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September Product Highlights

Check out some of our favorite products from this month’s circular!

Singer Sewing Machine

With the SINGER 4443 Heavy Duty sewing machine you can get professional results in no time! The extra-high sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute means you can plow through projects 30% faster than a standard sewing machine. The stainless steel bed plate enables smooth fabric flow and the heavy-duty interior metal frame ensures skip-free sewing. With an easy threading system with instructions printed right on the machine and an automatic needle threader, set-up is simple. The top-drop in bobbin with clear view cover allows for easy bobbin access and monitoring of bobbin thread supply. Creative features like 23-built-in stitches including a fully automatic 1-step buttonhole and the drop feed function for free-motion stitching empower you to add a unique finish to your projects. Three needle positions provide you with options for topstitching or piping. With just the turn of the dial your stitch is chosen. Then use the adjustable stitch length & width dials to get the optimal stitch settings for your fabric.

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BONUS Heavy Duty Accessories are specially designed for your toughest projects. Use the Even Feed/Walking Foot when sewing layers of bulky fabric for consistent fabric feeding from the top and bottom of the fabric. The Non-Stick Foot is perfect when sewing vinyl, leather and vegan leather. The Clearance Plate is a must-have when sewing over denim seams or when replacing needles. The Heavy Duty #16 needles are essential when working with canvas, denims and upholstery.

Click here for a product demo.

Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley is celebrating 40 years, and we are bringing you these exclusive closeouts on discontinued styles.

Founded in 1973, by Mary Ella Gabler, Peacock Alley has a long tradition of making the bedroom a place that speaks comfort, peace and happiness with our luxury bedding products. Credited with establishing the luxury linen market in the United States, Gabler predicted the bedroom would become a multipurpose space for living, working, relaxing and sleeping. The bedroom today has become exactly what Mary Ella foresaw!

She saw a void in the market and set out to develop a line of fashionable bedding collections that would appeal to stylish consumers looking to dress their bedroom the same way they dressed themselves: in natural fibers, classic silhouettes and pleasing colors.

Today, the Peacock Alley bed and bath line is an ode to Mary Ella’s sense of personal classic style. Every bath towel, bed sheet and sham exudes a sense of indulgence, a sense of chic style and most of all, a place of comfort. From chic luster to earthy texture, the Peacock Alley story speaks to anyone hoping to express their sense of self in their surroundings

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Nicole Miller Luggage

Nicole Miller is a fashion designer who blends timeless design with an eclectic modern sensibility. She draws inspiration from a wide range of influences including cinema, contemporary art and mid-20th century architecture.

She brings her strong sense of aesthetics and quality to the design of these wheeled carry-on luggage. Whether you choose the 20″ City Satchel or Under-the-Seat bag, both boast plenty of room for storage.




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Tuesday Morning

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  1. Reply dodi doelling

    I love the NEW tuesday Morning….I am a designer and have been so vey impressed!!!! I live 90 miles from a store and it is aways my first stop. I am dong a home 1.000 miles away and keep sending them to Tuesday Morning!!

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Dodi, love that you’re liking the recent changes we’ve been making lately. Thanks so much for your comment and see you in store soon!

  2. Reply June Boxmeyer

    Your prices are way too high! You are competing with Marshall’s, Ross, Home Goods, Steinmart and Kirkland. If your prices were lower you would have more customers who would start buying! Just because you have merchandise that is supposedly high end from dept stores – if it didn’t sell in the dept store and your discount isn’t that much, why do you think it would sell in your store? Seriously, you need to check out the other stores and I am sure you would see that you need to lower prices to get people inside!

    • Reply Charla Doughty

      I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning for over 30 years during which the store has moved from a warehouse to boutique stores all over the country. Of course, the stores you name are viable discount shopping but for me, nothing beats Tuesday Morning. Here I can count on getting cookware, linens, scrapbook supplies and my favorite is always the gourmet food items. I haven’t bought spaghetti sauce at the grocery in years! My small store in Lufkin, Texas is neat, well arranged and clean: characteristics I cannot count on in other discount outlets. Thanks TM, you are my go to shopping experience no matter where I travel.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi June! Thanks for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing from our customers and take your feedback very seriously. After 40 years in business, we find that the brands and quality of product which is represented in our stores is what our customers are looking for. Our buying team is always closely examining prices and the market to ensure that we are bringing quality goods and enhanced values to our stores. We apologize that our prices haven’t met your expectations.

  3. Reply Mona Lynn

    Glad to hear about the new stores and what’s in them!

  4. Reply Nancy Haines

    Tuesday Morning is a very favorite place to shop. We had one in Hicksvill which is almost center Long Island, NY …so hoping they will consider another location near soon. Traveling right now, not as much to one out further. We would love to see one happen soon in perhaps one of the strip malls here in Hicksville…so affordable rent.

  5. Reply Elizabeth

    I have been shopping at Tuesday morning for about 15 years. The stores have varied from state to state. Some big, some small. Some organized, some not so organized. For about 12 of those 15 years I was always finding some great buys and deep discounts, at each visit. I’ve noticed just in the last 3 years, and even more in the last year, this chain is starting to look a lot like all the other cookie cutter discount stores- home goods, tj maxx and Marshall’s. Looks like there have been changes at the corporate level in the last year, that may be the catalyst to this change. Not so many good finds these days. Prices are not as deep a discount in the earlier days. The big gain I see right now is not for the consumer, it’s the huge profit that has taken place at the corporate level. Good for them to have acquired shares at low prices, raised their consumer prices and over time, stock prices tripled. Corporate, how about sharing some of your profits with the consumer? I’ll be buying less if this pattern continues. Sorry to see this happening to a company that was always fun to find a great bargain.

  6. Reply Alice

    What’s the big deal about being a “frequent buyer” at your stores ? I’ve signed up a couple of years ago as I was furnishing a Cottage I spent thousands of dollars and no reward for being a loyal customer !! So what ? …I get an extended return policy and lots of junk mail !
    That’s not a way to reward your customers .. Plus I shop frequently and some of the
    merchandise has been in OUR particular store FOR YEARS,,,( I will say it appears they have begun to start clearing it out and the store is nicer …but the Really great deals you must send to larger metro areas )
    I actually like The Company ,however just had to let you know all my friends feel the same way !
    Again, The cost of adding that extra piece of plastic to my key chain is not worth the trouble
    So …you get my buying history I get ” an email ” and a few extra days on returns”. : beginning to be NOT enough to keep me there!
    Ok got that off my chest ! Thx

    • Reply Jolynn

      I feel the same as Alice. There is no benefit to that plastic card. It’s a joke. I have spent thousands. Also I would like to say that when ever I need to use the restroom in your stores the added bonus of making me feel like a child having to track down a clerk to get a key with some huge ornament attached is just huminliating. High end stores don’t treat their customers that way. So I guess TM likens it’s self to a gas station on a rough side of town in that way.

  7. Reply may phan

    I love to shop at TM, but the sale items are always sold out at every store not just one store, it is very disappointed.

  8. Reply Marjorie wilkinson

    wanted to order this Nichole Miller under the seat bag local stores out of how to order?

  9. Reply ysl clutch bag price

    Many designs were accessoried with brightly coloured bags, produced in Kenya by female micro-entrepreneurs who live in the slums of Nairobi, under an International Trade Centre project, in conjunction with the UN and World Trade Organization, which Westwood is a passionate supporter of.

  10. Reply Gloria S

    My family & friends stopped asking me the question “where did you get that” because they know the answer is usually “Tuesday Morning” & the manager of the Fargo store (Charlie) really knows her stuff! It’s such a fun place to go & I if I don’t find what I’m looking for I come back a week or two later & eventually do…at a great price & great quality!

  11. Reply Maree Noal

    I love to go into TM as I always find good buys I don’t understand some of these gals that say your items are not as reasonable wow! I should let them borrow my new glasses!
    I can’t wait to go see what is new all the time and the clerks are so nice also. You have better prices then most stores I have shopped in and this is in Florida. Sometimes people are hard to please I think. I never was born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I think I am getting a good buy at TM in fact I don’t just think I am I KNOW I AM !
    So keep up the good work and keep bringing in the nice items you have been I am very very pleased !!

    Thank you very kindly for putting up with the gripers. That is sad not to be thankful for all the bargains you get at TM I sure am and thank you again!

  12. Reply Maria Miller

    Love the Store in Athens, Alabama. It is super clean and shows Class .Love the design , and tell my Friends about it .The People are always friendly and helpful all time LOVE IT

  13. Reply Lisa Teague

    Please consider opening a store near Westborough or the Worcester area of Massachusetts. I was a loyal shopper of Tuesday Morning in the south and Nevada when I lived in these areas respectively. Now that I live here in North Grafton, MA I miss your stores. There isn’t one anywhere near me. I am pretty sure you would do well here.