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Celebrate National Craft Month with a Project That’s for the Birds

I don’t know if Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early spring was really accurate or not, but here in Texas, it certainly feels like spring is just around the corner. And personally, I am really ready for it! We’ve had pretty mild weather here, so it’s not just about warmer temperatures for me. I’m ready for the bright, spring colors of the budding trees and blooming flowers, and the kind of bright blue skies that you only see in the spring. And I can’t wait to hear the birds chirping in the mornings! That’s a spring favorite of mine.

March is National Craft Month, so today I’ve got easy spring craft ideas to celebrate spring’s imminent arrival and those lovely, chirping birds: DIY birdhouses and birdfeeders with supplies I gathered from Tuesday Morning. These projects can be done in just a couple of hours (or less!) and are fun for kids and adults alike.

Spring Craft Ideas

First up are paint-it-yourself birdhouses. My daughter gets the credit for finding these in the toy aisle at Tuesday Morning!

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-4-v

They’re preassembled wooden birdhouses that come with paint pots in primary colors (which can be mixed to create a full rainbow of colors).

Can you believe these were only $3.99 each?

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-5-v

One lazy weekend morning, I put a paper grocery bag on the kitchen table, set out the birdhouses and paint and some hot chocolate, and turned my kids loose to paint to their hearts’ content.

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-6-v

They had a blast decorating their birdhouses and couldn’t wait to hang them outside.

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-7-v

To help attract the birds, I figured we needed a birdfeeder. While I was perusing the craft aisle at Tuesday Morning, I saw these DIY basket frames and cheerful floral fabric bundles and knew I could use them to make my own birdfeeder!

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-8-h

The directions for the basket frames are very clear and easy to follow. To make the basket, you can use yarn, raffia, or thin strips of fabric like I did.

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-9-h

(If you’re thinking of doing this as a kid’s craft, though, I’d really recommend using yarn. The fabric must be cut into very thin strips for the best results, and it’s best if the ends of each strip are glued down. So that adds a little extra time and effort that could be avoided with yarn!)

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-10-h

It started coming together very quickly!

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-11-v

Each package comes with two basket frames. As I was weaving one frame for the birdfeeder, I decided I’d make the other one later to keep as a catch-all on my desk. It’s just too cute!

I kind of like the little threads that stick out from the fabric strips, but if you’re not a fan, you could use pinking shears to cut the fabric and I think that would help.

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-12-v

I used a wider strip of contrasting fabric and some yarn to edge the basket, and more yarn to make a little sling to hang the birdfeeder from the tree.

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-14-v

I love how it turned out! It’s a cheerful pop of color in our still-bare tree. I hung the birdfeeder and the kids’ birdhouses from the crepe myrtles in front of our house so that we (and the cats) would have a good view of them!

Dineen-030416-bird crafts-13-v

I hope we’ll see some birds visiting soon!

If you’re looking for more DIY birdhouse and birdfeeder ideas, be sure to visit Tuesday Morning’s Crafts for Kids Pinterest board for inspiration! I’ve added some great spring craft ideas for kids of all ages.

I hope you have fun celebrating National Craft Month!





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