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Summer Travel With Your Pets!

We love to travel with Irie and Tiki whenever possible. From day trips to overnight getaways, we try to include our dogs in our travel plans every chance we get.

Being self-employed, though, we know the value of saving money on our pet travel! In every aspect of our lives, we look for products that combine our demand for safety with our necessity for savings, and that includes our pet needs as well.

This week John and I checked out the pet travel products at our local Tuesday Morning store. We have an overnight trip with the dogs coming up later this month and generally we take the dogs on a day trip once per week. After two decades as travel writers, we’re so happy to now be sharing our travels with our dogs. They add so much to our travel, even the simplest trip to a park that we’ve visited many times in the past. Through their eyes, we’re able to see and experience destinations in a whole new way.

Our cats are homebodies, however. Nonetheless, we know that we also need travel items for them. We are assembling evacuation kits for each of our pets. Even if you don’t travel with your pets (and, don’t forget, travel also includes moving as well as trips to the vet or doggy day care), it’s important for everyone to have an evacuation kit for each pet. This grab-and-go bag contains a copy of your pet’s vital records, medications, food, leash or carrier, collar, ID, stress-reducing chews and treats, and boredom-busting interactive toys.

So we put together our list and headed to the Tuesday Morning store in Austin, Texas!




How Much Did We Save at Tuesday Morning?

Here’s a look at our purchases, including comparable prices…and Tuesday Morning prices!

  • Jenna Marbles plush toy

◦                     Compare at 12.99                Tuesday Morning $2.99

  • Petstages Gator

◦                     Compare at $13.49              Tuesday Morning $4.99

  • Whiskers & Paws Pet Wipes (USA)

◦                     Compare at $10                   Tuesday Morning $4.99

  • Aspenpet Furrific! Grooming Glove

◦                     Compare at $12.99              Tuesday Morning $5.99

  • Petstages Occupi Chew Toy

◦                     Compare at $17.49              Tuesday Morning $5.99

  • JW Pet Large Bone

◦                     Compare at $11                    Tuesday Morning $2.99

  • JW Pet Jumbo Bone

◦                     Compare at $12                   Tuesday Morning $3.99

  • Chuckit! Zipflight toy (medium)

◦                     Compare at $13.49             Tuesday Morning $6.99

  • Bungee Skinneeez stuffing-free toy

◦                     Compare at $15.99             Tuesday Morning $5.99

  • Sprong floating dog toy

◦                     Compare at $6                     Tuesday morning $2.99

  • Purina Pet Gear scoop bags and dispenser

◦                     Compare at $3.99               Tuesday Morning $1.99

  • Chuckit! Hydro Bowl

◦                     Compare at $7.99                Tuesday Morning $3.99

  • Dog Whisperer Healthy Beef Tendons (USA)

◦                     Compare at $9.99               Tuesday Morning $4.99

  • VIP Microfiber Towel for Dogs

◦                     Compare at $14.99             Tuesday Morning $6.99

  • Nylabone Wand & Clip cat toy

◦                     Compare at $14.99              Tuesday Morning $6.99

  • Speed ‘e Drink water carrier

◦                     Compare at $9.99                Tuesday Morning $1.99

  • Aspenpet Furrific Nail Clipper

◦                     Compare at $9.99                Tuesday Morning $4.99

  • Park B. Smith cat mat

◦                     Compare at $7.99                Tuesday Morning $3.99

  • Petlinks Wacky Web cat toy

◦                     Compare at $29.99              Tuesday Morning $14.99

  • Glow Pets lit collar

◦                     Compare at $19.99               Tuesday Morning $2.99

  • Tee Bone Dog Pillow Case

Compare at $9.99                 Tuesday Morning $4.99

How did I do? Well, these items would compare at $265.33 in other stores. At Tuesday Morning, I paid $106.79…a savings of $158.54!

What Did The Pets Think?



Our furry family gives their new Tuesday Morning goodies a big paws up! Irie and Tiki road tested several of their new pet travel products right away:



Both were very happy with their new Tuesday Morning pet travel items…and I was very happy with the price tag!

For more photos of our purchases, check out the Summer Pet Travel board on Pinterest…and happy travels!

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Blog: Dogtipper

My home Tuesday Morning location: Burnet Road in Austin, Texas

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Pets!

A little about me: I love animals! My husband, John Bigley, and I share our home with two large mixed-breed dogs, Irie and Tiki, and four cats — Linus, Lucky, Inca, and Coco. I’ve been a pet lover my entire life, but six years ago, the adoption of our dogs inspired me to change careers. Previously, John and I had been travel guidebook writers, but Irie and Tiki motivated us to find a way to stay home more and incorporate our love of pets into our careers. We launched, followed by, to help fellow pet lovers make the most of their lives with their pets even if their budget’s on a short leash. Soon I became a certified dog trainer, and there’s been no looking back. This past year, we combined our love of travel and our love for pets into our first pet travel guidebook.

What I love to write about: I love to write about ways pet lovers can incorporate their pets into their lives, whether that’s traveling with them, enriching their lives with training and play, or even cooking for them. Every day our dogs and cats teach me new lessons!

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  1. Reply Sheral Ronemus

    My husband and I used to volunteer for “From The Heart Animal Rescue”, run by Stacy Brainard. We did foster care for the “special needs” dogs that Stacy rescued. I really miss those days. But we eventually had 15 dogs at one time (we only have 4 now), and it got to be too much. And then Stacy moved away, so we are just happy dog owners. I read your blurb in the Tuesday Morning flyer and noticed that you live right here in Austin. We live in Round Rock now. I would love to read your book an will look for it online. Thank you for all you do for the precious little critters in our care.