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Personalized Presents for the Kitchen

Blogger Jamie Dorobek of C.R.A.F.T. explains how to create simple, useful and personalized kitchen gifts for the holidays!

Handmade gifts are my favorite kind of gift to give and receive. Painted wooden utensils are a simple and useful gift that any teacher, neighbor or girlfriend would be delighted to unwrap. The hand painted wooden spoons would be extra cute if you had the kids help make them and gave them as a gift to Grandma. Best of all, you only need 2 things to make these personalized kitchen gifts: Paint pens and wooden kitchen utensils. I picked up a pack of 3 paint dipped wooden utensils at Tuesday Morning. That’s right, the red and green you see on the base of the handles was already there. I just added the doodles!


Any kind of paint marker will do the trick. For the striped look, I used a green, gold and red paint marker to add simple stripes and dots. There is a trick: Let each color dry completely before moving on to the next. I like to make these assembly line style. If you know you want to make 5 sets of wooden utensils, grab your gold paint pen and make gold stripes on 5 green utensils. That way by the time you have completed all of the gold stripes, the first spoon will be dry and you can continue with a green stripe!


Writing words on spoons is pretty simple, and I promise even if you think your have ugly handwriting, you can make a cursive word look awesome! For these spoons, keep the word between 3-7 letters. Words like “joy,” “peace,” “love,” “merry” and “bright” are all fun options. You could also use someone’s last name or a special date. Another tip for making pretty words is to go over the letters multiple times letting the paint dry in between each session. This way you can make letters thicker in places and ensure that each letter is fully colored in.


Don’t be afraid to go back and add extra details, like the green dots you see below.


Another fun thing about handmade gifts is that they can so easily be personalized. You can make holiday themed utensils or consider adding fun shapes and colors that go with the recipient’s home and can be used all year long! For an extra special touch, wrap up the utensils in a holiday kitchen towel, and tie a red ribbon around it to hold it all together!

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Jamie Dorobek

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What I love to write about: Creating Really Awesome Free Things, of course! With a healthy dose of my kids and husband thrown in there too!

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  1. Reply Hervoline Pearson

    I work with Seniors doing crafts. I think they will enjoy this activity. Nice idea.

  2. Reply Teresa

    Nice…always looking for ideas. Thank you

  3. Reply jennifer

    How cute, simple and beig impact. What Nonie, MeMe or grandmaw wouldn’t love these and use them!!!!

  4. Reply Ellie Flackman

    Please bring our store back to the Layton, UT area. We always shopped your store for Christmas and all year round.. PLease….

  5. Reply Sandra Pilarski

    Love,love my Tuesday Morning store!!! I go at least once a week whether I need anything or not! I’ve never left empty handed!!! Great finds!!!