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It’s Pool Party Time!

When the dog days of summer roll around, you’ve exhausted your summer bucket list, and everyone’s counting the days until school starts back, nothing beats a good pool party. Today I’ve got some pool party games, décor, and food inspiration to share with you, along with some clever ideas for re-purposing old pool noodles after the swim season is over.

More than Marco Polo

Personally, my idea of a good time in the pool involves a nice float and a nap! But you know how kids and teens can be…it isn’t enough to just splash around. I’ve found that it’s a good idea to suggest a couple of games to get the kids started, and before long, they’re usually inventing their own games!


Pool noodle jousting is always a hit at our house. Each “knight” sits on a float (the “horse”) with a pool noodle. The other kids (or parents!) act as the horsepower, pushing the floats towards each other while the knights try to knock each other off with their pool noodles.


Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun! Diving for “buried treasure” is another game that my kids love. We toss coins in the pool and have the kids race to collect the most coins. Since our kids are working on their diving and underwater swimming skills, this game is a great way for them to practice those skills without even thinking about it!


When the kids need some downtime from being in the pool, why not have them make their own sailboats from empty water bottles, cardboard, and other household items? Once the sailboats are finished, they can race their creations in the pool until it’s time to dive back in!

Fun and Simple Food and Décor Ideas

Whether you’re ready to flex your party planner muscle or just looking to make things as simple as possible, there are plenty of food and décor options for an end-of summer pool party.

If you’ve got the moxie, extend your pool party theme to your menu and food display!


I just love these cute croissant sandwiches—they look just like little crabs!


I’m sure kids would love scooping snacks from these beach pails!

The pool is the main attraction, so your party décor doesn’t have to be a chore. Just a few of the right touches can make a big difference!


I can’t get over these super cute pool luminaries made with pool noodles and flameless tea lights. What a fun way to light up the pool as evening sets in!


Beach towels neatly rolled and displayed in pretty planters do double duty as a nice amenity for your guests and a stylish bit of décor.


Let the kids help with the party prep by giving them papier mache letters to paint and cover with glitter or sequins. Use them as table decorations!

Upcycle Old Pool Noodles

I love to repurpose things in clever ways…and let me tell you, I had NO idea that there were so many great alternative uses for pool noodles! Here are a couple of my favorite ideas for putting those pool noodles to use after summer.


Use lengths of pool noodles as inserts to keep your boots upright and prevent creasing!


Aerate your plants’ roots and save on potting soil by putting cut-up pieces of a pool noodle at the bottom of the pot.

We’ve got plenty more ideas and inspiration on our latest Pinterest board, Everyone Loves a Pool Party! Have you got a fun pool party idea that you’d like to share? Leave me a comment and let me know! In the meantime, stay cool!




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      I would like to know how you make the cute croissant sandwiches. I am not sure what you put inside them OR WHAT THE EYES ARE MADE FROM