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Everything You Need to Welcome a New Pet

There’s no doubt that one of the most joyous times in a pet parent’s life is the day you add a member to your furry family. We have such fond memories of the adoption days of Irie and Tiki as well as those of three of our cats (most recently little Lucky, who just celebrated his one-year Gotcha Day) and the day Coco, a stray, was found and brought to us.

Your new pet’s arrival is an important day, not only for the joy it brings, but because it begins the foundation for your new relationship and your pet’s relationship with every member of your household, both two-legged and four-legged. You want those relationships to get off on the right paw, so it definitely pays to have everything in place and ready to greet your new pet.

I recently went by my local Tuesday Morning store to check out the many items that the store offers to meet the needs of a new pet. Tuesday Morning has not only an extensive pet section but also numerous home products needed for welcoming a new pet, from household cleaners to lawn décor.

In looking at the requirements of a new pet, whether feline or canine, your shopping needs fall into two broad categories: meeting your pet’s physical needs and developing the bond with your new pet.

Your Pet’s Physical Needs

Your first step is to make sure your new pet — whether puppy, kitten, adult or senior — has his physical needs met, including food, water, shelter and safety.

All pets, regardless of how they come to your home, must have these needs met to begin to feel comfortable and at ease. If your new pet, like ours, has come to you after a period as a stray, these are especially important; only when he sees that, yes, he will have plenty of food and water and a comfortable place to stay, will he start to relax and feel at home.

Tuesday Morning offers many great water and food solutions, from traditional bowls to self-feeders and waterers. The dog bowl we purchased is priced at just $5.99 at Tuesday Morning (compare at $12.99)!

ID for Safety

IDing your new pet is especially important. The first few days in a new home represent a dangerous period when many pets become lost. Tuesday Morning has some great collars, like this breakaway cat collar.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-3-448x600

Breakaway cat collar $1.99 (compare at $7.49)

Create Safe Spaces

Your home will be offering shelter to your new pet, but you can improve that shelter by making it safer through pet barriers to block off certain rooms or dangerous steps, pet ramps or stairs (especially helpful if you’re adopting a senior pet), and crates and carriers. Crates, which function much like your dog’s own personal den, give your dog a place to call his own, and provide an important tool for housetraining, both in terms of potty training and preventing puppies from chewing on electrical wires or other hazards around your house when unsupervised.

Housetrain With Puppy Pads

Housetraining — and sometimes a refresher course on housetraining for adult pets that are new to your home — is another important part of making your pet feel at home and part of your routine. Puppy pads are a great tool not only for puppies but for adults that may need a few days of assistance as well. We purchased a carton of puppy pads at Tuesday Morning for just $12.99 (compare at $24.99).

Create a Cozy Spot With Bedding

Pet beds are another great way to provide shelter to your new dog or cat and to make them feel at home. Tuesday Morning has a huge selection of great pet beds in all shapes and sizes as well as crate mats.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-2-448x300

PoochPlanet bed $19.99 (compare at $39.99)

Developing a Bond With Your New Pet

After meeting your pet’s physical needs, it’s important to begin to strengthen the bond between you and your new pet. Not only will a strong rapport help your pet to realize that he is now HOME but it will also help your training efforts … and, hey, it’s just plain fun! After all, this bond is why you are adding a pet to your family!

Direct Behavior Through Toys

Toys are a great way to build rapport between you and your pets — and to start your pet off right in terms of behavior. Young puppies can learn that shoes are off-limits (put them in the closet!) but chew toys are appropriate for chewing, a powerful need for those young dogs. Tuesday Morning has a great selection of toys for both dogs and cats, from flyers to stuffables to tug toys.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-4-448x300

Tug toy $6.99 (compare at $14.99)

For our cats, we found some mechanized toys that run across the floor (a BIG hit with Lucky and priced at just $1.99, compare at $7.99 at other stores). Other popular purchases included a laser toy ($1.99, compare at $4.99) and a classic ball track toy.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-5-448x300

Classic ball track toy $5.99 (compare at $10.99)

Curry Favor Through Grooming

Grooming is another way to build the bond between you and your pets. As your puppy or kitten’s mother once did, you’ll now be handling the grooming responsibilities, enhancing your stature as a pet parent in your new pet’s eyes. We found some great grooming tools at Tuesday Morning, including a dog curry brush.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-6-448x300

Dog curry brush $4.99 (compare at $9.99)

Use Treats for Training

And, of course, treats are a wonderful way to bond with your new pet. Treating for behaviors that you’d like to see repeated is the most basic and probably the most effective method of training, too. I love that Tuesday Morning has so many great treats that are made in the USA, like these beef lung treats.

04172015-Permenter-New Pet-7-448x300

Beef lung treats $4.99 (compare at $10)

Capture the Special Moments

Finally, be sure to commemorate the very special day you added a new pet to your home with photos — and frames. We found some super-cute pet photo frames at our Tuesday Morning for just $5.99 (compare at $18 at other stores)!

You’ll want that photo to look back on fondly as you celebrate the many happy years you and your new pet share!