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Preparing for Weekend Summer Travel

We partnered with Keryn Means, travel writer, influencer and blogger of Walking On Travels, to see how she used luggage and summer travel products from Tuesday Morning to pack up for a weekend getaway.

Summer is upon us and with it comes a whole slew of things to do. No matter your age, if you have kids or not, our brains go into summer break mode. We crave half days on Fridays, so we can head to the beach early. Our kids beg to stay at the pool just five more minutes, even when their bellies are growling. Most of all, we look forward to those long summer weekend getaways we look forward to all winter long as we shovel out of the latest snow storm.

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Weeklong trips to the beach with the family have their own unique packing list, but a weekend summer getaway is when you get to have fun. Summer travel allows you to leave the boots and heavy layers at home and pack light. Before a recent trip to the beach, I popped into Tuesday Morning for a new carry-on spinner (those four wheels are essential these days!) and a cute tote to carry my things. There is no need to pay baggage fees for a simple weekend getaway.


I fell in love with the saturated turquoise colored 21” international carry-on, hard shell spinner. It reminded me of that perfect deep water blue you find in the Caribbean. When I saw the canvas tote with the pink hibiscus flower, I just knew I’d found the travel set for my weekend getaway!


Now all I needed was a few key ingredients (I mean summer travel necessities) to put in my new bags.

I had my hard shell suitcase. I found a fabulous Christian Lacroix cosmetic bag that could hold my razor, soap, shampoo, conditioner, face cream and most importantly, my sunscreen. My toiletries were now taken care of. All I had to do was throw in a pair of flip-flops, a cute dress, a swimsuit, a few tanks tops and a pair of shorts and I was set for my beach holiday.

Now about that tote bag…


I like a lot of entertainment when I travel. My kids are constantly destroying my headphones, so I picked up a new, much more sturdy pair, of non-tangle earbuds, as well as a 6-port USB charger. Trust me. No one looks more like a superhero than the gal who rolls up at the charging station at the airport and can suddenly double the capacity for all around her. You make friends fast that way, and it helps a lot when your hotel doesn’t have adequate outlets.

A fun travel journal and some colored pencils or dual-tipped markers are also a must so you can chronicle your journey. Throw in a water bottle, a few snacks, and a good book on your tablet and you are ready to go.


Summer travel doesn’t have to be stressful and certainly shouldn’t weigh you down. Less is always more in the summer. Focus on light layers, flat shoes and stay light on the accessories. Now all you have to do is decide where you will go this summer.

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