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Send Summer Out in Style This Labor Day!

Has your summer flown by as fast as mine? As I’m writing this, my kiddos are getting ready to start school again in just four short days. When they stumbled out of bed around 8:30 this morning, I briefly worried about how we’d adjust to the school-day wake-up time … and then decided we’d cross that bridge four days from now. Better make the most of these last lazy summer mornings, right?

The end of summer is approaching, and that means Labor Day weekend is just around the corner! Today’s post is all about planning for Labor Day — party ideas, décor, recipes, and more. And as always, we’ve got a great pinboard full of even more ideas for you over on Pinterest, so be sure to check it out!

For most of us, Labor Day is summer’s last hurrah — time for one last neighborhood barbeque, pool party, or weekend getaway to the beach or lake. If you’ve got the itch to entertain, I’ve got a fun Labor Day party theme for you: the “all-white” party! Tradition says that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, so an all-white party gives everyone a chance to wear their summer whites one last time! (I know most people aren’t a stickler for this old-fashioned rule anymore, but it’s still a great excuse to wear all white.)

Celebrate in Casually Elegant White

Set the stage for your all-white party starting with the entrance to your home. A few potted flowers (mix in some vibrant green ferns for a lush, summery look) and painted white lanterns create an entrance that makes an impression!


It couldn’t be easier to put together a stylish all-white table … no need to worry about coordinating patterns and colors! Simple all-white flower centerpieces like this one add elegance without a lot of fuss:


The days are a little shorter now, so I love the idea of using small white globe lights as table centerpieces. Tuck in large sprigs of rosemary or other greenery for texture and interest. (This picture features olive branches, which may be harder to come by!)


Having one signature cocktail for your all-white party will save you money on your grocery list and cut down on your prep time, too! (Trust me: You’ll want to avoid having red wine around all your white-clad guests!) How about serving this piña colada smoothie? It’s easy to make and a perfect farewell-to-summer drink.


Look Chic in Linen or Eyelet

If you’re wondering what to wear, you can’t go wrong with a classic white linen dress. I love the look of this tailored dress paired with a slim leather belt.


I’m also a huge fan of white eyelet … it’s sweet and feminine, plus it definitely wrinkles less easily! I’ve got a crush on this dress — and the hat, too:


Go on a Relaxing Weekend Getaway

Maybe you’re not in the mood to be a hostess for this Labor Day — after all, it’s supposed to be a day off from work, and a party can definitely be a lot of work! One of my favorite Labor Day weekends ever involved an impromptu trip to Las Vegas with my husband. We booked our hotel and plane tickets on Friday afternoon and left Saturday morning — now that’s spontaneous!

Our trip was also proof that it’s possible to find a great getaway on short notice. Labor Day weekend may be close, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a spur-of-the-moment trip! has some fantastic suggestions for last-minute Labor Day weekend trips. They’re conveniently organized by theme and by region, making it easy to find your perfect destination.


Whether you’re road-tripping or flying, this handy infographic lists some must-have travel apps! I already had a couple of these apps, but most of them are new to me, and I wish I’d downloaded them sooner!

Packing for a weekend trip can be deceptively tricky. It’s easier to forget the essentials when you think that all you have to do is throw a few things in your carry-on! I love this his-and-hers weekend packing list. It gets the job done, and it’s got a delightful retro look, to boot.

So what are your plans for this Labor Day weekend? Will you be staying in or going out? Have you got a great party tip or weekend getaway idea to share? Chime in and let me know! Whatever your plans may be, I hope your long weekend is safe, restful, and fun!