply Donna Perry

    Exceptional and wonderfully creative suggestions for our Thanksgiving table. Thank you. This will be a special celebration as our entire family is gathering for the first time since 1974. This includes my 90 year old father and a cousin returning from Afghanistan and a new family addition only 11 weeks old. We shall have 43 together and so thankful for this time in our lives.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Wow Donna, that’s a full house! What a special Thanksgiving you’ll have!

  8. Reply Virginia shemwell

    Love Tuesday Morning!

  9. Reply Tracy C.

    Great ideas. I host Thanksgiving every year at my house.

  10. Reply Steven Epstein

    would look great on my plain table

  11. Reply Tamra H

    I’ve never had true Thanksgiving decor for our Thanksgiving dinner, this would be nice 🙂

  12. Reply GayLyn Hodges

    I love Tuesday Morning, have been shopping there for years. I always find the most unique things for my home. We resently got reaquanted with family that we haven’t seen or even met in the last year. It would be amazing to win so that I could set a the most memorable table for the most memorable Thanks Giving for all of our family.

  13. Reply Tracy Walker

    I was shopping at the Tuesday Morning in Whippany, NJ the other day and was overwhelmed with how beautiful the displays were. I particularly loved the silver pieces that I would use for Christmas. I loved so many of them that I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to buy! So I need to return to the store today, to pick up some of them that I have decided on. I did however buy a beautiful gold Fossil handbag!

  14. Reply Dawn Benovitz

    Great ideas!

  15. Reply Maria Teresa Donoho

    I can always find something special at Tuesday Morning for gifts, or for the grandkids, or something for our home. When I don’t want to “shop around” that’s the place for me – the one-stop store where they have beautiful things, sometimes even unique.

  16. Reply Mark

    Love your stuff…..however, your on-line ads and your print ads are not easily read by folks with low vision. You may want to use a bolder darker font so people can easily browse you advertising. Wouldn’t want to miss anything.

  17. Reply Mary Bennett

    Hi There,
    I love Tuesday Mornings always have soon as they started up. you have so many bargains and if someone can’t find a bargain in your store they must be blind! I would be in there every day if I could.
    And I am 80 years old but get around very very good I don’t feel 80 either. I still play piano and organ out and love it every body says you sure don’t look 80! Maybe 65. Well enough about me but I love your store and all the bargains anyway! So keep up the good work and I will be down again soon.
    Thank you for all the goodies you have .

  18. Reply Aneta Cowgill

    I have been a fan ofTuesday Morning stores for years. I have purchased everything from a stained glass fire screen to doggie dishes. I make jewelry and have found jewelry findings (mostly beads) at great savings. Every year I buy christmas ornaments for my great grandchildren that they have really liked. I just finished buying this years ornaments. All in all, I have been a great enthusiast of shopping at Tuesday Morning and plan to continue. I live in Fremont and this last week was quite impressed with the neatness and organization of the store and did give my compliments to the Manager,.

  19. Reply Debbie Echaves

    It would be so lovely to have a nice platter and set of tableware that all matches.

  20. Reply Rose

    Loved the Thanksgiving tables. Where did you get the Franciscan Starburst pottery?
    It is from the 1950’s. I have a huge set with many special pieces.

    • Jennifer Perkins
      Reply Jennifer Perkins

      Hi Rose that is Fransciscan Starburst. I have been collecting since college. I have a large set now too. I love the idea of combing the 50’s China with a tribal tablecloth and 70’s plastic chargers. I’m a fan of juxtaposition. By the way, did you realize we could put our kids through college now selling our Starburst. Prices have gone up since I started collecting in the 90’s.

  21. Reply loraine mccann

    I just love the store, everything in the store is so different from other stores . the things they have are so different. Even if I don’t need anything I will always stop[ to see what is new.

  22. Reply loraine mccann

    Just shopped at the store in Fairview Heights and found a lot of good things that was so different from other stores. They really have some nice things. Every time I am in the area I always stop and usually find some things to buy

  23. Reply Dewey Grice

    I do love all of the seaonal items also. I go to look for myself and for family and friends, also. But,
    sometimes I just want to look at everything, so I browse the ailses just to look snd see all of the different items you have. My store is in Beaumont, Texas.

  24. Reply Noreen Rachuba

    Is that a Vera Neumann tablecloth? I love Vera! I love when I can find Veraat Tuesday Morning! I need to change up my Thanksgiving decor this year!! Time to fo something besides turkeys!!!

    • Jennifer Perkins
      Reply Jennifer Perkins

      It is! So glad someone noticed. I have several vintage Vera scarves so I was super pumped to find tablecloths (complete with signature and ladybug) at Tuesday Morning

  25. Reply Tammy

    I’m so glad that I continue to look and look and look at this site and I found this contest will I hope i win

  26. Reply Lisa Moore

    My family has gone through many difficult times this year. My dad is recovering from a surgery that was very serious. This is a tribute to him, for being a strong 81 year old man and still making it.
    I currently stay with him to help him and have had to gave up my full time job to take care of him and finish school. I will graduate Dec 2014 with a. MSN Adult Nurse Practitioner.
    My husband and I have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren, We want to make this holiday special for everyone. Thank you- I love Tuesday Mirnung, it’s a wonderful place to catch deals.

  27. Reply Lisa Palmese

    I would Love to Win The ThanksGiving basket Because ThanksGiving Always
    Touches My Heart Having family and Friends and Giving Thanks . I Just Moved into
    a Town Home in Savannah and Would Love to have it Looking Great for Thanksgiving!!
    Thank You
    Lisa Palmese

  28. Reply Shannon

    I love entertaining and decorating. It is always fun to get new things to try and use each year along with some traditional items that are used each and every year.

  29. Reply Cathy

    Would love to surprise my mom with this. She and my 91 yr old grandmother pull together a fantastic Thanksgiving every year,

  30. Reply Ursula Correll

    We are celebratingThanksgiving with our single son in Durango. This would be a great gift to leave with him for future Thanksgivings. Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  31. Reply Mary Barber

    I am elderly. Do not confuse me with twitter and facebook!!!!

  32. Reply Paula

    Love the selection of table linens at Tuesday Morning!

    • Jennifer Perkins
      Reply Jennifer Perkins

      Paula they have so many cute options don’t they? Even options (like quilting fabric) that are not on the tablecloth aisle. There is a lime green Fiesta brand tablecloth I have been eyeballing at my Austin store!

  33. Reply Toni Leli

    We just moved to Florida from Chicago, and gave away almost all our Thanksgiving decorations, so I would love this beautifully decorated table!

  34. Reply Kat

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite store!!! I never know what all is going to look good together for the holidays so it would be nice to win this to make decor easier

  35. Reply Linda Nardin

    Thanksgiving will be more festive with Tuesday Morning : )

  36. Reply martha chappel

    need items for special occasions, Tuesday morning is the place

  37. Reply Selma

    Family and friends are amazed at the unusual items I find, as well as the great prices I pay at Tuesday Morning. I am fortunate to have three locations to shop (two near where I live and one in my home town), plus I seek out this store while traveling. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I win the “Thanksgiving Table Gift Basket” since the contents would come in handy to serve the fifteen family members expected for the holiday this year.

  38. Reply Gaelanne schneider

    My Tuesday morning is in Silverdale, Wa. I don’t do anything special like many of the others that comment here. I do hobbies that I donate to Church bazaars or other charitable organizations and I love to have dinner parties and love to have beautiful table settings. Also,because I recently moved to Belfair, I found many unique items for my new home at Tuesday Morning. So,between my hobbies and my love for original items in my home or on my table, I spend more time and money at MY Tuesday Morning than my husband wishes I did. (Just kidding–he loves what I do). Gaelanne

  39. Reply Wendy R.

    Looks like it will just be me and the husband this year for Thanksgiving. This would be a great addition to our small table!!

  40. Reply Annette

    I want the Thanksgiving Table gift basket, because I love decorating my table for the various seasons/holidays and I can use some new serving pieces/flatware.

  41. Reply patricia kiser

    LOVE!! Tuesday Morning

  42. Reply sara thomas

    The Thanksgiving basket would come in really handy for entertaining this season! Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Reply Ana Earl

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  44. Reply Courtney H

    I want to win because I love to manga good food!

  45. Reply Dawn

    it has been so long since I have shopped Tuesday Morning, thank you for such a great blog post. I need to return ASAP!

  46. Reply Aimee Johnson

    Because we need a flatware upgrade probto! 🙂

  47. Reply Michelle

    I’d really like to do something special for my family this thanksgiving. By winning this is I will be able to make this thanksgiving even more special and unforgettable. We never have the opportunity to decorate the table so being able to will be something very appreciative.

  48. Reply Trevalyn Gruber

    Just moved to Louisville, KY, and have already found 2 Tuesday Mornings near me. They have come in handy as we decorate our new home. All I can say is I wish there were more here! I was spoiled in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with so many in the metroplex! Love the fall and Christmas items and have already been stocking up on Christmas food items for gifts.