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Celebrating Mom: Gift Ideas for Her

We’ve partnered with lifestyle blogger Jamie Reeves from Blonde Mom Blog and her two darling daughters to share their favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas.  

I love shopping with my girls, so I was excited when we recently had the chance to select the perfect gifts to give mom this Mother’s Day at our local Tuesday Morning. It’s one of my favorite places to find unusual gifts at amazing prices!

I usually think of Tuesday Morning as a home décor mecca, but it also has a variety of departments that suit every type of mom, no matter what her personality! I really prefer not to head to the mall when I shop — I’d much rather get it all done in one store. Tuesday Morning is one of my go-to shops to find it all in one place!

It’s not difficult to find your happy place when you walk into Tuesday Morning and are immediately greeted with a little slice of patio pretty. Hello spring!

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During our recent shopping trip, my daughters and I created a Mother’s Day gift guide with a few of the fabulous finds you’ll see at Tuesday Morning. We found so many wonderful things to fit mothers of all styles and personalities!

For the “Get Your Craft On” Mom

While this is most definitely not me, there are so many moms out there who love to get their craft girl on and can work a hot glue gun like nobody’s business. Did you know Tuesday Morning sells scrapbooking supplies and other craft items? Though my sewing skills don’t go beyond putting buttons on a shirt, if you’re into sewing Tuesday Morning also sells supplies like fat quarters for quilting projects.

My girls’ pick for the “Get Your Craft On” Mom: Any cute scrapbook she can fill with all her favorite family pictures!

For the Mom With a Green Thumb

This type of mom is a weekend warrior who’s handy in the garden and yard! She has a green thumb and the tools to prove it.

My girls’ pick for the Mom With a Green Thumb: These fun gardening tools … because you can still be glamorous, even while you garden.


Gardening tools $12.99 (compare at $19.99)

For the Mom With an Eye for Decorating

This is totally my love language. I heart all of the home décor items that Tuesday Morning carries, from pillows to patio furniture.

My girls’ pick for the Mom With an Eye for Decorating: Soft accent pillows, because moms who love to decorate also love changing up the pillows in the house!


Soft accent pillows $9.99 (compare at $20)

For the Mom Who Enjoys Cooking

While I’m not a mom who will claim a love for cooking, I do enjoy preparing simple and delicious meals for my family. Hearing my kids say they love a new recipe I’ve tried is music to my ears! Tuesday Morning has everything you need to focus on creating family memories in the kitchen.

My girls’ pick for the Mom Who Enjoys Cooking: A Real Simple cookbook filled with yummy ideas for dinner! This is perfect because it provides quick cooking tips for busy moms who don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen, and since it’s such a great price, you could also give her some nice cooking supplies. And to quote my 10-year-old daughter, “So I can eat better stuff.” Agreed.


Real Simple cookbook $2.99 (compare at $12.99)

For the Mom Who Loves Entertaining

Tuesday Morning has everything for the mom who loves to entertain guests in her home and set the perfect table.

My girls’ pick for the Mom Who Loves Entertaining: This gorgeous glass margarita set, because it’s always nice to have something beautiful to enjoy while relaxing on the weekends. I’ll toast to that!


Margarita glasses $6.99 (compare at $12.99), pitcher $17.99 (compare at $29.99)

Have you done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? Let me know what you find at Tuesday Morning!

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