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Six Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Check out these six dorm room organization ideas from blogger Ginny of Organizing Homelife to help make the kids’ transition to campus life smooth and organized.

We have reached a new milestone in our home this year: our first born is beginning her college years. I can’t believe I just typed those words. Where did the time go? She’s beginning dual enrollment this year to finish out her senior year of high school and will move onto campus next fall.

I’ve been spending time checking out what to pack and what not to pack for college. Knowing how people love to buy organizational supplies and often go overboard packing for college, I decided we’re taking the simple route.

dorm room organization ideas

I checked out Tuesday Morning’s selection of college gear and was more than pleased. We got a great start on items my daughter will need and she was thrilled with all that we found.

My goal was to find products I know she’ll need that stack, pack, and collapse and expand nicely so she can maximize space in her dorm.

TM Pics-5

There were a few main categories I focused on:

  • Clothing and Accessory Storage
  • Toiletry Organization
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Bedding
  • Extra Storage
  • School Supply Organization

Clothing and Accessory Storage

My daughter is a huge fan of hair accessories. We found this drawer organizer and it’s perfect for keeping her things neat.

TM Pics1-1

Most dorm rooms include some closet space and limited drawer space. We found this 10 shelf hanging organizer to organize a few pairs of shoes and purses. By limiting the number of shoes she needs while at college to three or four pairs, it will seriously cut down on clutter in her room.

TM Pics-13

TM Pics-14

Toiletry Organization

An easy way to cut down on product overload is to buy only the toiletry products you use regularly. Shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, scrubby or washcloth, lotion, a razor, face wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and only hair styling products you actually use are all you should need. Do not buy these products ahead of time – they can be purchased at a local store when needed.

Use a shower caddy to organize only the products you’ll use in the shower. Mesh caddies work well as do sturdy plastic shower bins. We opted for a sturdier bin so it could hold the weight of the shampoo and conditioner.

*Quick Tip – add extra damage-free hooks on the side of the caddy to hold a scrubby or razor.

TM Pics1-4

TM Pics1-5

Laundry Supplies

We decided to go for a mesh laundry bag that can be tucked into a corner without taking up much space. On laundry day, this collapsible laundry basket can easily be popped open so folded laundry can be carried back neatly to be put away. When not in use, it can be stored under the bed or on top of the closet.

TM Pics-15

We also decided to pack a few of these natural wool dryer balls so she won’t have to store and resupply dryer sheets.

TM Pics-6

Bed and Bath

Since some dorms have regular size twin beds and some have twin XL, it’s a good idea to check with your college before purchasing bedding. In addition, you may want to discuss your patterns and colors with your roommate before buying. We found this super soft micro-fleece throw that can be used as a comforter/bedspread or a throw on chilly days.

TM Pics-3

Two sets of towels should be sufficient. We found these luxuriously soft towels and washcloths and decided they were must-haves.

TM Pics-7

Extra Storage

I recommend taking only about two weeks’ worth of clothing for the season in which you are attending school. That way, laundry doesn’t pile up and clothing storage isn’t over-crowded. Seasonal clothing can be swapped out during holiday breaks. However, there are occasions when out of season clothing or an extra blanket might be needed.

We found this collapsible storage box that is perfect for keeping those extras organized and out of the way!

TM Pics-10

TM Pics-11

TM Pics-12

School Supply Organization

These collapsible storage bins will be perfect for storing school supplies such as extra paper, notepads, index cards, calculators, etc. They are very sturdy, keep things neat, and look adorable on a bookcase!

TM Pics-8

TM Pics-9

We’ll wait to buy desk organizational products until we get to see what the dorm desk is like. Little bins for organizing desk drawers can be easily picked up as needed or made from cereal boxes.

*Quick Tip – only buy organizational products you already use in your home or when traveling. If you don’t already use it, chances are you aren’t going to start at college.

As much as possible look for storage products to be collapsible to save space when not in use.

A Few Extras

My daughter loves to journal and what better time to start a new journal than at the beginning of college. We found this adorable journal and she’s excited to start it.

TM Pics-2

We have a makeup mirror in our bathroom that is attached to the wall, so she wanted something compact yet big enough that she could do her makeup in her room instead of taking everything to the bathroom. This magnification mirror is perfect and won’t take up too much space.

TM Pics1-2

These cosmetic bags offer just the right amount of space for makeup and lotions.

TM Pics1-3

This over-the-cabinet-door hook will be perfect for hanging a frequently used bag or purse.

TM Pics-4

Check out Tuesday Morning’s college organizational products and help make the transition to dorm life smooth and organized.

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