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My Pet’s Most #TreasuredGift

Ever wonder what your pet would declare as their favorite #TreasuredGift if asked? Check out which gifts are most PUPular with the blogger of DogTipper and CatTipper, Paris Permenter’s pets!

We all have memories of our favorite childhood gifts from our parents. I remember my favorite unwrapping moments, from my first bicycle to my first typewriter.

But pet parents often wonder just what holiday gifts their pets would declare their favorites if asked. What gift can you give your pet that would be considered their most #TreasuredGift? With over half of pets now receiving holiday gifts, you may be wondering what item you should purchase for your pet this season.

With two dogs and four cats in our family, we know that the answers – while certainly different from animal to animal and definitely from species to species, have one thing in common. All pets, big dogs or small, mixed breed or purebred, indoor cats or outdoor, all want safety and security. The love and the gifts that they receive from us make them feel safe and secure in their homes.

Providing that sense of safety and security means caring for your pet’s needs: food, comfort—and fun. Here’s a look at my favorite gift items to buy for our furry family, ones I picked up at my Tuesday Morning store! (Find your local Tuesday Morning store with this handy store finder.)

Toys: The holidays are synonymous with toys—and that holds true for our dogs and cats, too! Our pets have different interests when it comes to toys. Tiki loves squeakers. Irie likes snuggly plush toys. Lucky loves toys that make a lot of noise, like a track ball; the Petmate Crazy Circle cat toy was at our local Tuesday Morning store. Inca, Coco, and Linus enjoy catnip-scented toys.


Bedding: Nothing says home like snuggling in your own bed at night. Tuesday Morning has a wide assortment of bed sizes and styles. Is your dog a back sleeper? Or does your dog prefer to snuggle up to a pillow and curl up when snoozing, like our Irie? Look for bolster beds. If your dog is a back sleeper, like our Tiki, look for large, flat beds. And for cats, cozy beds like this Aspen Pet bed give them the chance to curl up on chilly days. I also love large crate mats, flat beds that are great for traveling with your dogs or for sharing between multiple cats! The Terry and Suede Nap Mat crate mat, with its bone stitched detail, was a great price at Tuesday Morning. Our 15-year-old cat Linus loves the large mat that we placed right in front of our TV, so he can be the center of attention.


Treats: Many of my favorite holiday memories involve baked goodies—and it’s fun to make new memories with your pets with special holiday treats as well. I love USA-made treats with healthy ingredients; Tuesday Morning has a wide selection of healthy treats for both dogs and cats. Our dog Tiki loved the Kaleb’s Organics Cranberry Coconut Cookie treats. Our cat Inca was crazy about the dehydrated liver treats.

Chews: Ask our lab/coonhound mix Irie what her most #TreasuredGift is and she’d no doubt say chews! This girl LOVES to chew so I’m always looking for healthy, USA-made chews for her to enjoy. Our local Tuesday Morning had inexpensive mint-flavored dental chews available, meaning that I could pick up multiple boxes instead of just one!


Scratchers: Cats love to scratch to sharpen their claws, mark their territory with scent glands located on their paws, and to get in a good stretch. Scratching also helps relieve holiday stress (and gives your cat a place besides your Christmas tree for claw sharpening!) We recently picked up a Majestic Pet Kitty Casita cat tree, complete with a sisal scratching post and our 18-month-old kitten Lucky has declared it his own! The “cat cave” at the base gives him a fun place to hide, too!


Interactive Feeders: The holidays mean mealtime and, like us, those meals are best when savored instead of rushed through, right? You can prolong the fun of your pet’s meal with an interactive feeder, one that you fill with your pet’s typical kibble or with treats. I picked up the Booda Hunt-a-Treat food puzzle at Tuesday Morning. I placed a cup of our cats’ typical kibble inside, and the unique design challenged our cats to “hunt” for their meal by fishing out pieces of food through the openings. Our cat Coco is a fast eater so this toy was her most #TreasuredGift. When it was empty, she sat beside it and looked at me, ready to play again! Similarly you’ll find stuffable feeders for dogs, great for filling with your dog’s favorite food. Cap the ends with peanut butter and freeze the treat to make the fun extra long lasting (great for keeping your dog occupied while you’re busy with holiday company!)


What do you think YOUR pet’s most #TreasuredGift is? Share your own #TreasuredGift story or photo on FacebookTwitter or Instagram by November 16 at 11:59PM CST for the chance to win a $200 TuesdayMorning gift card. No purchase necessary. Official Rules.

Get more holiday gift ideas from the #TreasuredGift pinboard!

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Featured Products: Petmate Crazy Circle $9.99 (compare at $17.99); Aspen Pet Bed $14.99 (compare at $29.99); Terry and Suede Nap Mat $16.99 (compare at $34.99); Kaleb’s Organics Cranberry Coconut Cookie Treats $4.99 (compare at $7.99); Dehydrated Liver Treats $3.99 (compare at $9.99); Mint-flavored Dental Chews $7.99 (compare at $24.99); Majestic Pet Kitty Casita Cat Tree $19.99 (compare at $39.99); Booda Hunt-a-Treat $6.99 (compare at $14.99)

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  1. Reply Sonia IP Carvalho

    My beautiful and much loved Chihuahua Tiny would say “I wish I were a human so I would spend all my free time shopping at Tuesday Morning!” My mommy have bought me cute, fun and interesting dog stuff through the years and she always said “look Titi – my nickname when she is not upset with me for doing something wrong – “i bought this at Tuesday Morning”. She even took me shopping with her a couple of times at Tuesday Morning.

    When friends of my mom’s come for a visit with their four paws friends, I can see how curious or jealous they are of my stuff. They always ask me where my mommy got them and I proudly say Tuesday Morning!

    I wish all mommies of four paws friends would shop at Tuesdsy Morning! Happy Holidays everyone!

  2. Reply Jane McCulley

    I love Tuesday Morning! I find things there that are so special to give my family and friends!

  3. Reply Joyce Ellison

    My dog is a yellow lab and her name is Maggie Moo, like the ice cream. She has a lot of toys all over the house like a 2 year old. I purchased at Tuesday Morning, the cutest toy container ever. It has a saying on it, “My favorite child has 4 legs”. She loves getting her toys out of there and all visitors get such a kick out of the saying on. Especially, my grown children. I love shopping at Tuesday Morning and always find such unique, affordable items there.

  4. Reply lucy brasher

    Great idea for my my cat Sox.
    I shop Tuesday Mornings all the time and love it