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Spring Gardening

At some point, it will have to be spring, right? Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about dreaming of spring and getting a jumpstart on your gardening. Since then, here in north Texas, we’ve had weather ranging from sunny and 82 degrees to snow/sleet and 20 degrees—in the span of 24 hours! (Seriously—that really happened! Thank goodness my son’s soccer game was on the 82-degree-day so we could just stay inside on the couch in front of the fireplace the next day.)

With that kind of mercurial weather, it feels like a cruel joke to actually plant something outside; but my hankering to get my hands in some potting soil hasn’t gone away. So today I’ve got some great ideas for container gardening! It’s the perfect way to play with some plants during the crazy swing seasons: set the pots out during warm and sunny days, and bring them inside when it’s going to be especially cold or snowy.

Regardless of the weather, nothing says spring like a planter full of hyacinths!

Getting Started

My husband has the family’s only green thumb, but I’m working on mine. Container gardening seems almost as foolproof as you can get: no seeds to start, established seedlings or small plants from the nursery generally come with instructions so I can group together plants that need similar amounts of light and water, and working within the space of a container prevents me from buying too many plants to manage!

If you’re a gardening newbie or just looking for some container gardening inspiration, Sunset has a great how-to guide.

Sometimes the hardest thing about container gardening is finding the right container!

Tuesday Morning has a fantastic selection of pots to choose from, along with all the tools you’ll need to get the job done right, without spending a fortune.

Think Outside the Pot

The fun thing about container gardening is that just about anything can be a container for your plants! You’re bound to find some great pots at Tuesday Morning, but chances are, you’ll find just as many that AREN’T on the gardening aisle.

I love this beautiful baskets full of flowers!

This three-tiered hanging basket would make the perfect kitchen garden! I think I’m going to try this for my own kitchen. Our sink is in a corner with a deep window, so I’m thinking this would look awesome hanging in that unused space! And then I can have fresh herbs right at my fingertips.

Add Some Whimsy to Your Lawn

If this winter seems interminable and you just want to add some color (other than snow white) to your lawn, show Mother Nature that you’ve got a sense of humor and add a little lawn ornament to your yard! Check out the selection at your local Tuesday Morning and brighten things up while you’re waiting for the weather to warm up. For more ideas check out our Container Gardening Pin Board!

I hope you’re inspired to try a little container gardening! Here’s to warmer weather just around the corner. Happy planting!

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