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What to Pack for Your Summer Trip

It’s not too late for one more summer escape! Go ahead, sneak in an extra getaway before the dog days of summer come to an end. Whether you’ll be seeking adventure, relaxing on the beach or hitting the road for a cross-country trip, we’ve gathered up a little inspiration for you to bring along on your next vacation. Need help selecting the perfect suitcase before you get started? Take our Luggage Style Quiz to find the one that fits your needs, and then explore our top picks below for what to pack inside your bag. Travel on!

Road Trip:

Planning to spend a few hours (or days) on the road this summer? Make getting there more than half the fun by stocking up on boredom-banishing products to match your favorite hobby!


1. Noise isolation headphones $5.99 (compare at $19.99), 2. Band-It bracelets $6.99 (compare at $12.99), 3. Pick ’n’ mix jewelry making kit $6.99 (compare at $14.99), 4. Superwash extra-fine merino yarn $3.99 each (compare at $9), 5. USB car charger + cable $3.99 (compare at $12.99), 6. Long loom set $4.99 (compare at $20.49). Featured bag: Nicole Miller designer suitcase $69.99 (compare at $260).

Beach Bound:

When you need a little sand between your toes, nothing beats a day at the beach. Just grab a tote bag, a colorful towel, sunglasses and a few other essentials — don’t forget the sunscreen!


1. Maybelline Baby Lips balm $1.99 each (compare at $2.99), 2. Michael Kors sunglasses $59.99 (compare at $118), 3. Mask and snorkel set $11.99 (compare at $19.99), 4. Swim goggles/ear plugs/nose clips set $1.99 (compare at $3.99), 5. Straw fedora $9.99 (compare at $28). Featured bag: Beach tote bag $19.99 (compare at $58).

Family Vacation:

In between creating memories on your next family vacation, keep everyone entertained and energized with portable games and snacks made to take on the go.


1. Sour worms candy $2.99 (compare at $4.99), 2. Pralines $4.99 (compare at $9.99), 3. Color-n-Carry games and puzzles book $2.99 (compare at $4.99), 4. Salt water taffy $2.99 (compare at 5.99), 5. Molly & Rex notebook $1.99 (compare at $4). Featured bag: Atlantic 4-wheel spinner $79.99 (compare at $300).

Adventure Travel:

Feeling sporty? When you’re ready to get out there and experience the world, you’d better bring a bag that’s up for the adventure! Fill yours with all you might need to fuel the journey.


1. NordicTrack reflective armband with MP3 holder $9.99 (compare at $19.99), 2. Compact LED spotlight $29.99 (compare at $59.99), 3. Travel mug $4.99 (compare at $15.99), 4. Aviator sunglasses $19.99 (compare at $86), 5. 12-in-1 multi tool with LED flashlight $9.99 (compare at $40). Featured bag: Lucas sporty suitcase $59.99 (compare at $200).              

Weekend Escape:

Only have time for a two-day getaway? Make the most of it by taking along pampering items so you can come home completely refreshed and recharged.


1. Mesh bath & shower sponge $1.49 (compare at $2.99), 2. Facial wipes $1.99 (compare at $3.99), 3. My Beauty Spot complete eye makeup brush kit $5.99 (compare at $14), 4. The Perfectly Adjusted Scarf $7.99 (compare at $30), 5. Colour Couture nail art collection $6.99 (compare at $20). Featured bag: Nicole Miller leather tote bag $59.99 (compare at $200).

Want more packing ideas? Check out our Summer Travel pinboard for more tips to help you plan your next vacation!