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Prep Your Patio for Outdoor Entertaining

We’ve partnered with blogger Lindsay Hines from Whimsy Girl Design to help us plan the perfect outdoor luncheon.

Sunshine, blue skies, blooming flowers and warmer weather… bring on spring! I don’t know about you, but the minute the temperatures start to rise, I want to be outside as much as possible. You’ll find me on our patio enjoying my coffee in the mornings, watching my daughter play in the afternoons and enjoying a nice meal with friends and family in the evenings. We take full advantage of the nice weather while we can, since summer in Texas is HOT!

As soon as the weather warmed up, I wasted no time and wanted to set up a fun “al fresco” luncheon! I kept the menu planning simple: tortilla roll-ups, fresh fruit, potato salad and, of course, some sweets! Once that was established, I headed to Tuesday Morning for a little shopping and came home with some great stuff.

Right when I walked in the door, I spotted this adorable, ceramic planter for just $9.99 (compare at $19.99) and decided it would go great on my plant stand.


Since this area is the first one you see when you walk onto the patio, I wanted it to look nice and welcoming. The planter looked great along with a few items I already had at home. I also added a little chalkboard to welcome my guests!


I created a nice sitting area to act as a “backdrop” for my table. I already had all these items, and they remain on my patio all year long. I did purchase a few new ferns, though. They’re a great “patio” plant — relatively inexpensive and easy to care for!


To decorate the table, I used a lot of items I already owned and added a few new finds. I picked up this huge wood and metal lantern to use as table décor for just $29.99 (compare at $45). The great thing about this lantern is that it can also be used indoors, and will work in several areas of my home. I also picked up a large candle to use inside the lantern for just $9.99 (compare at $20). I love using candles to create an inviting space … and since it’s inside the lantern I don’t have to worry about the wind! I love the wood and metal finish and think it looks great alongside the other items I had already purchased.


Since it’s the beginning of spring, I didn’t have a ton of real plants to use, but I did mix the ones I had with faux plants I got at Tuesday Morning. The quality was great, and they worked well to create a natural-looking tablescape. And the prices were right, ranging from $4-$7.99 (compare at $10-$20), plus I can use them all year long … indoors or out!


For the place settings, I picked up these seagrass placemats for just $3.99 each (compare at $6.99). I love the texture they add to the table and how they enhance the natural feel of the décor. The gray napkins and white plates were purchased at Tuesday Morning last fall, and have been used quite often since then! I also grabbed a package of adorable cupcake liners to hold butter cookies for dessert, which added a fun touch for just $2.99 (compare at $6).



The cupcake liners were also used as drink lids on these adorable “milk bottles” I used to serve lemonade. I thought that the bee motif was perfect for a spring luncheon, and for $9.99 (compare at $25), the price was perfect! The fact that these came with a serving tray and reusable straws is a huge plus — just another item I’ll use over and over again! That was $9.99 well spent!


Since Texas weather is a little crazy, you never know what it’ll be like from day to day. As I was leaving Tuesday Morning, I spotted this cozy throw blanket for just $12.99 (compare at $20) and decided to grab it just in case the weather was chilly. Better safe than sorry, and it matched my décor … I think it was meant to be!


I really love the way the luncheon turned out and can’t wait to host another outdoor event soon!


Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Will you be entertaining outdoors this spring? Then get ready for this! We’re about to launch our Springtime Spruce Up — your chance to win outdoor furniture and décor to help create the beautiful porch, deck, patio or other outdoor living area you’ve been dreaming of. Check back next week for all the details on how to enter!

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Lindsay Hines

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Whimsy Girl Design

My home Tuesday Morning location: Farmers Branch, TX

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: This is a trick question, right? I love them all! I usually head straight for the furniture, then home decor, stop by the housewares and then end up in the seasonal department. I literally go down every aisle, you never know what you might come across!

A little about me: I am a wife and mom of 2 girls living outside of Dallas, TX. I love bargain shopping, antiquing, eating Mexican food and decorating my home!

What I love to write about: I love sharing my love for design, decor, DIY projects and great deals with my blog audience! It’s a fun place to connect with others who share the same interests!

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  1. Reply Jen Clements

    This is a great post Lindsay!! Always love your ideas and am so proud of you for doing what you love! Great job, friend!! XO

    • Lindsay
      Reply Lindsay

      Thanks so much!!!

  2. Reply CJ SCHNEIDER aka Charming CJ on Instagram

    Nice post, Lindsay! I love the use of faux and real greenery. We also have hot temps in AZ, difficult to care for plants. Love the cupcake holders to hold cookies and as drink lids! You inspire me and encourage moving pieces around, even from indoors to outdoors!

    • Lindsay
      Reply Lindsay

      Thank you!!

  3. Reply Natalie

    Where can I find the table?

    • Lindsay
      Reply Lindsay

      Hi Natalie, I bought the table 2nd hand but I noticed Tuesday Morning had some great wood bistro sets as well as some larger dining sets in store while I was shopping! You might check there!

  4. Reply judy

    wish there was a store closer

  5. Reply Sonja Ford

    I love the ideas!!!! Everything looks fabulous!

    • Lindsay
      Reply Lindsay

      Thanks so much, Sonja!

  6. Reply Bonnie Guilliam

    Tuesday Morning I love this store it has a lot of unique things I get the paper sent to me. thank you

    • Reply Mary Sue Moore

      How can I get the ads & sale fliers mailed to me? I love this store but the nearest one is about 40 miles from me and our Sunday paper doesn’t ever have any of the ads in it either in our area.

  7. Reply Pat barnett

    I get so many beautiful things at Tuesday morning.

  8. Reply Mary Bennett

    Hi Lindsay, this set up is so quaint and nice I love it and not expensive either. This is the way to go believe me! Yet it looks so nice and warm also. Keep up the good work.

  9. Reply carolyn reyes

    these are beautiful designs. keep up this great work

  10. Reply Patty

    I purchased the blue stripe market umbrella. Are there cushions to match. Or how can I find d them

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Because our selection and inventories vary by location, your best bet is to visit or call your local store. You can find your nearest location by entering your zip code here: