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Outdoor Living Transformation: A Master Bedroom Porch Makeover

We partnered with creator, nester and blogger Kelley Nan. See how she used great deals on outdoor home décor from Tuesday Morning to transform her screened-in porch into a luxurious outdoor oasis.

With the weather as unpredictable as it has been this past winter and into spring, it’s been hard to gauge exactly when to start that outdoor transition. Have you been itching for green, flowers and grilling weather? I’ve been impatiently waiting to head to the garden center and start loading up on warm weather flowers but not wanting to risk spoiling them in an unexpected freeze, I had to come up with a “plan B.”

One of the features that sold me on our home plan is the little porch off of our master suite. We had it screened in and have lived in our home for two years, but as excited as I was about the idea of having a porch to step onto in the evenings before bedtime, we hadn’t ever made decorating it a priority. This is how it has sat for two years. Bare with a few pieces of leftover furniture.

outdoor home decor

Following last summer, I vowed to make our outdoor home décor a priority this year. With the stubborn recent weather, I decided this screened-in porch would be the perfect, safest place to start. My goal – to create an inviting, comfortable outdoor living space on a budget, using the mismatched furniture pieces we already had. After an afternoon of shopping my local Tuesday Morning, an evening spent scouring my own home and a few hours setting up and pulling it all together, I had a comfortable, master suite porch retreat.



Pretty substantial change for an afternoon’s worth of work, huh? Because it’s early in the season, I’m not risking finicky flowers just yet but bringing in green – both real and faux – was important to set the spring tone.


When I decided to tackle this space, I really had no idea which direction it would go. After spying this little cactus in a modern, cement planter, I had my jumping off point.


My husband is from south Texas so I loved the opportunity to infuse a little southwest flair into the otherwise southern/somewhat tropical space. The pillows I found were key in tying in the culmination of styles.




One thing to note is that with a screened-in porch, I can get away with outdoor home décor I may not feel comfortable using in an uncovered, unprotected area. This jute pouf, heavy glass jugs and lantern are the perfect example.




I stashed a few cute, lightweight throws in a basket for cool evenings. One of my absolute favorite date nights is watching a movie in bed and sipping cocktails on the porch.




Actually, I had date night ideas at the forefront of my mind the entire time I was putting this space together. How would my husband and I spend our time on our newly made over porch? What would make us want to sit out there longer?




Obviously, I was on the right track because our pup, Maggie, certainly wasn’t in any hurry to head inside! We catch her doing something naughty probably nine times a day.


My advice if you’re looking to make over/update an outdoor space this season?

  1. Think about how the space will really be used.
  2. Take inventory of what you already have. Do you really need a complete overhaul or will accent pieces, pillows and a new rug do the trick?
  3. If you don’t have a theme/direction in mind, head out and look for one piece that will inspire the rest of your space. Then, go nuts on making your vision come to life!


To see more of my space makeovers, visit my room reveals HERE. You can also catch my latest spring home tour HERE.

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To stock up on outdoor home décor necessities this season, find your nearest Tuesday Morning HERE. You can also sign up to receive all their deals, straight to your inbox, HERE.

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Featured products: 20” woven side table: $29.99 (compare at $59.99); 5×7 natural basket weave rug: $69.99 (compare at $149.99); Oceanport taupe/sand door mat: $9.99 (compare at $19.99); blue and white ceramic seashell: $9.99 – on sale for $3.99 – (compare at $20.00); 20” cabana ivory throw pillows: $11.99/ea. (compare at $24.99/ea.); 16”x24” navy and brown pillow: $14.99 (compare at $39.99); off-white throw pillows: $12.99/ea. (compare at $24.99/ea.); medium oval woven basket: $19.99 (compare at $39.99); double diamond navy and natural throw: $12.99 (compare at $39.99); natural diamond woven throw: $12.99 (compare at $39.99); natural check woven throw: $12.99 (compare at $39.99); jute braid pouf: $29.99 (compare at $49.99); dark medium jug urn: $19.99 (compare at $49.99); recycled carafe: $19.99 (compare at $40.00); floppy hat: $12.99 (compare at $28.00); metal and wooden hexagon lantern: $34.99 (compare at $79.99); footed goblets: $5.99 ea. (compare at $14.00 ea.); Fabrice salad plates: $1.99 ea. (compare at $6.00 ea.); Fabrice dip bowl: $1.69 ea. (compare at $4.00 ea.); cactus in pot: $19.99 (compare at $43.99); 5×8 white 3-wick candle: $9.99 (compare at $20.00)

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Kelley Nan

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Kelley Nan

My home Tuesday Morning location: Norcross, Georgia

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Serveware and dishes! I always find the most unique, affordable pieces; many have served as the inspiration for some of my most popular table settings.

A little about me: I’m a stylist, hostess and self-proclaimed “homebody.” Having grown up in Georgia, I’m a firm believer that being polite trumps manners if it comes at the expense of kindness. If you are cooking for two, you should prepare enough for four. Creating a retreat in your home is greater than retreating on vacation and “turning into your mother” is an achievement. My husband is the BEST sport and I am likely that dress-up-playing dog mom you would roll your eyes at. I’m addicted to flowers, casseroles and anything that resembles school supplies. I love decorating and re-decorating my world, shopping in my home, finding “key purchases,” planning weekly menus, binge-watching all shows (yes, all of them) and savoring the small moments that end up being the greatest memories.

What I love to write about: Using my own home as my primary canvas, I love writing about all things “gracious living.” From entertaining tips to thoughtful styling and room makeovers, I thrive off of showing my readers how anyone can turn their home into their favorite place.

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  1. Reply Haneen Matt

    Kelley is so talented! This is beautiful!

  2. Reply Tamara Anka

    What a fantastic makeover and a dream space! Everything Kelley does is perfection! Love this so much!

  3. Reply Terrie

    This is such a pretty porch and something we are looking to do at our house too!!

  4. Reply Sharon Clausen

    Like what I see.

  5. Reply Susan

    Was in the store in Texarkana, Texas, have not been in about 10 months, had back surgery in Plano, TX in June 2016. I found out I have breast cancer in Sept. 2016. A friend brought me in Friday. Loved the pati furniture, everything do to with the decorating. I have a covered,big patio. I dream of sitting, lying on it, reading just relaxing. I did try to sweep the pollen but not wash everything. I would love to have all the patio decorations so I could have the beautiful patio I have visioned. Please kept up the good work, beautiful store. Hope to return soon.

    • Reply Bridget

      I hope you are better now. 2016 sounds like it wasn’t too much fun for you. You are in my prayers and again, I hope you are better.
      Take care.

  6. Reply Irene Luckey

    Tuesday Morning is my favorite store for almost everything! I love the imported soaps. They have become a permanent bathroom item at my house. I could spend hours in that store (and lots of money).

  7. Reply jamala wallace

    This looks fantastic!!! I love the colors and style of entire space. it’s very welcoming.. How can I partner with you for a makeover?? 🙂

  8. Reply Edith Weldon

    So comfy and cozy for the two of you!! Perfect for some valuable quiet time for both or either one of you. An oasis!


    It is beautiful. I love those blue goblets! I would never leave that spot! LOL Please stop by and say hi someday on my blog. LISACHARLESPARSONS.BLOGSPOT.COM

  10. Reply Cynthia M Johnson

    I too,have a screened porch off our master suite and we absolutely love it. I decorated it, but seeing your decor has given me more inspiration. I’m loving your porch. Enjoy!

  11. Reply Mary Foor

    I love the space!! Was all the things mention and featured found at Tuesday Morning Store?

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Mary! You can find a list of all the featured products Kelley used from Tuesday Morning at the end of the blog post.

  12. Reply Darlene Shiplett


  13. Reply m

    Recently I purchased an 8×10 carpet from the store located in Arlington (I20 and Little Rd). The carpet was $359.00 and I went to the store and paid for it on 4/29/17. At the time of payment, I requested the carpet be removed from the hanging rack, folded or rolled up, labeled sold and held for me until I could return to pick up. I told the cashier that I would return in the next day or so to pick up, that I would hire someone with a larger vehicle then mine. She said ok.
    Later that same day I called and spoke with ‘Jason’ and asked him if the carpet had been removed and stashed away somewhere to which he responded he had not had a chance to do yet but that he would do before he left for the day (at 3p). I said ok, just to please be sure to remove from rack so people aren’t touching it and potentially it getting stained or damaged in some way, especially now that I’ve paid for it. Jason assured me it would be done before he left.
    On Sunday, (4/30), at 11:05a (store opens at 11:00a) I called to say I would be at the store in about 10 min to pick up the carpet and asked if it had been removed and folded so that I could take it home. The lady who answered the phone told me it had not been removed.
    (I was immediately aggravated). I told her I was on my way and that I had hired someone to take the carpet home for me and that I was paying this person per hour. I also advised her that I was promised twice the carpet would be ready for me to take home. She didn’t know about the carpet being promised and said the ‘sale’ had started today and she was busy with customers. She called her manager to the phone. (In the meantime, I’m driving towards the store). Manager gets on the phone and more or less repeats what the first girl said and includes the statement about the store sale, to which I responded, I AM A CUSTOMER (I was a little upset at this point).
    The manager claimed to not know about removing the carpet from the racks and wasn’t aware that I was told anything about having the carpet ready.
    The manager, who was very nice, was certainly not big enough to handle the carpet on her own and was not able to handle it on her own so we had to assist.
    She kept apologizing for everything, it was a calamity of things going wrong, i.e. the carpet wouldn’t come off the rack smoothly, she began to fold it so the carpet was facing right side out, and the plastic monitoring tag wouldn’t come off. It took an extra 15 minutes just for that thing.
    Understand, I am aware that Tuesday Morning isn’t in the carpet business and they probably don’t offer assistance when buying large items (or maybe they do). I don’t know cause no body offered me any policies when it came to this carpet.
    My point is, if I buy something from you and its paid for, remove it from the general public. Don’t tell me your’re going to do it and then don’t. Then make me wait an extra 15-20 minutes, when I’ve hired someone to help me, (who I am paying by the hour) and then you don’t treat me like I am a customer and then don’t offer any compensation.
    That’s not customer service. That’s just wrong.
    I didn’t appreciate being treated that way and don’t plan on returning to Tuesday Morning anytime soon.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      We’re very sorry for any miscommunication! We’d like to speak with you about your experience, so we can ensure this does not happen again. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-457-0099, 8am-5pm CST Monday through Friday, so we can follow up with you. Thanks!

  14. Reply Susanne

    Love all your ideas for a covered porch. Wishing I had a covered porch. I have backyard patio, open to the elements . Also small spot at front – room for 2 chairs & table & pots. Glad that I have these spots..
    So my question is, I want to know where your wall picture came from? I went thru all your list of products from Tuesday Morning, but I don’t see that item listed. Cool item for a quilter, which I am.

  15. Reply Jo

    all that brown and beige not to my taste. The rug should be colorful with pillows to pick up the color. I loved the glass jars and lantern and the dishes. the dog is cute too.

  16. Reply Paulette

    Great layout!

  17. Reply Georgia Melas

    My goodness, you are certainly very very talented. I’m in love with everything you do! I need help decorating my place! do you offer any services such as that?