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Singer Sewing Machine Giveaway With Crafty Gemini

I have used dozens of sewing machines over the years, so I have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t as soon as I start working with a new machine. In this video review I filmed myself using the Singer 4443 for the very first time! Whatever you see on camera is exactly how it went with no edits. My first impression of the machine was that it was simple and attractive and had some good weight to it. But the real deal comes when we put it to work! When I review a new sewing machine I like to use all the basic functions, see if it has any fancy features and then put the stitches to work on a variety of different fabrics.

09112014-CG-sewing machine-1-448x300

Here’s the 411 on the Singer 4443 sewing machine:


• The price (The Tuesday Morning price is $149.99 compared to $299.99)

• Mechanical (easier & less expensive to service, no computer chips to deal with)

• Variety of stitches (not just basic utility stitches)

• 3 needle positions (comes in handy for adjusting seam allowances quickly and easily)

• Automatic needle threader (easy to use and very handy!)

• Heavy-duty indeed! Sews through 8 layers of denim easily!

• Easy to select stitches without having to reference user manual (only has two dials to turn)

• Speed! Winds bobbins and stitches fast on full speed



• Awkward thread spool placement (be careful not to yank on it!)

• No needle up/down button (found on mid-level computerized machines)

• No speed control dial (speed is controlled with pressure on foot pedal)

Final Thoughts:

After using this machine, here are my thoughts: If you are on a budget and in the market for a first sewing machine or a secondary travel machine, check out the Singer 4443. This machine would be great for all your basic sewing and quilting needs. You can sew everything from garments to quilts and even home decor items with this one little heavy-duty workhorse. I have 14 sewing machines myself, and I am very impressed with the stitch quality, speed and features on this machine. For the lowest price, check it out at your local Tuesday Morning, while supplies last!


You Could Win the Singer 4443!

Now for the best part of all: We are giving this signed sewing machine away! Click the giveaway below for your chance to be entered to win the Singer 4443 sewing machine!

TUES-3211 CG Sewing Machine 1

To enter the giveaway, please use the widget below, which streamlines the giveaway process and makes it easier for you to enter. Please read giveaway terms & conditions below for more details.

Good luck!


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Vanessa Wilson

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Crafty Gemini

My home Tuesday Morning location: Butler Plaza in Gainesville, Florida

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Crafts and kitchen… it’s definitely a tie!

A little about me: I’ve been crafting my entire life! To keep me busy when I was a kid, my mom would give me challenging projects like designing my own board games or building something out of scrap materials. I always needed to be doing something with my hands… and as an adult, nothing has changed! I got into sewing while looking for a new creative outlet during law school. A few years ago, I traded in my legal career for a video camera and began to focus solely on my business and raising two kids on a five-acre organic farm. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about as much as I can and to pass that knowledge down to my kids. I am thankful I get to make a living by simply living my life.

What I love to write about: I love to write about my crafty projects, our homestead and what I’m up to with homeschooling my kids. I basically enjoy writing about my life!

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  1. Reply Sue

    I love Tuesday Morning. How do you enter for the sewing machine?

    • Reply Sue

      the giveaway and review launch Sept. 12!

    • Reply Betty

      I love sewing and this new heavy duty machine would add to that enjoyment so much! Love shopping at Tuesday Morning!

    • Reply Darlene

      I was looking for the same thing! This is September 12th!

      • Tuesday Morning
        Reply Tuesday Morning

        Hi Darlene, The giveaway is live! If you can’t see the giveaway widget in the blog, please clear your cache to update. Once you’ve done that you should be able to enter!

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Sue, The giveaway is now launched! Be sure to register in the above widget. Thanks!

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Sue, You can enter the giveaway by logging into the giveaway widget above! Good luck!

  2. Reply Alice Bruce

    I would love to win the Beautiful sewing machine!

    • Reply Jill Jameson

      Love Tuesday Morning. But u stopped selling exercize clothes at this particular location in Centennial, Colorado.

  3. Reply Daniela Figueroa

    Love tuesday morning, especially the craft dept. You always the neatest things there

    • Reply Elaine

      I love shopping at Tuesday Morning, because they carry brands and items that are so different than the other stores around.

  4. Reply MySkywatch2

    Great giveaway. Love love love Tuesday Morning craft deals. Always exceeding customer expectations, Tuesday Morning rocks.

  5. Reply Patricia B

    I love Tuesday Morning. I discovered your stores a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. Your craft area is my favorite. I got the Sizzix BigKick last year and am thrilled, not only with your prices but everything you stock. Love ya’

  6. Reply Penny rhode

    Love your store 🙂

  7. Reply betty butler

    I sewed my first dress on a singer machine the summer before going into 6th grade. One of 9 children, my mom sewed all our clothes on her old singer.

  8. Reply Linda Ahart

    I love Tuesday Morning…It has so many unique items and great prices!

  9. Reply Kathy

    I have 6 grandkids — and 2 sets of twins all ages newborn to 8. I could do so much with this beautiful machine.

  10. Reply Pat

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite store. I love the assortment and prices.

  11. Reply Linda Dawson

    I am interested in quilt making but I don’t have a sewing machine. I would love to win this one.

  12. Reply anthony bunch

    how do i enter to win the sewing machine

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Anthony, The giveaway is now launched! Be sure to register in the above widget. Thanks!

    • Reply Brenda Rich

      As does everyone else on this blog I love Tuesday Morning shopping, in store & online. I am excited to think about winning this Singer sewing machine to sew up some quilts for gifting to our local nursing homes here locally. Everyone needs to have something of their own and a quilt can be just the thing for a bed ridden person with a small living space. I’m in hopes of good
      Cheer each time the recipient looks at their gifted quilt, they feel special and appreciated.

  13. Reply Sara H

    Amazing! Can’t wait to hear details!

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Sara, The giveaway is now live! Be sure to register in the above widget. Good luck!

  14. Reply Sheri Blair

    I love shopping at Tuesday morning. There’s always something I can craft, give or gift. I’ve started several friends on the Tuesday morning band wagon. There’s something for everyone!

  15. Reply Debbie

    I teach sewing and have used this machine with my students. It sews very well and is easy to use. I would love to win one to have a machine for dedicated student use full time.

  16. Reply janis

    i would soooooo love to win this machine. I’ve really gotten into making just about anything but have a very small machine. THIS MACHINE IS BEAUTIOUS!!!!! Pick me please? lol

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Janis, The giveaway is live! Be sure to enter above. Good luck!

  17. Reply Martha ogle

    I had a singer for years Had to give it away when we left Alaska !

  18. Reply Vanessa

    I’m a big fan of Vanessa the crafty Gemini!!
    Thanks vanessa for all you help!!!!

  19. Reply Ayeshaah

    Love Tuesday morning…..and would love to own that heavy duty Singer.

  20. Reply Rose C

    I love Tuesday Morning. I actually found out about your stores from Crafty Gemini’s YouTube videos and website.

  21. Reply Sue

    How do we register for the contest to win the machine on Sept. 12. Excited! Thanks.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Sue, The giveaway is live! Be sure to enter above. Good luck!

    • Reply Marcia Q. Asel

      I would love to be the winner of the sewing machine. Mine is 47 years old.

  22. Reply Gail Spink

    I would sew love to win the sewing machine

  23. Reply Paula Grome

    My daughters and I love to shop at Tuesday Morning! When we are looking for something special and unique but don’t won’t to spend a fortune, we know this is the place to shop! We stop in often because we know that Tuesday Morning gets new merchandise in all the time and we don’t want to miss something great!

  24. Reply Carol

    Oh how I would LOVE a sewing Tuesday morning and Crafty Gemini

  25. Reply Retta

    If your buyers see: Tim Holtz, Ranger, Stampers Anonymous, Sizzix, Graphics 45, October Afternoon, Golden Paints, Liquidtex…tell them to buy! buy! Buy!….because you’ll SELL! SELL! SELL! 🙂


    Fantastic craft department you have my daughter teaches 4 year olds and has found some really nice things there, fantastic fun ideas. The fall is coming and having a new sewing machine would be a fantastic win for me. Nothing but fun when you visit Tuesday morning looking for the tons of great find there in craft, kitchen and even clothing isles.

  27. Reply Deborah Dobbs


  28. Reply Donna

    Love Tuesday Morning. Would love new sewing machine.

  29. Reply Katherine

    I love TM. Have a lot of good deals. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. Reply Geraldine dunlap

    I like shopping at tuesday morning. I would love to win a singer sewing machine.

  31. Reply Melva Paris

    I agree, Tuesday morning is an addicting store so I have to be careful or I spend to much money.

  32. Reply Sherry

    I really enjoy shopping at Tuesday Morning they have very cute decorations .

  33. Reply Sherrie

    Love, love love TM……..great things! Great prices! Crafting finds. Are awesome!!

  34. Reply Olivia Costa

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. They have great merchandise and a wide variety of selections to choose from.

  35. Reply Melvin

    Tuesday Morning is the place for me. Always finding interesting things

    • Reply Nancy

      It is always a treasure hunt when I go to Tuesday Morning. The unique items, awesome prices, friendly assistants & then the eye catching clearances shelves. The crafts are the real treasure hunt!! This Singer machine would be a great addition to my craft corner.

  36. Reply Nancy

    Tuesday Morning is a great store! I want to get into sewing again, and would love to win the great looking sewing machine. An early Christmas gift!!

  37. Reply JAMIE

    I would LOVE to start sewing again and this looks like a wonderful machine. Thank you for the chance to win it !!

    • Reply Chet

      My wife loves to sew and it would be great if I won this machine for her.

  38. Reply Nancy Britner

    Your store is so much fun. You have a great variety of things.

  39. Reply carmen

    I love Tuesday Morning. How do I get a chance to win the sewing machine?

    • Reply Ruth Fowler

      I have spent a lot of time this morning (too much time) trying to enter for the sewing machine you are giving away. However, I am never able to complete the process of submitting my entry. Why are you making this so difficult?

  40. Reply Debra Munt

    Love Tuesday Morning for finding dog things! Going to start making dog clothes and winning the sewing machine would be outstanding!

  41. Reply maria pepin

    Great craft selectio.

  42. Reply maria pepin

    Great craft selectio. Beautiful items too

  43. Reply Jan zupetz

    Love Tuesday morning you ave such neat merchandise.
    Would love to win the Singer sewing machine!

  44. Reply kathy albright

    I love Tuesday morning!!! you never know what youre going to find in there, and the holiday decorations are the best!!!!! I love the deals I can find on the papercrafting supplies. I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt when I go in there! love love love it!!!

  45. Reply Wanda M.

    I world love to own this Heavy Duty Singer sewing machine!

  46. Reply Corinne DeBruhl

    I love Tuesday Morning! I love finding unique items, gifts and more.

  47. Reply Susan

    I was in the middle of making dresses for little girls in third world countries when my over 30 year old sewing machine died 🙁 . I was so excited to see that Tuesday Morning had a sewing machine for sale in their ad. I’m hoping they’ll still have one when I can make it there. 20 dresses are waiting to be finished!

  48. Reply Gina McCreary

    The best place and price for craft stuff!!!! We, my kids and I, love Tuesdays!

  49. Reply Judith

    Oh, I could use a beautiful sewing machine. Being a larger woman makes it very hard to find clothing.

  50. Reply Karen Q

    Love Crafty Gemini & Tuesday Morning!!!! Vanessa is the first person I ever watched doing sewing videos & now I am hooked on Sewing!!!! Thank you Vanessa your my inspiration!!

  51. Reply Sandy

    Really would love to win this machine!!! Hoping this is what I needed to do to be entered for the drawing. 🙂

  52. Reply Sabine Yeager

    I really need a heavy duty machine for my leather work and denim fabric.

  53. Reply Ulma

    Would love to win this machine. How do I enter the contest? My 6 yr old granddaughter wants to learn to sew and this would be a step in the right direction. Pick me!

  54. Reply DIana Lacefield

    Would love a sewing machine since I had to leave mine behind in our move, how can I register to win this one?

  55. Reply Tawny Morrow

    I love that sewing machine. Would love to win that!!

  56. Reply Ann Schexnyder

    Can’t wait to read the review!

  57. Reply Eliana K

    Have been shopping at TM for years now for my own and gifts. Would like the chance to win the Singer sewing machine. My old Kenmore died some years ago. I did a lot of sewing for me and my little girl. Lots of skirts, pants, curtains, towells, etc. It would be great to have a machine to continue sewing. Thanks for the chance.

  58. Reply Joann

    Love Tuesday Morning shopping, but due to my busy schedule, don’t have time to learn how to be a psychic So since you advertise a contest for a Singer sewing machine, please add the link or instructions on how to enter the contest..

  59. Reply Mary Lou Guidry

    I love shopping at Tuesday Mornings !
    I would really appreciate a New Sewing Machine…
    My old sewing machine is 48 years old !

  60. Reply MARIA R. JUAREZ

    I love to shop at Tuesday Morning Stores. I love their sales and specially the good sales you have things reduced from the colored dots red, pink, yellow and ORANGE. I HAVE GOTTEN GREAT THINGS THERE.

  61. Reply sara sawyer

    I love the crafts department at Tuesday morning but the prices throughout the store are great so if you don’t have a lot of money you still can have a hobby and you can make a lot of amazing things with the singer 4443

  62. Reply Janice Hartley

    Wow! I would absolutely LOVE to win the sewing machine! What an awesome giveaway! How do I register for it? Thanks!

  63. Reply Janis

    Love, love, love Tuesday morning. I never leave the store empty handed!


    Love the bargains….and such quality items!

  65. Reply Alli

    I Sew sew sew need a new sewing machine!!! : )

  66. Reply Brenna Garcia

    I would love to replace my sewing machine that wants to die. Couldn’t live without Tuesday Morning!

  67. Reply T Harris

    Love to shop Tuesday Morning. How do I win sewing machine?

  68. Reply Barbara Moore

    I love Singer sewing machines. It would be so awesome to win this one. Thank you for having the opportunity to win one.

  69. Reply Millini Matheny

    I LOVE TUESDAY MORNING! I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning since I was a kid. I was first introduced to the store through my grandmother. Whenever I need a unique gift or difficult to find item, I always find it at Tuesday Morning. I love to visit other store locations whenever I travel. I’m so lucky to work very close to a store. In fact, I spend my daily lunch break browsing the aisles of my local Tuesday Morning. Now that I have picked up sewing, I have been able to complete my sewing kit for less with items from Tuesday Morning. I learned to sew by watching Vanessa, the Crafty Gemini on her Youtube channel and was so excited that she too is a Tuesday Morning fan. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  70. Reply Saima

    I want know what is that how to get enrolled in free machine

  71. Reply nadia k

    I would love to have a sewing machine

  72. Reply nancy

    What a great Blog, just heard about it!

  73. Reply Madeline Savarin

    Would LOVE to win a new sewing machine especially with Crafty Gemini’s autograph!

  74. Reply Naydena Schlecht

    I started shopping at Tuesday after I sew on your blog.and I love it there so much and at a good price I even took my husband there enter me in your sewing machine drawing please

  75. Reply Kristin Fleig

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE your store! As well as Vanessa from The Crafty Gemini…she has helped me become a more advanced sewer just from her tutorials. I am so entering this giveaway.

  76. Reply Vonda Boze

    I like Tuesday Morning bought a really nice outdoor rug for my patio. I started sewing by watching the crafty gemini a few years ago and just loved her lessons.

  77. Reply Jaydeen

    I wish Tuesday Morning would come to Canada.


    I will be following. I would love to get that machine to give as a gift.

  79. Reply Rose Rule

    I love Crafty Gemini and Tuesday Morning!!! I go there every chance I get in Boise. And I love Vanessa’s tutorials and her kids are soooo cute!!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Reply Sandra McCarthy

    I just found out that September is national sewing month… and my birthday is September 26, how nice! Good luck everyone!

  81. Reply Mary

    I love the Tuesday Morning sewing machine that Vanessa recommended last year. It’s a Kenmore workhorse made by Janome.

  82. Reply Mary Gibson

    I LOVE LOVE TUESDAYS I was there Tuesday got me some crafting goodies I LOVE CRAFTING and you got me into sewing ! :O)

  83. Reply Becky

    Oh I would love to win, I am beginning to see more thanks to Vanessa for showing tutorials on quilting etc. love your videos:). Hope I win,will stay tuned at 1201 to see what I have to do to win. Love you Vanessa your awesome. Your my favorite you tuber;);)

  84. Reply Margaret C

    More burrito pillow cases coming up!

  85. Reply Julie M Robinson

    Love shopping at my local Tuesday Morning. Would love to win this sewing machine for my daughter who is graduating from college this year. Perfect gift for a new college graduate!

  86. Reply Nancy

    I love Tuesday Morning – always something fun to buy! I would love to win the sewing machine to make clothes and toys for my two darling grandchildren 🙂

  87. Reply J. Franks

    I would use the Singer Sewing machine to make/alter clothes, make drapes, pet beds, pillows, crafts, and more.

  88. Reply Joan

    Sewing relaxes me

  89. Reply Shelley SR

    I would teach my 9 grandchildren to sew!!!

  90. Reply rita

    I would love to win this sewing machine. And I go to Tuesday Morning every week looking for great gifts and ideas!

  91. Reply Missie

    Thanks for the chance! Would love to win this for my daughter, who has a great interest in sewing!

  92. Reply Doris Ann

    I have always enjoyed shopping at Tuesday Morning! Thank you for always offering such a wide variety of high-quality merchandise!!

  93. Reply Fonda Rush

    I could always use a second machine.

  94. Reply Shirley Crawford

    I need a machine that will handle crafting, heavy hemming and vinyl work.

  95. Reply Rebecca

    Thanks for the great informatio

  96. Reply Jennifer Yurkovich

    Can’t wait to visit the store this weekend! Thanks for the awesome new stuff!

  97. Reply Chio

    Very Impressive! I would love to win this beautiful sewing machine!!

  98. Reply Debbie

    I would love to win this sewing machine! Thanks so much for the chance!

  99. Reply Lois Minta

    I would use it for mending and to try other projects.

  100. Reply Reda

    Tuesday Morning has great deals………really like shopping there. My fiancee’ is a big fan of Tuesday Morning too!!!

  101. Reply Jen Havard

    I would use the machine to make pillows, curtains, and other home accessories!

  102. Reply Julia

    I learned to sew when I was twelve. I haven’t sewn in thirty years but recently researched the cost of drapes and found the cost for labor was $1500.00 plus the cost of the fabric. I have decided it’s back to being self sufficient. I think I have just found my pre retirement hobby. I loved the shift dresses and work skirts I made in the eighties and with a granddaughter on the way what better time to renew my sewing skills.

  103. Reply Deb Hunter

    I would love to have this machine and love everything I buy at Tuesday Morning…

  104. Reply Christine

    Love to shop at Tuesday mornin

  105. Reply Joan

    Tuesday Morning is one of those stores dreams are made of! When you enter you immediately get all excited about shopping to feed your need to be different. They offer an eclectic mix of style.

  106. Reply Pam

    I love a variety of projects from home decorating, crafts. The sewing machine would come in handy for many projects, including some basic hemming, mending, alternating. Tuesday Morning Rocks!!!

  107. Reply Colette

    I would use the Singer 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine for sewing slipcovers, pillow covers, window treatments and bedding.

  108. Reply Nancy

    Looks like a great machine to teach my granddaughters to piece quilts or other kid friendly projects.

  109. Reply Shirley Covert

    I love the crafting/sewing items that you carry and always stop in when I am in the area to check them out. I would use the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for everything.

  110. Reply Linda Roberts

    We are redoing our house, and this is a great machine to make everything from drapes to bedding, what a terrific machine and it would be an honor to own it

  111. Reply Joan

    Would love this sewing machine for the afterschool program at our middle school. The girls are very hard on our machines, but this one looks promising!

  112. Reply Dawn

    I really need a machine. Everything i wear has to be altered.

  113. Reply Carolyn

    I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning for years. The prices are great for quality products.

  114. Reply Fran Heeter

    I would use the machine to hem jeans.

  115. Reply Colleen

    I have always wanted to reactivate my home ec skills, most likely I will have better luck as my friend Marty is not nearby to sew my pocket into her pant cuff! Don’t ask! We both got “b’s”!

  116. Reply Barbara Regan

    I would love to give this to my granddaughter as a Christmas gift!

  117. Reply Susan Judd

    I would use the Singer 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine for craft and sewing projects for my family.

  118. Reply Beth Hart

    Tuesday Morning is addicting.

  119. Reply kay spraberry

    I love to quilt for others and belong to a church group that makes and donates quilts to friends getting married, having babies, who are sick, and charity groups in our community and in other worldwide countries. They are a loving, positive group who accept and love anyone wanting to learn and contribute to others the talents that make life better. My daughter and I could certainly use this machine to further our reach. Someone in need would benefit from it’s use.

  120. Reply Deborah W

    I would love to win this sewing machine! I have been sewing all my life too! I love to craft and I want to teach my granddaughter how to sew. I would use this machine for making curtains, pillows, and other decorative home projects. I would also use it to make clothing and in making some of my many craft projects. It looks perfect. I last bought my machine (Kenmore) just before my second youngest child was born in 1985, so I could use a new machine. Thanks for your blog!

  121. Reply Mary

    Love Tuesday Morning! Love Singer! What a great combo!! TM has the best craft items, unique. Don’t have one Upnorth here where I live, but every time we travel I have to find one to visit 🙂

  122. Reply Phyllis Nelson Caudle

    I learned to sew over 50 years ago on a Singer and my only machine I have owned is a Singer from 1970. Would live to see what an updated model can do.

  123. Reply karen

    With a hand-me-down machine from the 50s, I could really use this!

  124. Reply Donna Edmonds

    Love the home decor at Tuesday Mornings. Need a new sewing machine too!

  125. Reply Jam

    Tuesday Morning-great for gifts

  126. Reply

    Thanks for the giveaway

  127. Reply Fran Haight

    Tuesday morning is a great store! Always find unique, one of kind bargains.

  128. Reply Janet Felts

    Love Tuesday morning, I even stop to check out the stores in other states when I travel!

    Sewing is a great stress relief and creating is south a sense of accomplishment! Skills I think today’s young people should learn, they would find rewarding!

  129. Reply C. smith

    Tuesday Morning is a great place to shop. They always have top quality merchandise for outstandingly low prices..

  130. Reply Edith Hauser

    A trip to Tuesday Morning is like waking up Christmas morning….filled with excitement &anticipation, never knowing what one might find but sure each asile will present wonderful surprises. I”be outfitted grandchildren for school, decorated new homes withlamps, furniture &linenns,, found unusual &wonderful Christmas presents, latched onto fantastic holiday decorations and never been disappointed in finding the perfect bridal gift.
    The idea of Tuesday Morning giving away such a fantastic sewing machine is amazing. I watched my mom sew, first on her old Singer tredle machine & later when she purchased her electric model, all her life. She taught me the art of sewing & how to make something from nothing. Though I had a professional career that didn’t include sewing, sewing has always been a part of my life from making baby clothes to costumes, curtains to suits and mending….always repairs! In retirement I would like to spend some time making quilts & blankets for organizations…this machine would greatly help in that desire.

  131. Reply karen

    Luv Tuesday morning!

  132. Reply Julie

    Would love this machine to help my newlywed daughter make curtains and new cushions for their new home!

  133. Reply ANIA BATES

    They are sorted, they are few, no one said you will ever pleased them all, however…. to the majority of us
    “Thank You”, Thank You for all the treasure we had found, all the unique items we couldn’t possibly dream of purchasing no where else, Thank You for a such wonderful selection, not mention $$$, including service smiling face, and not a snob attitude.
    You had me at Hello :=))

    Tuesday Morning…. You Rock My World

  134. Reply Cathy

    Great store, great gift items, and generally a fun place to shop.

  135. Reply Dee Tracy

    I’d love to win the Singer 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine! I would use it for sewing heavy fabrics and also for paper crafts that require stitching. Thanks for a chance to win!

  136. Reply Susan

    I sewed many years ago and have missed it! But alas, no sewing machine. So this would be the perfect way to return to the craft! Thanks!

  137. Reply Robbie

    I sewed for the first time at age 9 on the Singer eDressmaker head electrics machine. It was a thrill of a lifetime and started me on a track to sewing everything I wore until I became an adult and had my first job. Life got busy and I stopped sewing for any years. But having retired a few years ago, I start see

    • Reply Robbie

      I ran out of space. But need to say Tuesday morning and Singer. Great combo. Moving yo a new area, first thing I saw was Tuesday Mornings and felt better about the move.

  138. Reply Lisa

    Where I am originally from, SINGER was the ONLY sewing machines available for many years. I know they make a great durable product that last generations of women.

  139. Reply Joan

    Looking forward to more sewing items. When is the drawing for the sewing machine?

  140. Reply linda

    LOVE TUESDAY MORNING —— I have shopped there for 18 years

  141. Reply Dianne Mendel

    Great store!

  142. Reply Charisse Phemister

    Among other things, I would use it to make cloth diapers for my little one who is due in 8 weeks! 🙂

  143. Reply Marilou S.

    I would use this machine at our church sewing group. We make school bags for kids, quilts for the sick, pillowcases for children with cancer, cough pillows for the hospital and jean quilts for the homeless. I would love to be able to give this to the church, so anyone can come in and use the machine if they don’t have one. It would be perfect for the heavy duty sewing of the denim quilts and easy enough for anyone to use. By leaving it in the closet at the church, it would get a lot of use for some very needed projects in our community

  144. Reply Patricia St.

    Thanks for the helpful review ! I’ve been sewing since my teens in the late 1960’s, and have been a Tuesday Morning regular since the mid-70’s ! I still have my first pair of ceramic candlestiks on my table !

    This would be a great machine to have for crafts and more heavy duty sewing projects. Also, I have a few friends who want me to get them started in sewing, so this would be a great help.

  145. Reply Charlene Clark

    I would love to be able to use this machine to hem denim jeans. I have to hem all my jeans and pants. Also making childrens clothes. This is a new hobby of mine.

  146. Reply Natalia

    Love Tuesday Morning. Visit it every time I’m in town. Thanks for all your great stuff!!!

  147. Reply Susie moore

    I love Tuesday morning.and I would love to win the sewing machine.

  148. Reply Eileen B

    Shopping at Tuesday Morning is akin to winning the lottery. The only topper is winning the Singer sewing machine.

  149. Reply Ruth

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning! What nice addition for crafting and quilting projects this make! Thank you for the opportunity!

  150. Reply Bobbie K

    Would give this to my daughter so she could make cloths for her children which wiuld be very economical for her.

  151. Reply Darryl L.

    I have shopped @ Tuesday Morning for 20+ years… Orlando, South Orlando, Casselberry, Now Johnson City… Haven’t sewn in many years… BUT in this economy— Sewing is a great hobby/lifestyle!!!

  152. Reply Jane

    Love to write about my adventures into different arts and crafts. Usually I pick something where the final project will benefit a needy person or family.

  153. Reply Linda

    I used to be a professional seamstress and gave up my heavy duty machine when I gave up the profession. What a mistake!! I find needs for a nice heavy duty machine all the time! I know singer makes the best, and it would be such a blessing to win this new one. Thanks to Tuesday Morning for the opportunity!

  154. Reply Carolyn French

    I would use it for making clothed, repairing, and small quilts.

  155. Reply June

    If I won the Singer machine, I would make curtains and pillows for my new home.

  156. Reply Jackie Preas

    Tuesday Morning is a fantastic store!

  157. Reply Candy Coleman

    I would love to win this sewing machine to replace the one I just retired.

  158. Reply maria Gomez

    I’m. lover tuesday morning the craft area and the kitchen

  159. Reply Diane

    looks great!

  160. Reply joan c

    I have just discovered sewing it is so relaxing and brings out the creative person in me. I love sewing outfits for 5 grandkids and family , my eye sight for closeness is not as good as it was so to win a sewing machine would be the best thing to help with everyday sewing repairs .Sewing is my new found passion.

  161. Reply Jill

    I love Tuesday Morning. I always find something to buy!!!

  162. Reply Carrie

    I would love to be able to put together a cute skirt. I saw someone wearing one that she had made last week where she had added a whole bottom edge and it was adorable. Would love to be able to do that with a new sewing machine.

  163. Reply Maria Neskovic

    First let me say I love Tuesday Morning, I have purchased allot of furniture there among other things and the quality is great. I would use the the singer for various project around the house also my Granddaughter would like to learn to sew and I would love to teach her. I used to sew allot years ago and when my machine broke I never purchased another one.
    Hopefully I could win and if not that’s ok too because I never seem to win anything anyway, but that would never stop me fron always shopping at Tuesday Morning (my favorite store they have things that you can never find in other stores – very original.

  164. Reply Laura

    I would love to have this new machine for the jewelry business I am beginning!! Thanks for the chance Tuesday Morning!!

  165. Reply Joy

    Tues. Morning is one of my favorite stores. Just the other day I had a comment about the sturdiness of my insulated tote bag when I was buying groceries. Of course I had purchased it at Tuesday Morning, just a few blocks from the grocery store. I haven’t been on this site before, but I was intrigued when I saw the opportunity to win a Singer!

  166. Reply Sherry Power

    I love, love Tuesday Morning! They are my go to store for gifts, home decorating and just to browse. They always have exactly what you are needing and looking for; not to mention, the prices are absolutely awesome and reasonable.

  167. Reply Marilyn

    Great little Simple Basic Machine, great for beginners, not a lot to confuse anyone. Simplicity is often the best way to go!!

  168. Reply Yvonne Boltz

    “Made by Grandma”… that is the gift that keeps on giving at Christmas and Birthdays and the Singer 4443 can make it all happen!

  169. Reply Loretta

    I would love to win this sewing machine since I just started taking classes!

  170. Reply Patty Curry

    My husband was in the military and we’ve lived two places since he retired. Of all the places we’ve been, only one town didn’t have a Tuesday Morning. I missed it.

  171. Reply Constance

    I have twin grandbabies, and am excited to start sewing for them on this Singer!

  172. Reply

    I need a machine to make curtains for my classroom!

  173. Reply MsShing

    If I won this Heavy Duty Singer, I would use it to make curtains, chair covers, and other decorative items that require heavy textiles. Keeping my fingers crossed as I haven’t done any new curtains in my house for about 30 years!!!

  174. Reply southern sewer

    Would be great to win.

  175. Reply Kate Wies

    I was just thinking this morning that my English Bull Dog needs a GO BIG RED Nebraska Cornhusker Fleece dog bed !!! Love shopping Tuesday Morning on 124th & Center in Omaha, NE, the staff are always very helpful and the store is always very organized. I can always find what I need and of course, a few things I don’t need!!!

  176. Reply Martha

    entering to win this machine

  177. Reply Kimberly

    I could really use this to make curtains for my classroom!

  178. Reply Vivian

    Love Tuesday Morning. Different items to buy each time you go.

  179. Reply Donna

    Love TAM for yarns and knitting accessories! I have also been successful with other crafts and home decor as well.

  180. Reply cathy

    Love Tuesday Morning!

  181. Reply Judy

    I’d use the Singer for quilting and for mending jeans.

  182. Reply Karen

    I’d love to win this sewing machine to give to my daughter. She loves to sew and would make numerous things using this gift.

  183. Reply Karen

    I like Singer machines..would love to w in.

  184. Reply Sharon gill

    I would use the machine to reupholster furniture.

  185. Reply Salvador lopez

    I would love to have a sewing machine. I hope to win.

  186. Reply Rachel Meier

    Love Tuesday Morning and have never had a sewing machine but have always wanted one.

  187. Reply barbara


  188. Reply Kay

    My son is getting married this month and I’d love to give this to her as a gift. She is learning to tailor clothes and make things for their new home and this would be great for her to start with.

  189. Reply Marjorie Schmidt

    I love to so I have a very old machine

  190. Reply Georgia Simon

    I teach sewing 101 to cancer patients and some don’t have a machine. I would be so happy so share this with them

  191. Reply Sheri C

    I can’t wait to win this beauty! It looks exactly what I have been looking for, and so easy to use too. Thanks for this opportunity.

  192. Reply Dana

    I’m planning to take a quilting class next month, and this sounds like the perfect sewing machine for my new hobby!

  193. Reply Lynn

    I would absolutely love to win this machine. My old one has fizzled out.

  194. Reply Marlene Peters

    What a fantastic opportunity to possibly win this Singer sewing machine. I grew up watching my mother sew on a Singer. I would love to get back doing something constructive, and winning this sewing machine would give me a great start. Yesterday, I picked up a beautiful comforter set, queen sheets, and an outdoor half-moon shape rug at Tuesday Morning. I can always find what I am looking for at Tuesday Morning.

  195. Reply Rebecca Lenz

    I would love to win this sewing machine. Love Tuesday Morning!

  196. Reply Peggy

    Tuesday Morning is one of the first stores I check with when I have a need – the store carries so much and you never know what they may have!

  197. Reply Barb

    I love to explore Tuesday Morning In Kenosha WI – I wish there was one in Racine WI. I would be able to get there much more often!!

  198. Reply Jill Gardner

    Need this as we are expecting second grandchild any day now!

  199. Reply Winnie

    Love it! How does one enter?

  200. Reply Erma Compean

    I love Tuesday Morning, I always find something especially with their prices. I would love to win the Singer sewing machine to start sewing and making blankets.

  201. Reply Nikeiva

    Oh my gosh! I just happened to find this gem of a blog by opening an email from Tuesday Morning. You are now a new She-ro! (move over Martha Stewart )*giggle*
    I’ve always loved crafting but have gotten away from it over the years. Suddenly I feel inspired to start up again.

    • Reply Nikeiva

      I have always wanted to make a quilt. If I won this machine I’d make a memory quilt.

  202. Reply kathleen cappola

    I have not been able to get my daughter a gift of any kind for years this would be great she needs a new sewing machine. she is so talented and makes beautiful clothes and pillows and she can fix my comforter. Besides Tuesday Morning is my second home.

  203. Reply Ina

    I have a very old singer portable table top that was my grandmother’s who passed away at the age of 103. It only does one basic stitch. When my uncle tried to replace the bobbin he broke it off and it was useless. She was heartbroken I took it in to get it repaired for her and it cost me 110.00. This was several years ago. My grandmother, who sewed for my grandfather (who was a tailor ) since 1920, if not before, was amazing…I would never let anyone but her alter or fix anything for me. Her hand stitching was amazing as well. She taught me how to sew (and iron properly) when I was 11/12 years old. She used this singer until she was 99 years old and couldn’t see anymore due to macular degeneration. She then gave me her prized and precious sewing machine. The singer repair place told me it was a much sought after machine for quilters. He had one for sale for 550.00. Not even in the condition her’s was. I so badly need a new one but I am disabled and homebound now due to a failed hip replacement . I cannot afford to buy a new one and cannot in my heart sell my grandmother’s…it is all I have left of hers. So I hope I can win this because it will give me the chance to earn a living with sewing and alterations. Keeping my fingers crossed. So grateful for the opportunity from Tuesday Morning to win this beautiful sewing machine.

  204. Reply Robin Hillyer-Miles

    When I was 13 I made a dress that I wore to a dance. But now I have to sew by hand. I am looking for a sewing machine that is simple to use abs this one fits the bill. Thanks for the review!

  205. Reply Krista

    I have never owned my own sewing machine, I always borrow my moms. It would be great to win this one especially from a store I love to shop in.

  206. Reply lydia peller

    I appreciate the unique finds at Tuesday Morning. But i can’t seem to enter the sweepstakes. 🙁

  207. Reply Linda Bramlett

    Love buying scrapbook stuff at Tuesday Morning.

  208. Reply Mary Moreland

    I love sewing and am teaching my granddaughter right now to sew. I currently have a Singer Sewing machine that is about 25 years old and still runs very well. I would love to win this machine to give my granddaughter. thank you for giving me a chance to win. Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite stores. It has so many wonderful things.

  209. Reply Rafterfan

    Love love love Tuesday Morning! Been shopping with ya’ll since you started up in Dallas many many years ago!

  210. Reply Jane

    Great shopping place, always good deals!

  211. Reply Carla

    I have been in need of a sewing machine for a long time. Mom taught my sisters and I to sew when we were little girls. I also loooove Tuesday Morning and was so sad when my hometown store closed!

  212. Reply Roxane

    I bought my first Singer sewing machine in 1982. It was a work horse for many years. You name it, I made it with that machine. Too bad it was ruined in recent flood. I’m sure this Singer will make a wonderful sewing machine for some lucky person. Thanks Tuesday Morning for the opportunity to own it.

  213. Reply Rhonda

    I have been looking at this model of machine for awhile would love to win this machine.

  214. Reply Janice Miller

    Tuesday morning is my go to place any morning!

  215. Reply Crystal

    I would use the machine to make window treatments for my new dining room! Then I would use the machine to make a tshirt quilt for my son.

  216. Reply Rhonda

    I love making curtains and burp clothes for gifts. This would be a great machine to do this with.

  217. Reply Arlynn T

    Thank you for the review & chance to win this sewing machine. I’d love to win it because I’d like to be able to tailor my own clothes whether it’s hemming my jeans to making a new skirt or dress. Since my mom passed, I’ve spent hundreds to seamstresses and tailors to alter clothing to fit me. Just hadn’t seen one like this in stores. Plus, it looks like the machine my mother once had over 20 years ago. Thanks Tuesday Morning and Crafty Gemini!

  218. Reply Sarah

    This doesn’t look intimidating to me. Some machines seem so complicated. I would love to make curtains and pillows. Many home decorating ideas are popping into my head!

  219. Reply Marcia

    I love shopping in Tuesday morning and I love Singer sewing machines.

  220. Reply Evelyn

    would love to win so I can take same classes on how to sew Items for my home

  221. Reply Jen Fanning

    I love Tuesday Morning and shop there often on Merritt Island, FL. My last sewing machine was so complicated I couldn’t use it. It kept braking on me. I finally gave up and gave it away! Thus I stopped sewing with a machine. Have been sewing by hand everything. It takes me forever, but I live hand made things. My things, sure ARE HANDMADE and look it!!! I could really use the new sewing maching machine. Am saving up to purchase it but hope to win it!!!

  222. Reply Joyce Etheridge

    Awesome bargains here in the Dedham, Ma. store and I think the manager is the greatest. She is such a hard worker and so helpful. Also like the fact that when I visit my eon in N.C. I can hit Tuesday Mornings there and find more great bargains.

  223. Reply Bonnie

    Make Xmas presents!

  224. Reply Carolyn wood

    Buy all my sheets from Tuesday morning

  225. Reply Wilma Rice

    I would love to start sewing again. I can’t get out much now but I can sit up and sew.

  226. Reply Gail Lawford

    love sewing

  227. Reply Tuesday Morning

    I have been a Tuesday Morning fan for the past 30 years at least. (My daughter received a wedding gift from Tuesday Morning way back then ). I love just walking the aisles and seeing all the nice products and then seeing the prices. WOW. They are great!!!
    I would like to see more name brand art supplies on the shelves.

  228. Reply Kerri Richards

    dance costumes

  229. Reply Dianne Lichtenberg

    This sounds like it would be great in an RV! I have been shopping with Tuesday Morning when it was that store that ONLY opened 4 times a year!

  230. Reply lovie

    I love tuesday morning, I always find great bargains there.

  231. Reply Janice Bennett

    Love shopping at Tuesday Morning!

  232. Reply Kathleen Sanders

    I would love to win the sewing machine. I will use it for sewing and teaching my granddaughter how to sew.

  233. Reply Norma Prickett

    Would love to have this sewing machine. Mine is from the 70’s and does straight stitch and zig, zag. Although, it has been a very loyal friend with many hours under its needle, I am going to start teaching
    and would love to have an updated sewing machine.

  234. Reply Pam

    Love to sew outfits for my 6 grand daughters and decorating items for family and friends

  235. Reply Nancy

    I have just recently discovered Tuesday Morning. I love going in and finding gems in the different aisles.

  236. Reply Angela

    Want to win this sewing machine for my daughter who is a new designer!

  237. Reply mariela monaghan

    I have a signer sewing machine that my grand mother in law gave to me but it broke and I was thinking to buy another for years but I really do not want to replace it . If I win this singer machine it will be a gift that I will keep it and use it for as long as I live.

  238. Reply Rita

    I would like to win this machine so I can teach my grand daughters how to sew

  239. Reply Emma W

    I have so many projects that this machine would help me finish. Purses to pumpkins and quilt blocks to whole quilts. I love Tuesday morning and that they are getting more crafting supplies in stock. Thanks for the chance to win.

  240. Reply barbara precht

    I am a quilter and would use this machine in “sew” many ways.

  241. Reply noni woodward

    I have a couple of machines myself, but I am teaching my (adult) daughter to sew and looks like this machine would be perfect for her….or I might have to keep it myself! 😉 Tuesday Morning is the BEST – love that store!

  242. Reply Denise Otto

    I would sew some craft projects for my Daughter!

  243. Reply Phyllis

    I love the craft and bead Dept.s

  244. Reply noni woodward

    Tuesday Morning is the BEST !!! Would love to win the sewing machine for my daughter.

  245. Reply becky

    love tuesday morning.

  246. Reply Brenda

    I would love to win this new sewing machine. I love Tuesday Morning !!

  247. Reply Mary Ann

    Im never disappointed when I shop at Tuesday Morning love the store!!!

  248. Reply Anne Hastings

    I love Tuesday mornings in Dunwoody. I am in there at least once a week!
    I would love love love to win the sewing machine and sill stay in touch to enter very soon I hope!

  249. Reply Barb

    My granddaughter wants to learn to sew and I think this would be the perfect machine to learn on.

  250. Reply Geraldine dunlap

    I shop at Tuesdat morning LOT. I would love to win a sewing machine.

  251. Reply Vicki

    Would love to give that new Singer a new home! Thank you Tuesday Morning for the wonderful shopping and a chance to win a great product.

  252. Reply James Schmidt


  253. Reply Laura

    Love this sewing machine

  254. Reply Delores Stingley


  255. Reply Dorothy

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite store!!

  256. Reply Susan

    I haven’t sewed in years and no longer have a machine. Now that I have a beautiful granddaughter I would like to start up again!

  257. Reply Carolyn

    Excited that I found your presentation of the new Singer machine this morning! I haven’t sewn on my very old machine in a long time (decade? ahhh ). Just hearing that machine humming along, and seeing how great those stitches came out on all the different fabrics makes me want to get back sewing ! My 1969 Singer has the old cams to change to make different stitches, most of which I never used. Seeing that this machine has the stitches right on the front dial, and the easy way they changed has imspired me to sew. I’m actually headed to Tuesday Morning this morning, but for luggage. I will check out this machine, while there.

  258. Reply Stacey T.

    I would love to have this to mend my 4 kids and husband’s clothes. I would love to learn to sew better!

  259. Reply Nancy

    I love Tuesday Morning and love Singer sewing machines. Never used any other machine and I’ve been sewing for 50 years.

  260. Reply Pat smith

    A sewer since around 8. Mother gave me a love of fabric and crafts. Tuesday Morning always has something interesting every time I go in the store!

  261. Reply Mabel K.

    Love Tuesday Morning. My first place to go is the craft dept. You never know what you will find!

  262. Reply ster

    I would use it to finally make my son a stuffed Minecraft toy. Then I would be the best mom in the world!

  263. Reply crystal ross

    When I first went to see what Tuesday morning, was about it was love at first sight , they had so many awesome items, such a great place to shop!!!! Thank you, crystal.

  264. Reply Angie Cardoza

    AThanks to Tuesday morning for this O:-)

  265. Reply Selene K. Shine-Serio

    No matter what I have done, I cannot find a place to enter the sewing machine contest. Maybe it’s too late to enter?

    I have purchased a Sewing Machine at Tuesday Mornings and it was/is GREAT. Also a Singer Heavy Duty. It was on clearance & I believe I paid $149 ish back then. I use it all the time, even though I have more expensive machines, theirs seemed to be better for my needs.

  266. Reply Thelma Brunett

    I love your store. I. Started sewing. In. Highschool in to sew. I have always used singer. My first was a. Peddle machine passed down to me.

  267. Reply Kat

    I love Tuesday Morning and was so excited to see this contest! The types of projects I would use the machine for would be quilting with many layers or attempting projects with heavier fabrics for the home such as drapes, slipcovers, and other crafts.

  268. Reply Lea

    Love a Tuesday Morning! Could use a new seeing machine, since mine recently died. Need to make many things from my handwoven textiles.

  269. Reply Mary Dudlely Schmidt

    I want to register to win the sewing machine. I love Tuesday Morning

  270. Reply Cathi

    I would use it on the sewing part of upholstering an old chair and to make some roman shades.

  271. Reply Angie Cardoza

    I’m wishing on a star for this machine. Mine broke (too old like me :'(), it was a gift from my grandmother!

  272. Reply Mary Zamulinsky

    I began sewing in my early days as a stay-at-home mom. With a very stringent budget with which to work, I found my true creativity . I probably would have never had those cute navy blue , lined curtains that were appliqués with felt teddy bears if it weren’t for my first sewing machine.
    This led me to feeling so empowered with creativity that I began making my own dresses for weddings, parties and get-together a.
    I loved every minute of those happy times.
    I would now love to make beautiful draperies for my seashore home.

  273. Reply Pat Hollingsworth

    My old Singer is 50 years old now and needing work. Has sewn a lot of dresses and outfits, made hems in an unbelievable number of jeans into high school and beyond and finally sewn lovely curtains, drapes, place mats etc. over the years for our home…. Great product I’ve enjoyed

    Tuesday Morning is a great store with wonderful home decor items for our home including beautiful, quality sheets. Also, great games and things for the grandchildren…some saved for their children.

  274. Reply Irene

    My daughter always has tons of projects and craft ideas to sew. Doll dresses and even piggy costumes!

  275. Reply Thelma Schmidt

    I love to sew and really need a new sewing machine.

  276. Reply Ellen Morin

    I always enjoy going to Tuesday’s because you can find great deals

  277. Reply Vivian

    Need a heavy sewing machine for stitching on denim. Would love a more basic machine to teach my granddaughter to sew!

  278. Reply Selene K. Shine-Serio

    P.S. I also wanted to state that I have been going to Tuesday Morning for several years. I go in to browse and come out spending hundreds of dollars. They have such great things. I have purchased furniture, dog products, clothing, leather handbags, Christmas decorations, mirrors, coffee machines, paintings, prints, Gifts etc., on & on. They have quality merchandise. Compact stores filled with wonderful products.

  279. Reply MaryAnn Rowland

    How exciting to be able to win such a fine sewing machine from Tuesday Morning. Sounds very easy to use and that is what I need. I love coming to your store and seeing all the different and new items that you have. It is a fun experience every time I come to your store. And, if I’m looking for that special gift your store is the place I go to to find it. Plus the prices are fantastic. MaryAnn

  280. Reply Becky Garrett

    This would be wonderful to make so many of my project ideas…pillows, slip covers, quilts etc. I lost my machine in a house fire and really miss sewing.

  281. Reply marcia

    I love sewing soft leather, and a heavy-duty machine can handle the workload that my projects require.

  282. Reply Judy

    Would love to win this

  283. Reply Barbara T

    like the old simple machines… for sewing… have never owned a computerized one

  284. Reply Nancy

    I’d use the machine for home, craft and clothing projects. Love Tuesday’s treasures!

  285. Reply Susan Driver

    Want more locations ….. Tuesday Mornings are such great stores I wish larger cities had two locations!!!’

  286. Reply Cynthia

    I love Tuesday morning for its good bargain quality stuff I would love to win singer machine I love to saw and do craft

  287. Reply Lisa V

    I would use it to make all new window coverings for my house remodeling project….

  288. Reply Jackie

    I started sewing with my Grandmother on her treadle Singer. My Granddaughter wants to learn and thos would be great to teach her on. Oh, my Grandmother’s Singer treadle sewing machine still works! Hope I win so I can teach the “next generation” how to sew on a “new generation” Singer.

  289. Reply Connie Beatty

    Would love to win the sewing machine, haven’t been able to sew for awhile now cuz mine quit working.

  290. Reply Alma Sanbern

    This looks like the perfect machine for me to sew my artist line of original painted pillows. I sew through canvas and denim. Thank you Tuesday Morning.

  291. Reply Sue Osbern

    Would love to win this sewing machine and could teach a young girl to sew.

  292. Reply Janice Mitchell

    Love Tuesday Morning & Singer! Would love to win!

  293. Reply Darlene Beech

    I would love to win this autographed Singer 4443 sewing machine so I could give it to my aunt who loves to sew!

  294. Reply Chris Samuels

    My sewing machine is old enough to be a collectors’ item. Would be wonderful to win a new one from my favorite store, Tuesday Morning. Always find a treasure there and at a reasonable price.

  295. Reply Palita

    The craft project you do are so cool and fun. Enjoy watching them.

  296. Reply Ava

    I would use the Singer sewing machine to help me keep my boys jeans up to date as I have two boys in college and my husband works at snow removal and needs those clothes as well and everything we’ve grown out of for those in need for the town of Elizabeth, Co. Small rural area.

  297. Reply Nellie

    Holy Tuesday Morning….amazing giveaway! Love all your products! With this amazing sewing machine, I’m hoping to get a head start on my handmade holiday gifts! Fingers x’d!

  298. Reply Deb

    I like the craft area in Tuesday Morning. You can always find something unexpected at a very good price. It’s also fun to walk around the store as you never know what you will find!

  299. Reply Jillian Handler

    This is a fantatsic giveaway! Two of my favorite things, sewing and Tuesday Morning!!!

  300. Reply mike kennedy

    cover outdoor furniture cushions and make sail shade for pergola

  301. Reply Cheryl

    I would LOVE a new all around sewing machine! I recently started to quilt, so this singer sounds almost as perfect!

  302. Reply Julie

    This will be a great asset in making my handbags and storage containers. I like using the heavier fabrics and really need a work horse machine for that.

  303. Reply Julie

    I love to shop at Tuesday Morning.

  304. Reply Heidi Howard

    I sewed all my girls clothes when they were young. Now that they are grown, they borrow my machine all the time. I would love to give one of them my old machine if I won a new one. Hint!

  305. Reply :Annette Richmond

    I would love to win the singer machine,because it looks so easy to use for my craft works a d I love to shop a Tuesday Morning,

  306. Reply Noreen Heinekamp

    I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning’s for years and am never disappointed! My “go to” store for gifts, crafts, housewares, toys, and craft items. Nice to find a store with items I can afford to purchase on a tight budget!


    I have always loved to sew projects, I have grand kids and I like to find cute fabrics to make them things..pillow cases are actually their favorite..such a simple way to share part of me with them !!
    I would LOVE to win this beautiful machine !!!

  308. Reply Roxanne

    I would love to win this sewing machine, my sewing machine is over ten years old and needs some work done.

  309. Reply Marge

    Tuesday Morning is full of wonderful surprises & I stop in every chance I get. I could not keep house without a sewing machine! Some of the newer computerized machines create more problems than I want to deal with & the Singer 4443 may be a nice option. It would be a delight to win this machine! Cheers for Tuesday Morning!

  310. Reply Anita

    Love Tuesday Morning. Have been to store many times.

  311. Reply pam roth

    Would love to win..My Singer finally passed away after 37 years of hard labor..I do a lot of sewing for friends and grandchildren..thanks fort he chance to win.

  312. Reply Sharon

    Tuesday Morning is a great store. Would love to win this sewing machine. Mine is pretty old and would love to get back into sewing.

  313. Reply jane holmes


  314. Reply Mia

    Love Tuesday Morning! You never know what great deals you will find!

  315. Reply pam roth

    Would love to old Singer died after 37 years of hard labor.

  316. Reply Anita Frye

    I love Tuesday Morning’s. A friend introduced me to your store 10 years ago. I visit your store weekly.
    I just retired and would LOVE to sew again! Working and taking care of my family, I have not had the time to sew in years and since retiring have found that I NEED A HOBBY! I would be so grateful if I would win!
    LOVE TUESDAY MORNING and the great bargains I find at your store. Thank you for offering this contest!

  317. Reply joni

    would be fun to get back to sewing

  318. Reply elise

    This would be my first sewing machine. I would like to start quilting. I grew up with my grandmother’s beautiful quilts and would like to carry on with her wonderful talent. (Praying I have this talent):)

  319. Reply Debbi Walker

    I am making new drapes and could use a new machine for this project.

  320. Reply Judy Harris

    This would a wonderful sewing machine to go in my studio! My Mom has and my Granny always owned Singer machines. I lost my Granny’s in our home flood in 2000. Would love love love to win!

  321. Reply Anita Frye

    I love Tuesday Morning’s. A friend introduced me to your store 10 years ago. I visit your store weekly.
    I just retired and would LOVE to sew again! Working and taking care of my family, I have not had the time to sew in years and since retiring have found that I NEED A HOBBY! I would be so grateful if I would win!
    Thank you for offering this contest!

  322. Reply Susana Canizal

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite place to shop.

  323. Reply Corina Shearer

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. It has great prices !

  324. Reply Carole

    Would love to win this!!!!

  325. Reply Aleta Ulibarri

    I learned to sew on a Singer. Great machine.

  326. Reply michele verzwyvelt

    would love to when sewing machine. what start sewing again

  327. Reply Debbie

    Love to be SEW CREATIVE!!! A NEW sewing machine would be AWESOME!!!
    THANKS Tuesday Morning!!!

  328. Reply Micaela

    I will use this machine to make dresses for my grandkids.

  329. Reply Esther

    Have an older similar machine but it doesn’t sew through that many layers of denim. Would also give me a second machine to teach my grandchildren sewing and quilting lessons.

  330. Reply Dianne

    Would love to win.

  331. Reply Pat B.

    Tuesday Morning is a weekly stop for me ! I LOVE shopping there !This machine would be GREAT for the slipcover/curtain projects I have planned ! Hope I WIN ! 🙂

  332. Reply Sandy

    I have been looking for a heavy duty Singer machine since I lost mine in Hurricane Katrina!

  333. Reply Cindy

    I would use it for mending.

  334. Reply Heather

    I would love to use this for sewing canvas bags for my kids.

  335. Reply Jacqueline

    Love Tuesday morning! GREAT deals in their craft department

  336. Reply Evelia Rivas

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning because is the best Store…

  337. Reply Wendy Slimm

    I would love to win sewing machine, how do I enter?

  338. Reply Peggy

    I grew up watching and listening to the sound of my grandmother and mother while they were sewing and that was often. My favorite time was when my mother would sew clothes for my ‘Barbie’s’ I was amazed then and still am today at the intricate tiny details she would embellish them with. I received a sewing machine from my mother one day and it was very special to me. However, we recently had to put my mother in an ‘Alzheimer’s Unit’. My sewing machine was taken out of the home and sold….I would love to have another machine to bring back memories!

  339. Reply Diane Stapleton

    I would use this wonderful Singer sewing machine to make warm coats for my two rescued greyhounds, who froze last winter in the ‘Chi-beria polar vortex’.

  340. Reply tara

    yea! Neat machine

  341. Reply Jacqueline Gould

    I really like the products at Tuesday Morning and would love to win this sewing machine. It isn’t clear how I get extra entries. It says finish for more entries but doesn’t have anything else to do to finish after getting the first entry.

  342. Reply Barbara LaRocco

    I would love to win a Singer sewing machine and do some creative projects for my home. I am a fan of Tuesday morning also. This is making me think I need to update my house.

  343. Reply Deidra

    I used to sew to fix clothes and misc until we moved 2 yrs ago I had to give back the sew machine to my sister. I have three girls and I have to hand sew to fix their clothes it take me awhile to finish and catch up. It would be great if I win this sew machine it will help a lot and give me more time to do other chores as well. Thank u for give us an opportunity to win this.

  344. Reply Paula

    Can’t wait to use this machine to make some new drapes!

  345. Reply Angie

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  346. Reply Hazel

    I need to reupholster my living room sectional….(6 sections)!

  347. Reply Chalice

    I love Tuesday Morning. Would also love to win this sewing machine!

  348. Reply Donna mayfield


  349. Reply Barbara Stewart

    I’ve been without a sewing machine for several years. I would love to win this one

  350. Reply lola

    Was Just Thinking How Much I Need A Sewing Machine 🙂
    Love Tuesday Morning So Much!!

    • Reply lola

      I Would Use It To Make Halloween CostumesFor My Family And For Other Needs My Kids School NeedsFor Chorus And Plays

  351. Reply Mary Lee Thilman

    Tuesday Morning is always a delight for me. My local store recently redid their layout – much more spacious, and I am enjoying the exploration. Always something interesting to find @ Tuesday Morning.

  352. Reply Mary

    I’m retired and have been wanting to learn and sew since I have more time on my hands now!! Tuesday Morning Rules!!!

  353. Reply Tina Santos

    Would like to win this sewing machine to help me sew a patch blanket of cloths my mom and grandparents wore.
    Tuesday Morning is my favorite store to take my time and look at all the merchandise that you just don’t see anywhere else.

  354. Reply Donna Price

    I’m just beginning and learning to sew. I do not own a sewing machine so I would love to win this one! Thank you for all of your videos!!

  355. Reply Gloria Taylor

    Love your store!

  356. Reply Gloria Taylor

    Enjoy shopping at Tuesday Morning!

  357. Reply Gloria Taylor

    Thanks for the great buys!

  358. Reply Beth

    Excellent review! I would enjoy doing small projects, pillows, curtains and such if I had this machine.

  359. Reply Marsha

    I love to shop at Tuesday Morning and winning the Singer sewing machine would allow me to return to the joy of sewing.

  360. Reply Rose

    Tuesday Mornings is my go to store for everything in my home. I have a very old Singer and would love to have a new one.

  361. Reply Lynn

    I find amazing things at Tuesday Morning – from garden to kitchen items! My hobby is sewing and would love the machine.

  362. Reply Karen

    We’re in the middle of a remodeling project. I think the Singer 443 would be perfect to use for new draperies and pillows!

  363. Reply Kris

    I love Tuesday Morning and have been shopping here for decades!

  364. Reply Mary

    II could live @ UR Galveston Tx store, have perks w/me always!!! Hope y’all will also have this sewing machine for sale? Since I usually never win contests!!! And just retired & finally have some time to start craft projects.

  365. Reply marianela lado

    I will like to participate of the singer 4443 sewing machine
    I love to sewing thanks Marianela

  366. Reply Rose

    Tuesday Mornings is right around the corner to my house so naturally I’m in there all the time. Most of the items in my store are from Tuesday Mornings. Having a new sewing machine would be a welcome addition to my home from Tuesday Mornings.

  367. Reply Sharon Lamkin

    I recently purchased material/pattern tomake valences for my childrens Sunday School room at church. I cut one out & sat down to sew it up & neither one of my sewing machines will work! I cant find anyone local to work on them! Ugh!!!

  368. Reply Rose

    Tuesday Mornings is right around the corner to my house so naturally I’m in there all the time. Most of the items in my home are from Tuesday Mornings. Having a new sewing machine would be a welcome addition to my home from Tuesday Mornings.

  369. Reply Ginger Hudson

    Please enter me in the Singer sewing machine.

  370. Reply Tammy

    You guys have the best deals in town

  371. Reply Bobbie Sera

    I ❤️ my Santa Monica Tuesday Morning store. Can’t beat the prices. I have been going there for YEARS!

  372. Reply mary ann finley

    have lots of sewing to do and need a power machine and love Tuesday Morning for everything else

  373. Reply Sandi Normoyle

    I’m looking for a new machine. Winning would be a great price

  374. Reply C Leyba

    Love Tuesday Morning!

  375. Reply Beverly U.

    Tuesday Morning is a great place to shop for just about anything. Looking forward to entering the contest to win this wonderful sewing machine.

  376. Reply Mary

    Would love to win this machine.

  377. Reply Paula Gillespie

    My daughter is 11 years old and loves everything that has to do with sewing. She is wanting a sewing machine for Christmas. We would sew anything and everything together if we were lucky enough and blessed enough to win this. Thanks for the chance

  378. Reply

    I want to get back into sewing, but I don’t have a sewing machine-maybe this will do it!

  379. Reply Ione Heck

    I would love to win the sewing machine. I haven’t had one for years. Since moving to Arizona it was one thing that I had to give up in the move. Love Singer. It is so easy to sew with. I am going to retire and it would be so nice to have a machine again so that I could make presents and especially make hot pads for people with arthritis.

  380. Reply Patty Johnson

    This Is pretty exciting. Tuesday Morning , I love the garden supplies. A new sewing machine would be awesome .

  381. Reply Maryanne Wheatley

    Let me count the ways I would use this fabulous machine! My daughter just recently blessed our family with twin baby girls, which allows me a great opportunity to sew beautifully unique clothing for their wildly different personalities. One passion of mine is to see for my cancer patients – the comfort they receive from the lap quilts we make for them to keep warm during their chemo infusions. Oh my! Because the girls are here I can once again make costumes for the Christmas pageant! I’ve always sewed for the home and would relish doing this again. Lost my machine in a move and have never been able to recover it.

  382. Reply Victoria Jackson

    I sew to relax.
    As a widowed mom of two very active, rapidly growing teenage boys, sewing for them (quilts and mending), keeps me sane and it allows me to fix splits in uniforms and other clothing at even the last minute.
    A “workhorse” sewing machine that can travel well is exactly what I can use. It’s as if we would be kindred spirits.

  383. Reply Annie

    I would give it to my niece who has started sewing. She just would love it

  384. Reply Karla Stern

    Tuesday Morning is the best, being Active Duty for twenty years, I always looked up Tuesday Morning on every move to buy the special items needed to make my house a home. Thank you Tuesday Morning!

  385. Reply mary unterborn

    The best for less.j

  386. Reply Mary

    It would be fantastic to win this Singer 4443. I think it would be perfect for all types of sewing projects, anything from quilting to clothing and would be especially fun to win and complete some of Vanessa’s Crafty Gemini tutorial projects using this machine…

  387. Reply Kathy Krenn

    Love crafting of all sorts…would Pin It showing I used machine in my projects…first time Grandma…so will now make
    the costumes for kids and therapy dogs to show off.

  388. Reply Debbie L

    My old machine is just worn out. I’m needing a new one to work on grand kid projects. Please pick me!!

  389. Reply Kristie Lund

    I would love to win this sewing machine. My grandson, who I am raising, is stocky and his pants always need hemming. I have always done this buy hand but arthritis is making that much more difficult.

  390. Reply Carol

    I would use this for mending, creating new designs and miscellaneous projects.

  391. Reply Mary Compan

    Sewing is a great way to save money and customize your home decor and clothing! I love to sew!

  392. Reply Helen

    I learned to sew in the 50’s when I took a class at the Singer Sewing Machine Center.

  393. Reply Cheryl Brewer

    I would love this Singer sewing machine, always wanted to try sewing for myself. Perfect opportunity to make that happen.

  394. Reply mary unterborn

    IT would be great to have a sewing machine again!

  395. Reply Roxy

    I didn’t know about Tuesday Morning until my crafty friends alerted me to the Craft Section @ TM.
    This sewing machine would be a great gift for my daughter who loves to sew her own dresses and is trying to redecorate her new condo (drapes, re-upholster kitchen chairs, etc.)!

  396. Reply Betty LeClair

    My mother let me start sewing on her Singer (purchased in1940, which still runs well) sewing machine when I was 9 years old. When I was about 12 years old I made doll clothes and later started making some of my own dresses, etc. Then after I married and had children I sewed a LOT for them. Since I retired from teaching I’ve made decorative pillows for a few designers in this area for the past 15 years. Now I’m making things for my grandchildren’s dorm rooms and other things for my family and friends. I REALLY enjoy sewing!! I’m also a quilter. I use the sewing machine for piecing and quilt by hand. I do need a sewing machine and really like one pictured because the thread holder in on the top!!!! Thanks for the contest — and, I hope I win!

  397. Reply Christina R

    I would love to win a sewing machine. I’ve alwaysed wanted to learn how to use one.

  398. Reply Jenifer L Kwok

    I would like to use this machine to make my own bibs for my children, my own curtains, table cloths, pillow covers and much more. I started learning to sew when I was a young lady, but now I have my own home, I need to have a good machine (that I can easily thread) and be able to become more advanced with using a sewing machine and taking on projects to update my own home.

  399. Reply Deborah Florentino

    This would be a nice addition.

  400. Reply Carmen

    So excited to enter to win this sewing machine!

  401. Reply me

    how do I enter the contest? no matter what I click on, I can’t find out how to enter the contest.

  402. Reply Lorelei Fayad

    I would love to teach my daughter how to sew on this machine.

  403. Reply Susan

    Have been looking for a sewing machine to convert my boot cut jeans into straight/skinny jeans, and this one appears to fill the bill 🙂

  404. Reply Janet P

    I’d love to give this mchine a try- right ow, I m sewing on a borrowed Singer, it’s a fine machine, but i know I will need to give it back to my daughter eventually.

  405. Reply Catherine Price

    I am trying to enter the sewing machine contest. I have logged in and get to the part that says to finish this entry to unlock the other 9 entries. I pushed enter to win but can’t seem to get my entry accepted.

  406. Reply Cindy

    I so enjoy the variety at Tuesday morning , you never know what you’ll find! It’s like an Easter egg hunt!

  407. Reply Cecelia waters

    I find unique items at Tuesday Morning.

  408. Reply Holly Nielson

    I love Tuesday Morning, they have beautiful things and the prices are reasonable.I would love to win this sewing machine, I sew all kinds of things and I think that it would be a great addition to my craft room.

  409. Reply Brenda

    I love treasure hunting at Tuesday Morning! You never know what you will find… I would LOVE a heavy duty sewing machine, sew all the time!

  410. Reply Vicki

    My mother (an excellent sewer of complicated Vogue patterns made made a lot of clothes with a Singer (back from the 60’s) Would love to have a great, new sewing machine!

  411. Reply Heather Damron

    I would love to have this sewing machine. I love to make curtains and do upholstery, this would be perfect for all my sewing projects.

  412. Reply Loretta

    I’m now a grandma and look forward to sewing all kinds of things for my new granddaughter. It would be really nice to have a second machine to switch back and forth with while making some of these projects. This machine is so versatile and I like the fact that it is a heavy duty machine. I would be able to do so much of my basic sewing on this machine, then switch over to my electronic machine for some of the fancier stiches. I would save a lot of time since I wouldn’t have to reprogram my machine each time I change stitches, thread, needles or feet. Whether I win this machine or not, I think I’d like to get a second machine! Thank goodness Tuesday Morning has so many great deals!

  413. Reply beverly curtis

    I am 61 this month and have always wanted a sewing machine, Tuesday Morning has fabulous items and this makes a great gift!

  414. Reply Connie barrios

    Love the crafts and knick knacks from Tuesday Morning.
    I can’t have enough of them 🙂

  415. Reply Carole

    I would use the sewing machine to make table cloths and kitchen towels.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for the Singer sewing machine.

  416. Reply Nancy c

    whoo!!!!!!!!!! Christmas gifts here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  417. Reply Harley Ann Kelsey

    I sew and sew and sew—quilts, clothes for me, my children, grandchildren and great grands.
    I teach teen girls that want to learn to sew and can’t received that training in school anymore..also teach young married mothers. I make many items for my home, curtains, drapes, cover seat cushions and make pillow covers. I just love to sew and still have my 99K Singer and still use it as my #1 machine. A Christmas gift from my husband for our 1st Christmas, 58 years ago.

  418. Reply Rose Hanford

    Looks like a lot of people can’t sign up for the contest. So does anyone know how? What’s the gimmick?

  419. Reply Linda Schwartz

    I have had three sewing machines an all have been Singers. I would use it to make some outdoor cushions.

  420. Reply maribeth adams

    I used to work for Tuesday morning. It was great! However, most of my check would go towards purchases at the store. 20% discount to boot. I love that place!

  421. Reply gaye valle

    I love heavy duty machine is great for bib overalls and coveralls. Many of which I need to patch. It would also be great for other tote bag projects using heavy material.

  422. Reply Linda Schwartz

    Hopefully this does not show up like a duplicate like my last one did. I love Singers. That is all I have ever used. Lots of projects in mind.

  423. Reply Mary J. Kelly

    My daughter is planning to get pregnant again. Sadly she lost her little boy at 26 weeks. I would love to make towels, was clothes, blankets and quilts!

  424. Reply Kim

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning !

  425. Reply Yvonne Johnston

    Would love to work with this machine.

  426. Reply Kathryn

    fingers crossed!

  427. Reply Joyce

    Sewing for my down-sized home, to make it mine.

  428. Reply Vickey Marcum

    I love Tuesday Morning, And I would love to win the sewing machine .I have my mothers old one and I could use a new one .It seams very nice .

  429. Reply Vickey Marcum

    I love Tuesday Morning, And I would love to win the sewing machine .I have my mothers old machine

  430. Reply MARY

    My sewing machine recently broke. Would love to win this!

  431. Reply Sue Cook

    Thank you so much for your honest critique on this sewing machine. I have a computerized Bernina 180; bought it used for $1200.00. I also have a Baby Lock sewing machine which I purchased years ago for $700.00. I like both, but the feet for the Bernina are so expensive! Often I have thought of selling both of them and just get a basic machine. I have kept my eye on this very machine and regret not purchasing it instead of the other ones from the beginning.

  432. Reply Irene

    If I were to win this machine, I would donate it to our charity quilt group to make comfort quilts for our area.

  433. Reply Irina Liechten

    I used to have the sewing machine in my previous life in former Soviet Union. I did many different things on it. After my immigration to America I have been so busy to find my place here. God bless America, I was successful, studying and working. Now I am a retired and would be happy to recollect my former skills, if it is possible after such a long break. I am hesitating to buy a machine, but I’d be very happy to win and to try again.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity and hope.

  434. Reply Vickey Marcum

    I would love to have this machine .I have 4 granddaughter, so and could make a lot of things

  435. Reply Vickey Marcum

    I love Tuesday mornin

  436. Reply Sue Cook

    I failed to mention I love Tuesday Morning, I shop there often and love the variety of products they have in their stores. It is a great way to do your Christmas shopping without running all over town to find different gifts for everyone, because they have such a variety, at a great price and unique plus high-end products. Thanks Tuesday Morning, keep up the great work!

  437. Reply Clifford


  438. Reply Erin

    I taught a class using this machine but not fortunate enough to have my very own. Love working with it!! Thanks for the opportunity to change that Tuesday’s and Crafty Gemini!

  439. Reply MONA

    Great give away. Would certainly use the Singer machine for sewing quilt projects!

  440. Reply JAQ

    This would make my dream come truer

  441. Reply Mary Dentremont

    Sewing clothes, pillows, mending, curtains, quilts. I learned to sew in the 1950’s on my mothers treadle Singer sewing machine. Wish we still had it!

  442. Reply Clotil

    Tuesday Morning is my go to place for everything I need for my home. Love Love that store

  443. Reply janice russell

    Tuesady Mornings I Love To Shop All The Mechandise Is Over The Top……………….

  444. Reply

    I could use a new sewing machine, mine is at least 30yrs old.

  445. Reply Nancy Curtright

    I used my old machine until it could no longer be fixed. It was a Singer about 35 yrs ild. having a new one would be a blessing.

  446. Reply Debra Riggs

    I love to see and I love Tuesday Morning for shopping.

  447. Reply Debra Riggs

    I love sewing and crafting and shopping at Tuesday Morning’

  448. Reply Joan Gwyn

    I want to win the sewing machine, I would love to learn to sew

  449. Reply cathy

    my first machine was a singer kids metal with a side handle, made doll clothes. I still have the machine.

  450. Reply Bertha

    Would love to win. Love shopping at Tuesday Morning as it’s an adventure to see what is available each time I shop.

  451. Reply Irma Castillon

    Love Tuesday Morning for my crafting supplies . I find the best card stock and markers.

  452. Reply Tree

    Love Tuesday Morning, Crafty Gemini and Singer Sewing Machine. Crossing fingers!

  453. Reply Jan

    I’ve been sewing for years and this machine would be nice to take back and forth to Florida.

  454. Reply Carol McCaskill

    I,also go to Tuesday Morning all the time to check the wonderful deals. How do you enter the contest p;lease advise.

  455. Reply Angela Sandridge

    I’m entering to win for my sister…her sewing machine just bit the dust. I hope she wins!

  456. Reply Betsey TErry

    My honey wants to sew his own overalls for work…heavy duty canvas and denim, we’ve been eyeing one of these and lost out on a great amazon lightening deal for it.

  457. Reply Caitlin

    Want this! 🙂

  458. Reply Rob

    My wife is very crafty and just “lost” her sewing machine to her recently married daughter (she’s quite crafty, too!). She loooooves Tuesday Morning, and would love a new sewing machine!

  459. Reply Teresa

    How do I enter to win this. My mother would be on cloud 9 to get this as a Christmas present. She started out with the Singer foot pedal years ago, and upgraded from there. She’s now 80 and this would be her best gift ever.

  460. Reply Candice

    I would use it for home and clothing sewing. Looks great!

  461. Reply Melissa Gerber

    What a sweet sewing machine. Just the thing for my niece, who is a beginning sewer. I think I see a Christmas present in her future.

  462. Reply Linda Sidowski

    Love the fun and unique décor items I find as I’m redecorating my whole house! Would love to win the sewing machine. The one I have is a “dinosaur!!” 🙂

  463. Reply pat

    I have shopped at Tuesday Morning since they first opened. At that time they really did open on Tuesday morning for their big sales.

  464. Reply Gale McIntyre

    Love the choices you offer on EVERYTHING. I usually shop at the 3 closest to me every few weeks.

  465. Reply Aretha

    One of my favorite store

  466. Reply Kathy Lester

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  467. Reply Jessica

    Repair children’s clothing and small household upholstery projects

  468. Reply Leah Di Carlo

    Love Tuesday Morning!!!!

  469. Reply iby

    I always love to have it this sewing machine! I love Tuesday Morning they have great stuff and great price!!!

  470. Reply Virginia

    I use this machine to take to classes and maybe for piecing quilts. Looks like a nice small machine

  471. Reply Diane

    Cool contest. I love Singer sewing machines. Would love to win

  472. Reply Mary Horne

    Love Tues Morn great selection of home accessories and pet supplies.
    Employees are always very helpful and friendly

  473. Reply joanne macnabb

    I have a old singer sewing machine that I purchased right after my daughter was born. She is now 35 years old and I could really use a new machine. I am now sewing clothes and items for her children (my grandchildren) and it would be awesome to have a new machine. Singer makes a great machine!

  474. Reply Beverlydi

    I would love to use the sewing machine for all my crafting and decorating projects. I have been needing one. Would love to win. Could use it in so many ways

  475. Reply larelle-Susanne Thoms

    I love tuesday morning and sewing….I would so love to win.

  476. Reply amanda

    I’m hoping to win to be able to learn to sew

  477. Reply Susan

    I would Love to win this New Singer Sewing Machine! Then I could give my Daughter the older model Singer to her!
    The Best Sewing Machine I have owned 🙂

  478. Reply Laura Papillion

    What’s not to Love about Tuesday Morning!!

  479. Reply Dorothy hamill

    Tuesday Morning is a shoppers delight, it is top of my list.

  480. Reply Nurmi Ibrahim

    a great sewing machine, love to win this

  481. Reply Selma

    I would love this sewing machine for making quilts.

  482. Reply Misty

    Friday before sewing machine went on sale fell, broke ankle and had emergency surgery. Couln’t get to store. Now I have chance to win sewing machine! I have loved shopping at Tuesday Morning for many, many years. Thanks TM for great products and prices.

  483. Reply Olelaidee

    I’ve tried other sewing machines over the years. Always end up with a Singer! Nothing beats the quality you get from a Singer sewing machine!!

  484. Reply Cheryl Riley

    Tuesday Morning is such a terrific place to shop; I can count on always finding just the right gift for family and friends (and of course, goodies for our own home)! I used to sew quite a bit, but my very old sewing machine doesn’t want to work any more. It was my grandmother’s and is nearly 100 years old! Would love to own a machine that “float” over pins. I’ve had to baste everything and remove pins as I stitched. And zippers? They were always sewn in by hand. This Singer sewing machine would be an enormous time saver for me.

  485. Reply Granny Sharon

    Love all the bargains and quality at Tuesday Morning

  486. Reply E

    I’ve taken a couple sewing classes in the past but want to really learn how to sew. I see so may cool projects on Pinterest and I wish I could make them. I need a machine like this to get going!

  487. Reply Jan A. Godwin

    I would love to have a new Singer Machine. I am currently using a 1959 411 Singer. A beautiful machine, but sure would be nice to have a current machine

  488. Reply Patty

    I am getting ready to move out, and would LOVE to have a new machine to take with me! I love to sew, and this would be something I would not have to go out and buy. Looks like a very nice machine.

  489. Reply Kausar

    I love Tuesday morning

  490. Reply Lúcia Machado

    I love sewing, and try new sewing machines.
    I love try new projects, and this machine is good, to do it!!

  491. Reply Linda

    There is nothing like sewing!

  492. Reply Linda

    There is nothing like sewing, and being creative!

  493. Reply Irma

    Love Tuesday Morning. It has GREAT bargains!

  494. Reply raquel

    Fell in love with Tuesday Morning upon a surprise visit one day during the Fall Season many years ago. Each visit is like a treat, new findings, great prices and you can’t go wrong with your purchase. My visits bring such happiness not only for myself but those individuals who receive my crafts and sewing project gifts. Love their craft and sewing section, especially their buttons and quilting quarter panels at such low prices. The Singer 4443 (sewing machine) would be a wonderful addition to my present Singer 15-91 and Singer Patchwork. I would most definitely do more denim sewing for all the grandkids if this Singer 4443 machine won.

  495. Reply DIANNE


  496. Reply Verna Courtney

    Baby items

  497. Reply Robin

    Love shopping at Tuesday Morning …
    Love to sew … clothes AND quilts!! Would really like to have this “heavy duty”
    work horse to keep SET UP on the table in my sewing corner!! Thanks

  498. Reply Linda Doucet

    I have been sewing since before jr high. My mother taught me and I have been sewing ever since.

  499. Reply Pat Gollaher

    I have shopped with Tuesday Morning since it’s early beginnings and have always been a fan of their higher quality of merchandise such as bedding, cookware, lamps, toys, etc. I have been a good customer and will continue to do so, but I sure could use a new Singer Sewing Machine — I just love Singer!

  500. Reply Nyoka Goins

    Love checking out the unique things at Tuesday Morning. Glad New Bern, NC has one. Would love to
    win this sewing machine.

  501. Reply Teresa M

    I have sooo many things I could use this machine for and my granddaughter is learning to sew… would be great for both of us!

  502. Reply Scarlett Huttner

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. They sell quality products that are both attractive as well as decorative and useful. I would love to own this Singer Sewing machine! I have tried a few different brands and Singer comes out the Best!!

  503. Reply Roz

    I’ve been wanting to make hats. So I’d try it for hats.

  504. Reply karen

    Sounds like a great little machine!

  505. Reply Bill Wicker

    this would make a great Christmas gift for my girlfreind

  506. Reply shirley b rown

    will be going back to quilting this fall!

  507. Reply

    Love this store

  508. Reply Beckee Hutchens

    I get all my really good bedding at Tuesday Morning and find TONS of other really high quality stuff there as well. Love this place.

  509. Reply Nancy

    I LOVE SINGER MACHINES & would like to make clothes for my grandchildren.
    Tuesday Morning is such a great store to shop at. There are new treasures each

  510. Reply Nancy

    I LOVE SINGER MACHINES & would like to make clothes for my grandchildren.
    Tuesday Morning is such a great store to shop at. There are new treasures each

  511. Reply JJ Schaub

    The giveaway & review launch Sept 12

  512. Reply Nancy

    I LOVE SINGER MACHINES & would like to make clothes for my grandchildren.
    Tuesday Morning is a great store – new treasures always!

  513. Reply Wendy

    I love Tuesday Morning for my crafting! I love going in to the craft section and seeing what delicious yarns they have! Of course, the rest of the store is fantastic too!

  514. Reply MB

    This would be a great gift for my mama!

  515. Reply Linda

    I love a basic mechanical machine, with so many auto-features. Easy to use and service — I would use this machine for almost everything, from simple quick mending, to creating hand-made treasures.

  516. Reply Marilyn Rubin


  517. Reply Bobbie Wiseman

    Really need this sewing machine! I am retired, on a fixed income and need to sew for my grandchildren. 🙂

  518. Reply Tracey

    Tuesday Morning is the best place to shop for a good deal!

  519. Reply Philip Rafle

    Let the sewing begin!

  520. Reply Lois

    I love Tuesday Morning and have gotten so many wonderful items over the years!

  521. Reply Heather R

    What an awesome prize!

  522. Reply Amy D

    Hemming pants

  523. Reply Kathy Conway

    Wow! You are really living the dream, doing the the things you enjoy, spending time with your children, learning, teaching and getting paid to pursue your passions. I congratulate you for making it happen. You sound like a really fun and interesting lady!

  524. Reply Kathy Conway

    Hi Vanessa,
    Wow! You are really living the dream, doing the the things you enjoy, spending time with your children, learning, teaching and getting paid to pursue your passions. I congratulate you for making it happen. You sound like a really fun and interesting lady! Interesting collaboration with Tuesday Morning that you’re doing. I am a loyal long-time fan of Tuesday Morning and have shopped regularly at their stores in several towns on both coasts where I’ve lived over the past 20 years. They are my “go to” store for gifts, household, garden, bed & bath and decorative items.

  525. Reply LeaAnn

    Would like to get back to sewing and learn some things about quilting. This sewing machine would be a great help! Love Tuesday Morning!

  526. Reply anne

    I always find something I need at Tuesday Morning.

  527. Reply MJ

    I’d love to be able to sew— if even a little bit. It would be great to not have to run to a curtain maker every time I want something done!

  528. Reply Emily

    Tuesday Morning is awesome !!! I buy all of my gifts there and love to look at what’s new for the month! I love recommending my family and friends to shop at Tuesday Morning!

  529. Reply Linda OT

    I love Tuesday Morning one of my favorite places to shop. I would love to win a sewing machine to start some hobby’s.

  530. Reply Emily

    I tell all of my family and friends about Tuesday Morning! Tuesday Morning is awesome!!

  531. Reply Emmy

    My 4 year old son always ask to go to Tuesday Morning. He loves checking out the toy section. And of course I’m happy to go along with him. I love to sew too, wish i win this heavy duty machine.

  532. Reply Donna L. Setzer

    My Kenmore sewing machine is 40+ years old and still performs very well. I would love to have a new machine to replace my old one. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win this Singer 4443 model!

  533. Reply Holly

    I love shopping @Tuesday Morning 🙂 AND I love sewing but my machine isn’t heavy duty and so often when I’m doing a project it isn’t able to handle the material…I have wanted to have a heavy duty machine for so long. Dreams can come true…maybe mine will 🙂

  534. Reply David

    Stuff for my daughter. Dresses..costumes.

  535. Reply Adelina Moreno

    I love to do projects using scrap and fabric left overs. Did new covers for my patio benches and seat covers for my formal dining set. I love shopping Tuesday Morning for affordability and quality merchandise.

  536. Reply Marian Oliver

    Plz I need this.


    I need a heavy duty machine to sew all of my fabrics, I’ve cut out already.

  538. Reply Sherry Kale

    I would love to win this sewing machine

  539. Reply Shawne Osterman

    Wow! If I won this Singer Sewing Machine, it would be used for a lot of various ideas. Making designer pillows, drapes, clothes for my three Grandchildren. Also, I am a scrapbooker so I would definitely use it on my pages, for making embellishments and on and on. When my Mom passed away two years ago, my sister inherited her Singer so I’ve been lost without one! It would be an honor to win one and I thank you for the chance!

  540. Reply Melly Camp

    Your life sounds very interesting..seeing has always been an outlet for my creativity inspirations..and I love learning more about’s been a comfort for sew and create..anything I want..good to know someone else appreciates the art of sewing..

  541. Reply Delores Kennedy

    I sewed on a friends machine like this and it sewed very good. Easy.

  542. Reply Dee Hook

    I have always found the best most unique items at great price at Tuesday Morning.

  543. Reply Sherry

    I LOVE this store. I do not have one in my town but I shop at the one in Murfreesboro, TN every time I visit my daughter. I LOVE Tuesday Morning.

  544. Reply MELISSA

    I love Tuesday Morning, I get some of the best deals there.

  545. Reply Mary Ellen

    I love Tuesday Morning and Singer. What a winning combination!

  546. Reply Dianne

    I have always liked Singer products; it was my first machine! This would be a great take-along machine for classes and a first learning machine for kids or adults. Looks like a winner!

  547. Reply Chris

    hi Just wanted to say your video was very helpful and informative. I would like to try my luck at sewing a quilt.

  548. Reply Gloria

    I have been an elementary school teacher since I was 20 years old. I just turned 62 last week. I have worked hard all my life and haven’t had time for many hobbies. I am contemplating retiring soon. I would love to take up sewing for my grandchild and to learn to quilt like my grandmother. I still have the old Singer treadle machine that my gran made things for me on. She passed it down to my mom and she to me. I think that this heavy duty Singer would be a whole lot easier to work with than Gran’s Singer!

  549. Reply Laurie Wolters

    Love this store. You never know what you are going to find!

  550. Reply Belinda

    I have loved shopping at Tuesday Morning for years. It’s like being on a treasure hunt!

  551. Reply Julie

    I need a sewing machine to make new slip covers for my patio furniture

  552. Reply Lisa

    Love Tuesday Morning…

  553. Reply

    My old Singer is on its last leg! So desperately need a new one but my fixed income does not allow that. Would so love to win this one. Love Tuesday Morning!

  554. Reply Carolyn

    Tuesday morning is one of the few stores in which I actually enjoy shopping.

  555. Reply Susan Abbott

    I’d use the sewing machine to sew pet beds.

  556. Reply Ann Rice

    My first sewing machine was a Touch and Sew Singer which I still have….would love to have another one !

  557. Reply May K.

    My friend wants to show me how to make a quilt so this sewing machine will be perfect for me. I travel a lot for my work and I always look up on the computer if there is a Tuesday Morning in my area.

  558. Reply Sylvia Hunter

    I liken a trip to Tuesday morning as a treasure hunt. There is always something around the corner that’s unexpected, new and exciting.I never know what treasure awaits me on the next aisle. I would love to be able to win this sewing machine. My job will be ending soon and sewing will be a great way to relieve stress.

  559. Reply Charlotte Kelley

    I HAVE 2 Singer Machines …Would love to have this one.

  560. Reply Phyllis

    I would use it for sewing home accessories like pillows, baby quilts, chair covers, etc. I would so LOVE to have this machine! !!

  561. Reply Sue D

    I would use this for simple sewing projects like curtains.

  562. Reply Kay Brown

    Would love to win it as I do not own a machine presently. I am retiring and would love to learn to quilt and make other items with all the wonderful fabrics on the market.

  563. Reply Betty McCray

    I love Tuesday Morning.

  564. Reply Dorian

    I would love to use this sewing machine to make clothing, and to sew quilts. My grandmother made me a quilt when I was young that I still have.

  565. Reply Anita


  566. Reply Jessica Vaughan

    I would use this machine in my granddaughters sewing class. They have been waiting for Nana to get them their own machines!

  567. Reply VickiT

    This machine could be used for just about anything. I’m sure I’d use it for kids clothing and stuffed animals I make for my grandkids.

  568. Reply Joy

    I would love to win this sewing machine. I’m a do-it-yourselfer. I make curtains for the house with sheets. I’ve made sofa covers and heat packs with rice inside for gifts. About a year ago, my 20 year old sewing machine was moved from one area to another and an integral part of the machine was lost, so now it no longer works. What a delight it would be to be able to win one of these!

  569. Reply Mimi

    Surely hope I win!!

  570. Reply Joy

    Tuesday Morning is such a unique store. It has a little bit of everything you could possibly use in your home. I’ve bought PJ’s, a purse, soap, towels and gardening items – to name a few. With regard to the sewing machine, I’d love to win this. I lost a part on my 20 year old machine and have not been able to use it. So, it would be delightful to get a new one!!!

  571. Reply April

    I would use it for quilting, home sewing and crafts. I already have one Singer machine and love it.

  572. Reply Gada

    Love Tuesday Morning for the kitchen appliances!

  573. Reply Elma Rodriguez

    You go in looking for something in particular and come out with many things you can’t live without. All stores are unique and have different treasures.

  574. Reply lilia


  575. Reply Laurie

    It would be fun to win.

  576. Reply Jamee

    I would love to make a denim quilt with this machine, like the many my grandma has made.

  577. Reply Lin Hunt

    I love Tuesday Morning- my 2 localstores( Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley) closed and I drive to Camarillo to go to The Tuesday Morning there. Sewing machine sounds great!

  578. Reply Natane Chomicki

    This sewing machine would be a much welcome upgrade from the current model I own!

  579. Reply Ann

    I started shopping at Tuesday Morning in Dallas, Texas where they first opened. I have continued to be a fan and patron all these years. I like a deal and especially when it is on quality goods, which Tuesday Morning always carries. I am glad to see they are carrying Singer now and I too am a fan of Singer Sewing Machines. My mother had one and I learned to sew on one in Home Economics class in High School. I would love to have this new machine.

  580. Reply Tiffany Lee

    I would love to use it for cosplay.

  581. Reply basema

    I love sewing and wish to finish a quilt

  582. Reply Rosario L. Mowdy

    My family has been using Singer sewing machines for generations. Trusted brand.

  583. Reply Donley, Dixie

    I need a work horse machine.

  584. Reply Louisa Papa


  585. Reply Debbie Stock

    Love Tuesday Morning. We go weekly at lunch with girls from work.

  586. Reply Shellie M

    I would use this machine for hemming Jeans and other tough to sew fabrics such as canvas and decorator fabrics!! Would love to have it!

  587. Reply Barbara Allan

    A Church friend told me about Tuesday Morning and I have shopped there and really like it.I have several machines but it would be nice to win this one

  588. Reply Melissa Smith

    Thank you for sharing your story. My sister has a small business designing and selling diaper bags that she sews by hand. This wood be something that would help her out tremendously. I’m glad I saw this today 🙂

  589. Reply Denise

    I never win anything. Hope my luck changes!

  590. Reply Celeste

    This sewing machine would open the door to whole other kind of crafting.

  591. Reply Ellen

    Tuesday Morning and Singer, a great combination!

  592. Reply Nancy

    Tuesday Morning is great. A good sewing machine – even if just used for mending – is essential.

  593. Reply Teresa

    I sew mostly home decor items. Hems and layers can get pretty thick. This heavy duty machine would be great for that.

  594. Reply Janelle Jaskolka

    I world teach my daughter to make curtains for our new home


    Hi, I love ur store.Baby to home decor. I hope to win and sew w my little grandaughters 5-8 yrs. I sew by hand n started to show them n live it. Baby blankets, doll dresses will grow if we win.Thanks, Have a nice weekend. Linda

  596. Reply LaRhonda

    I want to learn how to repair pants and create ladies dresses.

  597. Reply Anne H. McNeill

    Would love to have this machine. Loved the video demonstration. You have the best tutorials. I really like this machine and all that it can do. Pick me!!

  598. Reply Ashleigh Hall

    I would love to win this awesome machine to make baby blankets and doll clothes!

  599. Reply She

    This sewing machine will really help me decorate new home!

  600. Reply Cindy Rader

    There are so many interesting things on your Pinterest pages. And this machine would be lovely as a traveling addition.

  601. Reply Naunie Nae

    I have always loved Tuesday Mornings! Been shopping there since they first opened. My favorite place to buy gifts. I sew (a lot) so this giveaway is right down my alley.

  602. Reply Marilyn Davis


  603. Reply JAMES DAVIS


  604. Reply Joan Gonzalez

    I have always dreamed of owning a Singer sewing machine! I had lessons while in junior high school & have always put buying one on the back burner. This would be a nice gift from Tuesday Morning !

  605. Reply Barbara Moore

    I would use this machine for everything from curtains to painted fabric! I need a go to strong sewing machine that I count on to sew the heavy stuff and I love Singer!

  606. Reply Diana DeVore-Kelly

    Love the idea of owning this Beauty!!!

  607. Reply H. S.

    Really like to shop at Tuesday Morning…..Thanks giving us a chance to win a sewing machine;
    I love to sew!

  608. Reply H. S.

    Really like to shop at Tuesday Morning…..Thanks giving us a chance to win a sewing machine;
    I love to sew!

  609. Reply Margaret

    I want a new machine to go with my new interest in quilting–that’s what I’ll use it for!

  610. Reply Donna Paschal

    I’ve been a Singer fan for almost 50 years. This looks like a great machine!

  611. Reply bonnie

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite place to shop for craft supplies, if I were the lucky winner I would use the machine to sew my charity quilts for the nursing home and the children’s hospital… mine machine is on it last leg..

  612. Reply Amanda Lutz

    I would make my son the cutest little outfits

  613. Reply Jane

    Tuesday mornings has been one of my absolute favorite stores for many years!

  614. Reply Stephanie Hamilton

    I would use this beautiful machine to quilt and sew clothes.

  615. Reply marie siera

    if i won the singer machine i would start working on home dec projects! i would love to make some pillows and table runners..and the is just to start

  616. Reply Marie

    It really looks like a great sewing machine! Hope I can try it soon 🙂

  617. Reply Cindy

    This would be great I could start sewing again and show my husband why I have been wanting a new sewing machine!

  618. Reply Carley

    I do a lot of sewing both for business and personal and could really use a heavy duty machine!!

  619. Reply Peggy

    Tuesday Morning is a fun store with great bargains!

  620. Reply louise rogers

    Let me see – I have one sewing machine that was my grandmother’s, one that was my mother’s, and one that is mine-none of them work! I’d love to win a new one!

  621. Reply louise rogers

    projects would include mending and new pj’s!

  622. Reply Patti McAvoy

    I could really use a new sewing machine ..hope I win!

  623. Reply judith

    After having suffered a stroke, it would be therapeutic for me. I love making quilts. I can no longer crochet afghans, so I would use it to try and make small quilts for wall hangings.
    I love Tuesday morning. Going to the store is always an adventure in good taste.

  624. Reply judith

    Having suffered a stroke and can no longer crochet. Sewing wold be very therapeutic for me. I would be able to make small quilted wall hangings. I have always wanted to do that.
    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. It is an adventure in good taste. I hope I win. Thank you.

  625. Reply

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  626. Reply jenni

    I just love your youtube changel and I love Tuesday morning

  627. Reply Joyce Mochizuki

    I love sewing and have the Singer student model of sewing machine. It looks similar to this, but the heavy duty machine would make sewing jeans and household crafts so much easier!

  628. Reply Joyce

    This machine would be great for sewing jeans and household crafts. Love it!

  629. Reply Janet Smith

    I would so love to win this sewing machine. My machine is about 50 years old.

  630. Reply Janet Smith

    What is a widget and how do you do it.

  631. Reply Linda

    Bought my first Singer when I was 18. Love the simplicity of use!!

  632. Reply kathryn dye

    The name SINGER brings back so many memories for me. I use to pedal my Grandmothers when I was so young. She would also let me thread it for her when her eyes grew bad and her hands weren’t as steady. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to be able to operate it on my own. Little did I know that it didn’t get any better than operating it with her. She made dresses and aprons for her and I. She also made the most beautiful quilts. I am sad to say I didn’t get one of those items when she passed, due to greedy people who rummaged through her things looking for anything of value. I was told her dresses and aprons were thrown out in a pile and burned. It breaks my heart to even imagine it. I was too young when she passed and had no authority at all. I would give anything to own one of her dresses or aprons. The next best thing I can do is create my own in her memory. If I win this machine its just what I plan to do. If I don’t win, then someday I hope to afford one to do the same. No matter, I appreciate the memories you sparked in me with just the post. They are, without a doubt, the sweetest memories I have. THANK YOU!

  633. Reply Sandra Botts

    I would use it to sew dog clothes!

  634. Reply Tammy

    I really enjoy Tuesday Morning for ‘treasure hunts’ and I think this sewing machine would be such an asset to my crafting. Only problem for me to enter is the widget still doesn’t show up even after clearing my cache and update.

  635. Reply Gloria Griffis

    I have been sewing for many years . I would love to have this machine

  636. Reply Maria Luera

    Is would be great to win

  637. Reply Jeannie Switzer

    Sounds like a wonderful sewing machine! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  638. Reply Paula McNeely

    I am a retired Home Economic Teacher and a Social Worker. I would love to have a new machine to make items for my five grand children.

  639. Reply Judy Meiller

    Thank you Tuesday Mornings for being such a great store and offering this wonderful giveaway

  640. Reply Elizabeth Allison

    This would be a great machine for making new clothes for me, grandkids, and nieces.

  641. Reply Priscilla Whitt

    The Singer 4443 sewing machine sounds wonderful. Now that I am retired I have time for crafts.
    I would love to win this awesome sewing machine.

    Thank for giving me a chance.

    Priscilla Whitt

  642. Reply Sue

    I would use this to do upholstery projects and quilting!

  643. Reply Debbie E

    It would be a great machine for jeans, purse making and heavier upholstery fabrics.

  644. Reply Gwen. Long

    Love all the unique goodies at Tuesday Morning. Have shopped in DE, VA and FL. Would love to win this for my birthday on the 17th.

  645. Reply Loretta Rhodes

    Just what I,’ve been wanting since my old one no longer works. I’m a handicap and I could finish long overdue projects.

  646. Reply Stephanie W

    I would be able to sew with more denim, canvas and other thick fabrics.

  647. Reply Jennifer Essad

    I would love to make new slip covers for our sofa’s – they are really showing signs of fading, I’d love to us a heavy cotton canvas – this is an awesome gift

  648. Reply Jennifer Essad

    I’d make slip covers out of heavy cotton canvas for our sofa

  649. Reply Lisa McMahon

    I would make drapes for my living room that I would like to have but can’t afford to buy. I will sew crafty presents for Christmas.

  650. Reply jennifer

    I would love this machine! I am working on a home business that involves sewing and my machine doesn’t work well.

  651. Reply Elisha

    I just love Tuesday Morning and have probably shopped at many of the hidden stores around Texas. I would love to have this sewing machine so I can learn to quilt with one of my lifelong friends <3

  652. Reply Linda

    I LOVE Tuesday Morning!!! I find so many GREAT things.

  653. Reply Kate

    My college son needs this sewing machine to make costumes for the theatre department! Many people will benefit from this heavy duty sewing machine.

  654. Reply PENNY BAILEY

    I really enjoy the quality, prices, and unique items you offer!!! 🙂

  655. Reply Georgian

    Tuesday Morning is the in that store & the deals!! Also the unusual items you can find!!

  656. Reply Kirsten

    My daughter is learning to sew so this would be a perfect gift for her.

  657. Reply lg cook

    Hope I win something for a change

  658. Reply lg cook

    It is really hard to enter this contest

  659. Reply Dana

    I’d be able to do all kinds of crafty stuff with this singer sewing machine. PICK ME!

  660. Reply Michelle

    Can’t wait to get to Tuesday Morning!

  661. Reply Michelle

    Can’t wait to get to Tuesday Morning!

  662. Reply Kelly Shehee

    I would totally use this to redo my furniture. I am currently working on a couch from the flea market and would have loved to use this! I also would use it for home décor. I love making things for others and would also use it to make the baton spinners duffle bags!

  663. Reply Maria Elisa Rosales

    I would love to win the sewing machine so that I can regain the joy of learning how to sew again. I had a masectomy on February 14th of this year and have been looking for a hobby tp occupy my time. I would love to learn how to sew items for children or adults that are undergoing any form of cancer treatment.

  664. Reply Greylin Medeiros

    This would be a Great present for my mother! Love to win it!

  665. Reply judy smith

    I have bought my two other sewing machines at Tuesday morning, I would love to win one that is a heavy-duty.

  666. Reply sue

    home interior projects, including curtains, pillows, and covers to protect our furniture from our dogs

  667. Reply Sunny Tuesday Morn

    I am a retired and disabled RN, injured while caring for patients in the hospital for over 20 years. Now, I have time on my hands to do something creative since I no longer practice nursing…thank you! You have a lot of admiring contestants who are eager to share their interest in the prize as well as their loving thoughts of their own stories, looking for some way of keeping myself busy without having to lift a lot, took care of my Mother, with dementia for several years after retiring… Thank you all for sharing.

  668. Reply Judith Gordon

    A part broke off my old Singer sewing machine so I need a new one. I’d love to have this one!

  669. Reply Kimberly crooms

    I would love to make some heavy bags and Jean bags. My machine just can’t handle that.

  670. Reply D Esquivel

    My son in law has been teaching himself to sewing using a mininJanome I bought for quick ends at their house. I think he’s ready to move up – this would meet his needs as a Scoutmaster to sew on many patches and constantly hemming scout uniforms and even our grandaughter’s pants!

  671. Reply Kat

    First I would have to learn how to use it! Been wanting to learn sewing for some time. Would repair items, make cute toys, garments. Since I didn’t have a machine, I bought a shower curtain cut it up to make 3 window valances. Used washable fabric tape to make ends look nice. Attached them to top of curtains with painted clothespins. When my son grows out of his space/stars themed room, I can simply remove the valances & he’ll still have blue curtains in place. I LOVE Tuesday Morning! Have spent a lot of $$ there LOL

  672. Reply Leigh


    My mom was a seamstress and my aunt made wedding gowns in New Orleans when I was young. I loved to watch them sew and I guess I absorbed quite a bit from them. I get on kicks and will design and sew gifts to give to friends and family. For instance, I made quillows for all the people in my family and friends for Christmas last year.. Prior to that I made tote bags, backpacks etc. for everyone at the family reunion. I am told that I should sell them, but the fun for me is to give them away. I buy fat quarters, they are usually 24X18 inches and two or three will make a nice tote. they cost under $1 each, and the fabrics are quite nice.

    I grew up in the south and have lived in CA, WA State, Louisiana and currently live in Las Vegas, NV. I love to travel and look forward to my next trip.

  673. Reply Gina

    Love watching you and getting ideas for my 5 year old craft projects

  674. Reply Vicky

    I think this would be perfect for me as I just hit empty nest-dom and have been gathering denim for years to create a quilt.. I am un burying myself from all the wedding stuff so the creative juices for other ideas I know will begin to flow very soon! Love Tuesday Morning

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  676. Reply Patricia a

    I love Tuesday morning and would love to win that Singer…. Mine is from 1969 and has had it’s day but still running. May give one to my granddaughter who is very crafty……good luck to all.

  677. Reply Melissa

    Love Tuesday Morning stores. My sewing machine broke and can not afford to get it fixed, I was just laid off from my job. Winning this machine would help and pick me up. Good luck everyone.

  678. Reply Marleen

    Would lov to win a sewing machine!! My first sewing machine was a singer back in he early 1980’s!!

  679. Reply Petra Cole

    Love this!- Have “sew” many things I could use this for….slip covers, curtains, pillows, mending, …Love Tuesday Morning – I’m a lifer!!

  680. Reply Anna

    The sewing machine seems like it can do many things well according to the reviews..It would be just what I need . My current machine is more than fifty yesrs old. Here’s hoping!!

  681. Reply Patricia W

    If I were to win the sewing machine I would make some new napkins, for the holiday, a table cloth, a costume for my great-nephew. There is so much I am doing around my home at this time making changes that it would assist wonderfully.

  682. Reply Joan Bailey

    I love Tuesday Morning, and I also love crafting and sewing, my old sewing machine quit on me recently, so I am very glad I at least have a chance to win a heavy duty singer.

  683. Reply Susan

    My Bernette sewing machine is 30+ years old and it kicked the bucket! I would love to win the Singer 4443 to be able to finish sewing 20 out of 100 dresses for “Dresses 4 Missions” which provides much needed home made dresses to little girls in third world countries. My goal was to have them finished by Oct. 11th, but without a sewing machine, I won’t be able to. Praying for a sewing machine even if I don’t win this one!

  684. Reply Diana Marshall

    I would love to win this Singer sewing machine. I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. Their merchandise is top quality and top brands.

  685. Reply Thelma

    I love Tuesday Morning.

  686. Reply Sarah

    I am a beginner sewer and would LOVE to learn on this machine!

  687. Reply Christie Trout

    I am a mixed media artist, I would like to try junk journaling, wall hangings, and since it’s heavy duty…I wanna try a denim quilt top. Pick me! Giggle!

  688. Reply erika

    Would love to have to do apolstery work on.

  689. Reply Kat

    Please…what is the difference between the Singer 4443 and the Singer 4432 ? Thank you

  690. Reply Debra Simning-Chapman

    Helping my teenagers to learn to sew themselves.

  691. Reply Sonia

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning.

  692. Reply g renee raphael

    Tuesday Morning is like a treasure hunt… and this machine will make everything from my own creations, including decorative projects and clothing designs, to simple mending a breeze..

  693. Reply nancy tindell

    Just getting into sewing since I retired- this looks like a great machine

  694. Reply Sandra

    I would use my new Singer sewing machine for my craft projects!

  695. Reply Vicki

    Just saying that I need to start sewing again. This would be ideal for me. Love it!


    love this store

  697. Reply Gerrie Karczynski

    I would use the machine to actually learn how to sew. I never got to even though my grandmother was a seamstress and grandfather was a tailor. I would love to be able to make quilts and also be able to do more crafting.

  698. Reply Becky Roberts

    I got so excited when I saw this machine in Tueday Mornings ad. Singer has been around for a very long time and has always been a top notch machine. My old singer machine is almost 28 years old and I need a new one. I haven’t been able to sew in the last year or so and I am excited about getting back to it . I love sewing my own clothes, doing alterations for my friends and family and I love making things to decorate my home with. Would love to win this machine to help me get going again.

  699. Reply Elizabeth McDonald

    This machine seems like it would be fabulous for piecing quilt blocks, and for finishing off table runners too.

  700. Reply RICKY


  701. Reply WOODY C


  702. Reply Stephanie nouvel

    Cool machine!! Didn’t know they made heavy duty ones so sleek… Love it! Also the vintage look 🙂

  703. Reply Tina

    Absolutely love Tuesday Morning! It is my private pleasure! I can always find something different and exceptional.

  704. Reply Elaine Faulkner

    Not only do I enjoy shopping at my local TM., but I like to share/get ideas with/from the associates there. They are all so friendly and helpful. Being a crafter, I am never disappointed with “treasures” I find there. I have recommended the store to so many friends that have not heard of it.

  705. Reply Charles

    I can’t wait to start sewing on the Singer the I will win! An do I like TM.

  706. Reply Angela G.

    After a day of the Monday Blues….Tuesday Morning makes it all better! : )
    Love me some Tuesday Morning!
    Thanks for being you…!

  707. Reply Wiberg2006

    This would be a great little machine to take to classes/travel with. I grew up sewing with a Singer and it was my first purchase as a young adult.

  708. Reply Susan

    I always go to Tuesday morning for towels, craft items, and dog toys. It is amazing what a selection of home and other goods they have!

  709. Reply Elizabeth Soto

    Retired after 30 years of being a Registered Nurse

  710. Reply Elizabeth Soto

    Retired after 30 years of being a Registered Nurse and raising my 5 children. Would enjoy so much making clothes for my 9 grandchildren

  711. Reply paulie shack

    I just love this store!!!!Would love a sewing machine too!!

  712. Reply Gerri Talley

    I’ve been a crafter most of my life, since being an elementary art teacher. Now an empty nester, I am getting back more seriously into doing some of those things I used to love doing. I love Pinterest and will be following Crafty Gemini in the future.

  713. Reply Diane G

    Tuesday Morning is a great store. I’ve some wonderful items there at great prices.

  714. Reply PAM

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning, I’m in the store at least once a week, some weeks more. I also have loved to sew as long as I can remember. As a child I would beg my Mother to let me sew. She would refuse at 1st but eventually I would wear her down and she would give in. I started out making clothes for my dog and for my dolls. I can remember my Mother in the back ground, over the hum of the sewing machine motor saying ” your going to sew your fingers together if you don’t slow down” My current machine is on it’s last leg. It would be “sew” very nice to have a new Singer machine. Tuesday Morning has such great deals on things that you can’t find at other stores. I shop at several different locations near my home!

  715. Reply DeAnn

    I Love Tuesday Morning and The Crafty Gemini!

  716. Reply Sharon Smith

    The Singer 4443 seems to be a good model for sewing tasks for Delaware’s Tall Ship Th Kalmar Nyckel. My other likely use would be the Saint Mark UMC Drama productions.

  717. Reply JUNECHRISTY


  718. Reply JAMIE SUMRALL




  719. Reply Carla

    I’d use it for pretty much anything!

  720. Reply Suzanne Lange

    Great sewing machine!

  721. Reply TrudyAn Peters

    Hello! I love this sewing machine. It not only unique, but it would fit best for sewing my quilts. Hooray to the Lucky person who wins!

  722. Reply Ellen

    Sounds like a great little entry level machine. Very intriguing that it can go through so much denim! Thanks for the short and sweet review!

  723. Reply Adegbola Jhulian

    It will be a dream come true

  724. Reply Karen Butler

    Love shopping at TM wish they were closer

  725. Reply Elizabeth Korf

    I would hem my jeans since it is heavy duty but I’d also make baby gifts like tag blankets, towel aprons, nursing covers, burp cloths and maybe attempt some simple baby cloths.

  726. Reply Marie

    Since I was in high school; I’ve always owned a Singer brand sewing machine. Your review was very thorough and helpful, since I am in the market for a new sewing machine.

  727. Reply Leslie

    This machine looks wonderful!

  728. Reply Marlene

    I love to sew, and Tuesday Morning is my number one store for quality and fabulous prices.

  729. Reply dora

    I really want to learn to use the sewing machine! My sisters do sew and do gorgeous things!

  730. Reply Paula

    I enjoy everything about sewing. Love to make children’s clothes, quilts, and household, such as drapes, valances, and chair coverings.

  731. Reply Yina Brown

    I love Tuesday Morning, I would like to win the Singer 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine for all my DIY projects.(costumes, curtains, clothes, etc). I sew since I am 10 years old and my sewing machine just broke.

  732. Reply Bonnie Arnold

    I would use the new sewing machine to make more items for the Dress A Girl project! The local group chapter has produced tens of thousands of dresses since it got started here several years ago. The basic idea is that making simple “pillow-case” style dresses and sending them to places where girls are often abused if it looks like no one cares about them can help them to be kept safe from child predators. A girl who has a dress that is obviously made for her and which provides some degree of modesty shows she is cared for and makes her less of a target for the slave trade or other kinds of abuse.

  733. Reply Kareem Carzan

    I am a fan of craft giveaway.

    I will enter giveaway.

  734. Reply Terry

    My mother sewed many of the clothes for her 5 children on her Singer sewing machine. When I was very young I was so proud of the love she showed me by making clothes for me to wear that I would even wear winter clothing in summer months. I was the eldest of the family, and one by one each child, even my brother, took turns learning basic sewing on her machine. I made clothes for college and even my wedding dress on our Singer. Now that I have 5 grandchildren, I would love to be able to sew some special outfits, curtains, etc. and create some wonderful memories for them by giving them creations of love from grandma, and teaching them how to sew as well. Thank you for making this contest available, and for the lovely memories a simple Singer machine has given me and my siblings.

  735. Reply Rita Enriquez

    I would love to win this beautiful brand new sewing machine! I want to teach my 16 year old daughter how to sew easy and simple projects for beginners. I would love this for her to begin. 🙂

  736. Reply Christina Trujillo

    Need a new machine badly

  737. Reply cindy soliz

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning

  738. Reply Kelly

    I just took my first sewing class and would love to be able to hem all my pants. I also would love to make curtains for my family room, bedroom and living room. I need to win this.

  739. Reply Carol

    My Singer just kicked the bucket, so you could say a new machine is on my bucket list!

  740. Reply Diane

    I love Tuesday mornings and Singer sewing machines. I would use this to sew quilts and things for my grandchildren.

  741. Reply Terry

    Need a sewing machine.

  742. Reply LaRonda


  743. Reply Carol

    This machine looks perfect for the RSVP After School Program’s Quilt Club at Newport, PA–sturdy, simple, able to handle batting and layered fabric.

  744. Reply Marie

    I’ve been curious as to how tough this little machine actually is. So I was glad to see your review and hear that it goes through 8 layers of denim. My hubby wants me to sew some seat covers etc… for the boat he is fixing up so I would love to have this machine just for that purpose.

  745. Reply Marie Cheek

    I’e been curious as to how heavy duty this machine is. I was glad to see in your review that it sews through 8 layers of denim. My hubby wants me to do some seat covers for a project he is working on and I was thinking of this machine for that very purpose. Thanks for giving us the chance to win the sewing machine.

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    Mine is over 45 years old.

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  750. Reply MaryEllen Taylor

    I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine and going back to sewing which I used to do. This machines sounds like a great entry point for that.

  751. Reply Stacy F.

    I would use this alter my clothes. To make them more tailored to my body

  752. Reply Grace Hink

    I love to sew. My mom taught me when I was around 10 and she and I still sew many things today. My Mom is now 99, yes 99 and she still sews. Singer is our first choice in a machine. We would love a new one so PICK me.

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    This would be perfect for a sewing ingénue… me! (:

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  756. Reply aditi

    I am going to give it to my MIL, she makes awesome dresses

  757. Reply Elaine

    Great evaluation of the machine. I especially appreciated the pro’s and con’s. It gave me the chance to decide whether I could tolerate the shortcomings. Thanks!

  758. Reply laura

    I would love this. I would be able to do so many crafty things! Dresses, costumes, quilts, market bags…..

  759. Reply Hannah

    Awesome! I’m in the market for my first sewing machine – thanks for providing an informative review!

  760. Reply Judith Doyle

    hope I win

  761. Reply Andrea

    I’d love to win!

  762. Reply Lisa P

    I would make some table skirts for my craft room and other fun stuff!

  763. Reply tammie

    i have been looking for my first sewing machine and i think i have found it!

  764. Reply nelda Polk

    Would like to win please. I love Tuesday mornings. There are times I spend hours looking at everything on every isle.

  765. Reply Chari Warner

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  766. Reply Andrea Riley

    I submitted on comments. I do love Tues. Miorning!

  767. Reply Patty Allen

    Love your store. Can never get out of there without finding at least 4-5 things.

  768. Reply kay

    great finds at fantastic prices, love the toy selection and craft supplies. my go to store for home supplies too

  769. Reply Esmeralda

    Love the way teach everything . I so glad that you do the best sewing machines reviews ever

  770. Reply Kim Larned

    With the holidays fast approaching this would be a great help to mrs. Santa (me)…..

  771. Reply Debra

    I would love to win this machine!!!

  772. Reply Madeline

    Crafts for things for my house

  773. Reply Chris

    I mostly quilt but do some craft projects so this machine would be very busy.

  774. Reply Cindy

    I would love to win this sewing machine for my granddaughter who is taking sewing lessons now. She always working on a sewing project of some kind and this would mean she could work on more than just small projects and move on to bigger and better projects.

  775. Reply Mindy

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  776. Reply Kellie Flewellen

    I hope I win this sewing machine!

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  786. Reply Teresa Organ

    I usually just have to fix things but I think that I would find something to make with this.

  787. Reply mary

    I hope I win! I like shopping at Tuesday Morning.

  788. Reply Dorothy

    Like Vanessa I started sewing & crafting as a child. I have taught sewing, arts & crafts and now Pre-School. I’m a volunteer costumer for a local theatre group, my school, dance groups and any other organization who requires my help. I need a heavy duty machine because I tend to wear mine out!

  789. Reply


  790. Reply stephanie torres

    Learning to sew, knit, crochet ~ taking back my quiet time. #TAMturns40

  791. Reply Dee

    Just made a big purchase yesterday at Tuesday Morning. Love finding unusual furnishings at great prices, as well as items that I had not even gone looking for. Always a surprise as to what I may find and never leave empty handed. So glad it’s not too far from where I live and never disappointed with my purchases.

  792. Reply Rosemarie

    I love sewing but it’s been a long time since I’ve done any sewing. I always enjoy the many great deals at Tuesday Morning, and I’ve been purchasing craft items a little at a time because of the great prices and always changing items to choose from. With the holiday season ahead, even more items are in stock and ready for me to create something special for my new little granddaughter! This sewing machine will be just the thing!

  793. Reply Lindsey

    I would love to use this sewing machine to make my Halloween costumes for years to come.

  794. Reply Renee

    I love Tuesday Morning too, you get some great buys there, and quality stuff. I am sewing a dust ruffle and bumper pad for my grandson that will be born soon, Already made him the comforter, a diaper bag, changing pad, burping clothes, and a bunting. I new sewing machine sure would make the job go smother, I am using a small machine that was my mothers. My machine isn’t working correctly and it is over 40 years old. So this would be a blessing.

  795. Reply constance

    Tuesday Morning is so much fun! Constance

  796. Reply Chanell Bethley

    I love Tuesday Morning very much. Winning this will make my year

  797. Reply Judy

    I love sewing and this Singer machine would take the place of my failing old one. Sewing would be such a pleasure with all that is offered on this one.

    Just today, I purchased a large suitcase from Tuesday Mornings. I try to visit the store each Wednesday after the shipments arrive.


  798. Reply KellyAnn

    What would I use the Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine for? Corsetry and Millinery projects that require a stronger machine than my little electronic sewing machine.

  799. Reply CKitson

    I just stared sewing and the old borrowed machine I’m learning on HATES me lol. I would love to win 🙂

    • Reply CKitson

      My SIL is having a baby girl (after 2 boys!) and I promised her a quilt!!!

  800. Reply Marcia Norwood

    I remember my grandmother’s sewing machine that you used your feet to pedal it to keep it going. My mother also had a Singer. It would be wonderful to have such an iconic machine that has lasted for decades!

  801. Reply rosemary

    Love shopping at TM, hove the wooden toys and the metal tops! Hope to win the autographed Singer!

  802. Reply Rosalind

    Just what I need since my six year granddaughter says she would like to start sewing. My machine is too old for such a special request!

  803. Reply Lauren Witherspoon

    I mainly crochet, but I would love to learn how to sew my own clothing and become more creative with my crochet pieces!

  804. Reply Pat

    This machine would be perfect for constructing denim quilts and purses that I make to donate to charitable causes!

  805. Reply Rebecca

    Love Tuesday Mornings! I found a clothing steamer there for a super low price. One of the parts to it broke years later so I contacted the the company (steamfast) about buying a replacement part and they sent me the part for free! Even though the prices are discounted they are just really good prices on excellent merchandise.

  806. Reply Ruth Bernstein

    I go to St. Stephens Shelter for Homeless Men in Minneapolis, MN once a week. Have gone for 8 years and I would use the machine to continue to make the repairs to the men’s clothing and other belongings. I have been making “sleep” pants from whatever fabric I can find, and scarves of pieces of polar fleece sewn together. I’ve made 2 “quilts” of the cut off hems and sleeves and my old machine is really getting tired. Also, I will give the machine to the Shelter if another volunteer comes to take my place when I “retire”. I just turned 79, but I will continue to sew and glue their posessions till who knows when. Thanks for your generosity, Ruth

  807. Reply Shamuna Malik

    I am not on face book or pinterest etc., I use only email to contact or follow any information. Please help those who are limited only for email account.. I tried to enter for the sewing machine contest by email, wonder if it went though.

  808. Reply Malik

    I went to Tuesday Morning store to buy the machine and was told that there were only 3 machines and were sold the same day. Now I want to enter the contest and don’t have face book or pinterest accounts and tried to enter by email, wonder if it went through.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Malik, If you gave us your email, you registered for the contest! You’re good to go and good luck!

  809. Reply Dee Lafrenz

    I would use it to sew Christmas gifts and decorations. I love sewing clothes, making pillows and I would make a rag quilt with this Singer. I love finding good quality items, like a plain pillow and adding trim, lace or ruffles to make it look like it was expensive. This machine would help release my creativity. Thanks for offering it!

  810. Reply Debra Zdenek

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  811. Reply Mary White

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  816. Reply joti baral

    my favorite store.

  817. Reply Gabriella C

    Not an avid sewer but im excited to learn!

  818. Reply Roz

    What a great giveaway, I have been wanting to get back to sewing more and this machine would be quite the incentive to get the craft room set up & get to work

  819. Reply Marla

    The last time I used a sewing machine was when I was in Freshmen year in High School. I would really like to win this and start with small projects like sewing a bag for my yoga mat. A friend of mine sews and she would help me start sewing crafts. So much to sew.

  820. Reply Marlie Ave

    love Tuesday morning

  821. Reply Jo

    I have been wanting to actually make doll clothes!

  822. Reply R. Mark Barnett

    I liked the way the machine worked in the video. My old Riccar has started to go South and this would make a great replacement. I think I am more likely to be hit by an asteroid than win this machine, but why not enter??

  823. Reply carrie

    I could really use this!

  824. Reply lauren

    I prefer to make clothes but I want one that can handle quilting too.

  825. Reply Brittney

    Would love to win this sewing machine :), I am a mommy with two little girlies, so lots of fun stuff to create!!!

  826. Reply Sandra Zumbrun

    I would use the Singer 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine for making baby and children items for grandchildren like clothing, costumes, quilts and so much more!

  827. Reply Andrea Riley

    I’m handicapped but make stuffed animals for children in the hospital. This would help me so much, as my machine is so old. God bless you for this opportunity!

  828. Reply Mirielle Smith

    OH WOW! I LOVE THIS! I’ve never owned a sewing machine. It was something my grandma tried teaching me when I was a little girl, but after she passed away I didn’t have any one to teach me. Now that I’m 25, and getting ready to start a family. I would love to teach my daughter – finish what my grandma started! WINNING THIS WOULD BE AMAZING & SUCH A BLESSING FOR ME!

    #TUESDAYMORNING – so happy you are giving this opportunity for people! LOVE YOUR STORE! WISH YOU HAD MORE LOCATIONS!

    #CRAFTYGEMINI – I LOVE THAT YOU DEMONSTRATED THIS! I don’t know you, but I completely trust you with sewing! YOU ROCK!

  829. Reply Teri

    I have been out looking for a sewing machine for the past month now and then I came upon this after having shopped in a Tuesday Morning store last Sunday! I just signed up for the Tuesday Morning Perks and it sure would be nice to win this. I have 6 skirts waiting to be hemmed by hand and this sewing machine would make it so much easier for me to finish, quickly!!

  830. Reply Carrie

    I was forced to sale my 3 Singer machines to pay for medical resulting from Cancer surgery. I love sewing, I miss it, and it was a way for me to earn much needed money sewing Home Décor items. That’s why I would appreciate winning the Singer 4443.

  831. Reply Ana

    I would love to win this sewing machine so I could make purses with all the old jeans I have.

  832. Reply Cassandra

    I really hope I win! I have so many sewing projects I have wanted to try! 🙂

  833. Reply Nichole Nash

    I would love to win this for my sister. She use to sew when we were growing up and she was really good at it. So I would like to win this for her to help her bring the creativity that’s within her back out and by faith I receive it.

  834. Reply Stephanie

    I love Tuesday Morning!

  835. Reply Dietrich Chavous

    Dear Vanessa,

    I would love to know what your 14 sewing machines are, their make and models. I’m always on the lookout for good sewing machines.

    Thanks for your time.


  836. Reply magda shafer

    I am not sure I have successfully entered this. Have not gotten the usual thanks for entering.

  837. Reply Betty Darelus

    Im a newbeginner, who always wanted a sewing machine from I was a kid. I would love to sew my very own clothing.

  838. Reply Roanna

    Does this store sell Kenmore sewing machines? I seen a clip on Youtube recommending this store. Thanks ..

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Roanna, We no longer carry that model.

  839. Reply gotsweetpea

    Really TM are ya all too busy to remove this expired contest from the web page.

    Disappointed customer

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Gotosweetpea, Sorry for any confusion! The blog is still live because the review is very useful to our readers. The contest has the winner’s name listed below and is in fact closed. If you’re looking to enter one of our contests, we’ll have another one live on Friday!

  840. Reply Daisy

    Hi, I would like to know where I can buy this sewing machine?

  841. Reply feliz arias

    Would like to buy one of your kenmore. Sewing machines

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Feliz,
      Please contact your local store for more information on their sewing machines for sale in stores. Happy shopping!

      • Reply JP

        Your review mentions that this machine does not have a needle up/down button. Can the needle position be controlled by turning the hand wheel? Or is it exclusively controlled by pressure on the foot pedal? Thank you for the information.

  842. Reply Shirley Ann Lutz

    I have made well over 100 quilts in a 15 yr. span of time, and this particular Singer sewing Machine is truly a wonderful machine for almost any type of sewing one chooses to do. I am especially fond of Singer products and have had a 403 for many years, that sewed many items for me down through the years.

    I would be absolutely thrilled to win this gorgeous Singer Sewing Machine!!

  843. Reply JP

    Your review mentions that there is no needle up/down button. Is it possible to control the needle by turning the hand wheel? Or is it exclusively controlled by the foot pedal on this machine? Thank you for the information.

  844. Reply Shirley Ann Lutz

    I have long been a good fan of all Singer products. My first Singer Sewing Machine was a 99K. i WAS A NEW BRIDE back in 1954, and this was a welcome gift from my husband on my birthday. I used that machine for a couple of years and really made some nice items with it, Well then, a Singer salesman knocked on my door one morning and introduced me to the Singer 403 and this sewing machine won my heart, as I made clothes for my entire family with it. I especially loved making quilts with it!! I actually made well over 100 quilts in a 15 year span of time with my 403 Singer. The button hole maker produced truly professional button holes for any garment. I can’t say enough good things about any Singer product, and I would love to win this one also, to add to my collection of sewing machines. i just had to add my comment to some great productsi

  845. Reply Hung Hoang

    I teach sewing and have used this machine with my students. It sews very well and is easy to use. I would love to win one to have a machine for dedicated student use full time.

  846. Reply nellie diaz

    i,m very in press with the way this beauty sews through all the layers like nothing ,super fast and the stitches look good ,thats where i judge my sewing machines by the look of sewn stitches, this one i would like to win ,to take with me on trips or classes ,looks like a light weight sewing machine easy to travel with . hope i,m the lucky new owner of this sewing machine thank you Tuesday Morning for a wonderful give- away. crossing my fingers for this prize

  847. Reply sayphinh thongkhamvanh

    I wood love to have this singer machine

  848. Reply Brenda

    I decided to buy this machine after watching the video. It will definitely meet my needs- hemming denim and making drapery. Here is the best part… it can be mounted in my existing sewing cabinet with a $15 dollar kit I ordered from Singer !!!!! This is the only new machine I have been able to find that fits in a cabinet. A sewing machine repair shop wanted $300. for a 20 yr. old machine that would fit the cabinet.

  849. Reply Guero Herera


    Im interested in purchasing some items in your facility but firstly i we like to know if this possible

    1:can you send to Guatemala
    2:Do you accept private pick up
    3:Do you have POS machine to charge credit card and accept master and visa credit card payment ?

    Kindly email me if this is possible with out any i can send you the list of items i wanted to purchase

    I will await your reply Asap,

    Best Regards

    Guero Herera
    Herera Supply Inc

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Guero! Thanks for your interest in our store. Unfortunately, we do not ship products. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

  850. Reply Pamelia Carlisle

    Iam 61 years old and I have been getting frustrated at the cheap way they are putting machines together. The circuit boards are good but all yhat plastic has to go I am so tired of buying parts and parts are high then about a month later they break again. so I started getting heavy duty sewing machines My singer will be in by Friday I love the speed on this machine I wonder how many times I have repaired the hems of jeans ,I had to help it go over the humps but this machine handles it like a pro This is very important to me because Of have done 100s of jeans I like the 1 step button holer and the rest This machine is perfect and hopefully my customers will be happy with my work I liked and shared your machine and I hope to win Thank you Pam