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Perfectly Crafted Celebrations

We partnered with Heidi Swapp for some pretty paper craft ideas. See how she used her MINC Collection to create personalized party decorations and gifts for any occasion.

Hi there! Heidi Swapp here and I am excited to be a guest blog contributor today! I love sharing my ideas for party décor and it is even more fun when I get to include products from my MINC collection!

Anytime we want to make something, as a crafter, it is because we want to express ourselves – we want to make something personal and unique. With the MINC Foil Applicator we can do just that! We can create foiled projects in minutes in any color scheme we want to. Whether it be for a birthday, bridal or baby shower, graduation, or wedding we can create something special.

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In my house it is a birthday tradition that when you wake up, the house is decorated. I laugh because when I started this I didn’t know that the bar would get raised every year!! The MINC is a perfect way to customize a party theme and I wanted to share some of my favorite paper craft ideas to do just that!

“MINC” stands for “Metallic Incorporated” because it can incorporate metallic foiled finishes on your paper projects. Pick from several foil colors to create a look all your own. It is as easy as picking out a MINC Accessory, adding your choice of foil, and running it through the MINC Foil Applicator Machine – now found at Tuesday Morning.

1. Cake Topper

The accessories that can be found at Tuesday Morning are party neutral and can be used for any celebration. The cake toppers can be used alone or layered like I have done here. I foiled the “Hooray” in gold and left the “Celebrate” foil-less to stand out on top of the chocolate topping.

2. Cake Flowers

It is easy to get that “custom” cake look with the MINC. This grocery store cake got a make-over with MINC foiled flowers. The 3D Flower Set is fun to use! You can create several looks with the different kind of flowers in the kit. Put them on top of each other with the provided brads or just hot-glue them together like I did. I hot-glued a tooth pick to the end of the flower so that I could just push them through the top of the cake.

Fresh miniature pink roses were also added to give more elegance to the cake.

3. Gifts

Whether you chose to create a box from paper or use the Mini Treat Bags each can be fun to embellish! Add filling to the mini treat bags or tulle to tie a bow to the handmade box.

4. Tags

Gift tags can be created for anything at the party. Use them to decorate a gift or add to the top of a beverage bottle as the perfect touch.

5. Drinks

Adding a little personal touch to something that everyone will get a chance to hold makes every guest feel special. This pink lemonade isn’t hard to dress up! Use deco frosting on the edge of each glass and dip into gold sugar sprinkles. Add a lemon wedge and fill with pink lemonade and a paper straw.

The MINC Coasters are the perfect beverage marker. Keep guests from guessing where they placed their drink with a fun coaster. The MINC can also be used as a laminator, so if you want to use these coasters again, you could use a laminator pouch, according to the machine’s instructions, and laminate the coasters.

6. Cupcake Wrappers

Dress up your baked goods (or store bought ones) with the Cupcake Wraps & Toppers Kit. The flag sticks are so much fun! These fit regular sized cupcakes and come with enough to decorate a dozen cupcakes!

These are some of my go-to paper craft ideas for parties! No matter what you are celebrating, you can always add gorgeous foil that will make your party completely unforgettable! And, of course, that makes everything taste that much sweeter! You can click here to find a store near you that will be carrying my MINC products.

A huge thank you to Tuesday Morning for inviting me to share my paper craft ideas! Thank you Tuesday Morning for making it so easy to “make pretty stuff” with all of your fabulous décor and paper products in stores! You can find more paper craft ideas by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their “Paper Crafting” Pinterest board on Pinterest.

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