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How To Make Post-Holiday Leftover Meals in Five Easy Steps

Blogger Beau Coffron of Lunchbox Dad has some great tips for turning the remainders of your holiday feast into delicious leftover meals!

You know that feeling the day after you have a big party or the holiday celebrations are over? You have all these leftovers, but the last thing your family wants to do is eat the same exact meal that you stuffed yourselves on the day before. Not only that, but who wants to do a bunch of dishes again so soon after the big party? What you need are some ideas to turn yesterday’s leftovers into today’s easy and amazing meal. Here is my favorite leftover recipe to turn any meat into your favorite new day after taco dish!

1. Prep the meat in a matter of minutes.

Take out your leftover turkey, ham, prime rib, chicken or whatever other meat you served for your celebration. Shred it up or chop it into bite size pieces. Use meat claws like these to accomplish this in a snap! Heat up in microwave.


2. Bring out a few other ingredients to go with the leftover meat.

For these tacos, all I used to accompany the meat is soft taco sized flour tortillas, grape tomatoes, avocados, radishes, cilantro, and lime wedges. However, you could also use shredded cheese, salsa, and sour cream.


3. Serve all the food family style.

Let your family do the work of constructing their own tacos at the table, or even set up a “build your own taco bar” with all the ingredients listed above.


4. Use disposable dishes for everything.

If you are like me, you’ve spent 40,000 hours in the kitchen by the time a family celebration is finished. The last thing you want to do is rewash all the dishes you just cleaned the day before. Make sure to stock up on some nicer disposable plates, serving dishes, and silverware. The place setting in the picture above is a great example. Buying the upgraded dishes looks really nice, but it also gives you the option to wash it if you find a supply of extra energy, or just throw it out.


5. Gather everyone’s holiday snacks to make an easy appetizer or dessert.

You know all those prepackaged snacks that people get as gifts over the holidays? Don’t save them for later, use them right away for an easy appetizer or dessert option. Dump everything into separate bowls then let your family pick out a mixture of their favorites. It couldn’t be easier!


So don’t dread the next day after a big celebration, just put your leftovers to good use and turn them into simple and stunning leftover meals! Your family will love it and it will save you time and energy to actually enjoy the day after the big party.

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  1. Reply Berlin Tillery

    Hi I noticed that in your suggestion about chopping meat in the METAL meat claws and then putting it in the microwave, might seem to some, that you are suggesting putting the meat and METAL claws in the microwave!! Just thought I would mention it. Could be a problem. Happy New Year!!!

  2. Reply Sheila L. Marcus

    What a neat post from a dad and for Tuesday Morning to pick up on! The dad’s suggestions to other dads is a great idea. I thought , immediately, of a dad who was in the medical field, but one day, unexpectedly, he found himself a single father with three children to raise by himself. He used FB for needed support, confidence, suggestions when he felt overwhelmed!

    Tuesday Morning is like my “Fun Place” to hop. Yesterday, I had an appointment, and I was early. My choice was: to eat something in one of the restauants, nearby, or go into Tuesday Morning even though I couldn’t think of anything that I needed nor wanted. I decided on Tuesday Morning, and I had so much fun! I was in the store in Southampton, PA, in the Southampton Shopping Center. I had a time limit.because of my appointment, nearby. I left with a number of bags, and I found gifts, things for myself, and I had fun mingling with other shoppers! I just wish, Tuesday Morning would have coupons, or special discounts, like Rite Aid Drugstores do for customers , like me, who spend a certain amount of money which puts them in the 20% discount! Also, I miss the baby clothes, childre’s clthes, women’s nightwear, jackets, coats, and more of a variety of books! I love Tuesday Morning, the idea of TWEETS. I think supporting the Dad’s post is excellent! Didn’t check for typos because print on my iPad is too small! LOL

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Thanks for the kind words, Sheila! We’re so happy to hear you’re a fan of the store! Have you signed up to receive our emails yet? You can be first in-the-know about fabulous new products and promotions at Tuesday Morning by signing up here:!

  3. Reply Simone

    I just purchased $83 worth of kitchen items for a wedding gift. I have spent nearly an hour and a half scraping, rubbing, washing and ruining my nails attempting to get your price stickers off the assortment of coffee mugs, cutting boards, wine glasses and the other items I purchased! Why is it so important to use cement-like adhesive on your price stickers???

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you, Simone! Over the past year, we did switch our tags to industry standard, less adhesive stickers. We hope you’ll give us another chance!

  4. Reply Nancy mcallister

    I love Tuesday morning. But the labels you put on glassware is very difficult to remove. Spent too much time removing stickers from 8 bowls. Not fun….any suggestions.

    • Reply Hough

      To make those price stickers on glassware easier to remove: Wet the stickers thoroughly with any salad oil; rub it in, let it sit for a few minutes. Wet a piece of paper towel with some more salad oil, and start rubbing. It will take a little time, but all the sticker will be removed with no damage to the glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, whatever is waterproof.