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Styling the Great Outdoors!

One of my favorite rooms of any house is the outdoor room! Whether it’s a patio, deck, or porch (screened in or not), there’s nothing like spending time in a “room” that’s just as comfortable as your living room but with the benefit of no walls and lots of fresh air. One of the hardest things about our family’s recent move was saying goodbye to our lovely screened porch. I spent many a lazy afternoon there on the wicker couch, just watching the breeze rustle the leaves of the giant pecan tree in our backyard.

But our new home has a nice verandah along the back of the house, which I think will make a great space to relax as a family as well as entertain our friends. The style is much different than our previous cottage-style house, though, so I’ve been looking online for some decorating inspiration! Since I’ve been kind of obsessed lately with styling outdoor spaces, I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds with you.

Start with a Clean Slate

Now is the time to start refreshing your outdoor spaces for the warm-weather season. Even outdoor spaces need a little spring cleaning to keep them in good condition year after year! As luck would have it, I saw this power washer in my Tuesday Morning circular! There’ might not be very many left since it’s such a great price. I can think of a few more areas around the house that could use a power washing, so I’d definitely like to have one of our own.

Define Your Space

What’s the main function of your outdoor space? Is it a place to relax and hang out? Is it an outdoor dining room? Or maybe it’s a little of both. Whatever the purpose, consider bringing some of the elements of traditional indoor rooms to your outdoor space (making some allowances for exposure to the elements, of course!).

Anchor your outdoor seating with an all-weather rug. It’s amazing what a difference this simple touch can make to the look and feel of your space!

Outdoor curtains add a little bit of protection from the weather, some privacy, and help soften the space.

If you have a covered space to work with, bring out a vintage dresser, hutch, or buffet for storage and for use with entertaining. Style it just as you would inside—add a lamp, vase, and other objects that fit your look.

Outdoor Storage CAN Look Good

Forget the hard plastic tubs…it’s definitely possible to make outdoor storage look good!

I love this idea of using a terracotta planter and saucer as a side table with hidden storage—what a clever idea! It’s easily painted to match your color scheme.

A galvanized tub with a round wood table top doubles as an outdoor coffee table and easy storage.

If your kids’ toys are taking over your backyard space, corral them in pails with chalkboard labels!

Bring the Outdoors In

Don’t have an outdoor space to work with? Bring a touch of the outside in for a fresh spring update!

These natural fiber rugs from Tuesday Morning would be a great way to brighten up your indoor space. Sisal, jute, and grasscloth rugs are beautiful and durable and definitely on trend right now.

Add elements of wicker and bamboo with a coffee table, chair, or sofa. A little goes a long way in an indoor space!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to spruce up your outdoor spaces! Our Outdoor Styling Pinterest board has tons more ideas for creating a stylish outdoor room that you’ll love spending time in all summer long, so be sure to check it out! And if you need help finding that perfect piece for your patio or deck, visit the Tuesday Morning Inspiration Section and let your fellow shoppers help you find just what you’re looking for!

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