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Conquering Closet Clutter

We’ve partnered with blogger (and supermom!) Brittany Shaw from A Spark of Creativity to get her spring cleaning tips for organizing a cluttered closet.

The seasons are changing, the birds are chirping — it’s a great time for some deep spring cleaning. This spring I wanted to focus all of my energy on my 18-month-old daughter’s room because she has so many things, but not enough ways to keep it all organized.

It’s amazing how much stuff a little lady can accumulate. We have racks and racks of clothing, socks, hats, mittens, shoes, boots, blankets, stuffed animals, baby dolls, keepsakes, hair accessories and lots more. I love to keep all of these items confined to her closet — behind closed doors — so the mess is out of sight! But it’s time to tackle the mess and get organized.

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-1-448x600

When I found out I was having a girl, I wanted Madison to have the most glorious closet, so we installed a custom closet system. It features six rods for hanging clothes, two small drawers and five shelves that are bare and dying for some adorable boxes. We decided to paint her room pink and gave it a Paris theme, but since then we haven’t had much luck finding anything Paris-related for organization … until now. On a recent trip to Tuesday Morning, I was browsing around the store for organizational ideas and found tons of the most gorgeous Paris-themed boxes.

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-2-448x600

The Beauty of Boxes

Boxes are so perfect for home organization because they can conceal the clutter while simultaneously being displayed as gorgeous home décor pieces. Now I can keep her closet open and show it off with pride.

When I saw these Paris-themed boxes, I was so excited that I bought every single one I saw! I purchased three different sets, which include smaller boxes that can be nested inside, making traveling a breeze. I also purchased an adorable owl chest that I knew would be perfect for my daughter’s favorite baby dolls and a matching step stool to go along with it. Every little girl loves an adorable owl pattern, right?

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-3-448x600

I spent two hours browsing around Tuesday Morning to make sure I found everything I wanted and needed, and then headed to checkout. I was able to grab 10 items for organizing my daughter’s closet for a total of $97.90. For 10 items, that’s a total steal!

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-4-448x300

Cutting the Clutter

Let’s take a look at Madison’s cluttered closet. I, for one, hate clutter, so this organizational project couldn’t have come at a better time. Her crib sheets and mattress protectors were tossed up on the top shelf, and two of her shelves were filled with shoes and boots taking up lots of space.

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-5-448x300

The bottom of the closet had all her baby dolls thrown into a little hole, and it was always such a mess. The bottom right rack was filled with empty hangers and wasted space.

To start my spring cleaning, I removed everything from the closet shelves, as well as the items that were in pre-existing baskets and tossed everything on the floor. I made two piles: one for items to keep and one to donate. I tossed all the shoes that she had outgrown into the donate pile as well as a few blankets since she has way too many. But most of the items ended up in the keep pile, so we needed to have plenty of storage boxes to hide all the clutter.

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-6-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-7-448x300

I purchased a total of eight Paris-themed boxes from Tuesday Morning, and I opened them all up and laid them out on the floor. I filled the boxes with baby dolls, shoes, boots, blankets, baby personal care items, hair accessories, dress-up costumes, unused hangers and stuffed animals.

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-8-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-9-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-10-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-11-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-12-448x300

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-13-448x300

After I filled all the boxes, I placed them in the best places to give the closet a completely organized look and ensure everything flowed together.

How do you think this spring cleaning turned out for my daughter’s closet? I think it looks fantastic, and now I’m in love with her closet. Best of all, these Paris boxes can be used in her closet or in her room as she gets older and her needs change!

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-14-448x600

The completed closet looks amazing!

04032015-Shaw-Spring Cleaning-15-448x600

Curious What I Purchased?
  • Pink owl stepstool – $19.99 (compare at $34)
  • Small brown Paris-themed box – $7.99 (compare at $18)
  • Medium brown Paris-themed box – $8.99 (compare at $20)
  • Owl chest – $9.99 (compare at $20)
  • Small pink Paris-themed box – $6.99 (compare at $14)
  • Medium pink Paris-themed box – $7.99 (compare at $16)
  • Medium black chalkboard Paris-themed box – $8.99 (compare at $20)
  • Large brown Paris-themed box – $9.99 (compare at $22)
  • Large black chalkboard Paris-themed box – $9.99 (compare at $22)
  • Black Paris sign – $6.99 (compare at $15)

By shopping at my local Tuesday Morning, I was able to organize my daughter’s closet for $97.90. If I had shopped elsewhere and bought the same exact items, my closet organization would have cost $201. Wow, that’s a savings of $103.10! Every little bit helps, especially when you have an entire area to organize.

What room will you be tackling for spring cleaning?

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