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Knitting Project: Unique Yarn Score Scarf

We partnered with Vickie Howell, author, designer, instructor and broadcast personality in the knitting, crochet and crafts world. Read how she used high-quality, brand-name knitting supplies from Tuesday Morning to create a unique knitting project for the changing season.

There’s nothing like a store score. You know what I’m talking aboutthat unexpected find that makes your heart race! These are gems that Tuesday Morning is known for, especially when it comes to home decor, housewares and toys. Did you know, though that those little bits of bliss aren’t only for the interior design enthusiasts amongst us? Oh no, my stitcher friends, there are also magical finds for those of the fiber-loving persuasion. That’s right, knitters, I’m talking yarn. And not just standard craft yarnalthough they carry that, toobut higher end, super merino wools, cottons and novelty blends. <pause for glory hands> This means that whether you’re planning on yarn wrapping a wreath or knitting a luxury accessory, the Craft Supplies section is a great place to visit before you start!

Regardless of which Tuesday Morning location you visit, you’ll come across a nice variety of yarn weights, types and colors. Trust me, it’ll be hard to choose! Lucky for you, you won’t have to because I’m sharing a knitting project that uses as many (or few) types of yarns as your heart desires! The Yarn Score Scarf combines a lacy stitch pattern with bold stripes of different textures and shades. Choose a handful of yarns in a cool, coordinating palette like I did, or go wild with contrasting colors for a funkier result. I suggest choosing a combo of chunky and worsted weight yarns or going lighter weight, but then double-stranding. No matter your choices you’re sure to come up with a piece that’s uniquely you.

Psst! Bookmark this knitting project for upcoming holiday gifts. With the countless combinations of yarn you can come up with (Pro Tip: go to more than one Tuesday Morning to maximize your options!), you can make completely different scarves for every gal on your list. Make yours, and tag @tuesdaymorning and @vickiehowell with photos of your finished scarveswe love seeing what you come up with!

Here’s how to make your Yarn Score Scarf:

knitting project


6+, coordinating colors of different types/weights of yarn (approx. 300 yds total)

I used 1 ball each of: (A) FibraNatura Inca (100% Superwash wool), in color: Grey, (B) Louisa Harding Mila (81% cotton/9% polyester), in color: Denim, (C) Louisa Harding Luzia (80% viscose/ 29% nylon), in color: Navy, (D) Louisa Harding Cassia Prints (75% Superwash wool/ 25% nylon), in color: Feisty, (E) SMC Select Cabare (50% cotton/22% polyester), in color #04209, and (F) Fibra Natura (1005 Superwash Extra Fine Merino Wool), in color: Teal.

*Size U.S. 11 knitting needles — I used: Clover Takumi Bamboo Needles

TM Scarfyarn (1 of 1)

*This is just a suggestion. I’d recommend choosing a size needle that corresponds with the requirement (see label) of the chunkiest of yarns you’ve chosen for your project. Tuesday Morning offers a variety of sized needles at up to 70% off competitor retail prices!

Finished Measurement

62” Long (width will vary, based on chosen yarns)


Gauge is not important for this project.


Approx = approximately

K = knit

k2tog = knit two stitches together

psso = pass slipped stitch over

rep = repeat

sl = slip

st = stitch

YO = yarn over


With A, CO 32 sts.

Rows 1-2: Knit.

Row 3: (right side): K1, *sl 1, k1, psso, k9, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1.

Row 4: Purl.

Row 5: K1, *sl 1, k1, psso, k7, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1.

Row 6: Purl.

Row 7: K1, *sl 1, k1, psso, YO, (k1, YO) 5 times, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1,

Row 8: Knit.

Cut color A, join color B. Repeat Rows 3-8.

TM Scarf2a (1 of 1)-2

Continue as established, repeating Rows 3-8 and changing yarns every repeat (ie. colors C, D, E, & F), until piece measures 32”.


TM Scarf3 (1 of 1)

Repeat for second half of scarf EXCEPT leave off the last stripe (if you don’t want to end up with an extra-wide stripe at the center of your piece.) The second piece will be approx. 2” shorter than the first.


Using tapestry needle, seam two pieces together at BO ends.

Weave in ends.

TM Scarf5 (1 of 1)

Have yarn left? Check out the craft storage options available now at Tuesday Morning. See the latest ad for details!

For more knitting inspiration, check out our board on Pinterest! You can also check out Tuesday Morning on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Featured Products: FibraNatura Inca $5.99/ball (Compare at $14.00), Louisa Harding Mila $3.99/ball (Compare at $8.00), Louisa Harding Luzia $11.99/ball (Compare at $24.99), Louisa Harding Cassia Prints $4.99/ball (Compare at $10.00), SMC Select Cabare $4.99/ball (Compare at $9.95), Fibra Natura $3.99/ball (Compare at $8.50)

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Vickie Howell

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Vickie Howell

My home Tuesday Morning location: South Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Crafts and Holiday Departments

A little about me: I’m an Austin-based, wife, mother of 3, on-air host, author, knitting & crochet designer, and craft writer. My goal is to cultivate community through crafts by making fiber arts accessible to even the busiest of people. Need a little crafty encouragement and inspiration? I’ve got your creative back!

What I love to write about: I love spreading the yarn-y gospel by writing about on-trend home & fashion pieces, accessible knitting and crochet projects, and making time in our lives for creativity.

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  1. Reply Katherine Nicol

    Watch u every week on Ask Me Monday!! You are such an inspiration for me to try new things then I pass info to my knitting/crochet group called the Hookers&Needlers ! You are awesome!!

  2. Reply Linda B 22, aka fiberfan

    Ditto Katherine! I too look forward to listening and watching your Monday “visits” and learning from your You Tube tutorials. Thank you!

  3. Reply Emily Harrell

    It would be nice if we could purchase more than 5 skeins of any one color at a time. Makes it hard to finish projects, but that doesn’t stop me from purchasing yarn. Check out Ravelry’s Tuesday Morning group.

  4. Reply Pat

    This article has inspired me to knit again. Such a pretty scarf. Thanks

  5. Reply Helen


    Enjoy your article and you should have more of them. i began when my grand mother show me how much fun knitting could be. and i am glad i enjoy it to this day.

  6. Reply Gerry Kay Walrath

    Great scarf idea!!!!! I love the yarns and supplies at Tuesday Morning!!!!!

  7. Reply Carol

    Thank you for this FUN pattern. I did have a VERY difficult time trying to print this out. It might have better to make it more printer friendly. Thank you for posting this!

  8. Reply Robert Gotwalt

    Vickie – what stations and when are you on television now?

  9. Reply Marie

    Hi, Vickie.
    I cast on 32 stitches as per pattern.
    On row 3 after doing two knit nine stitch pattern I need to know how many stitches are left to knit in this row.
    Do I ever return to 32 stitches again? Thank you.

  10. Reply Patty

    I am a retired wife, grandmother of 2, homebody, knitter/crocheter. I am looking for scrap yarn projects to use up boxes of yarns I have saved for years. Also something to donate to animal shelters, nursing homes, hospitals or else. Patterns including will be appreciated. Looking forward to hear from you.

  11. Reply Christine

    Lovely use of different yarns and inspiring.

  12. Reply Helen Sterbutzel

    Love the yarn at Tuesday Morning! Also a fan of the feather and fan pattern.

  13. Reply Pat

    I visited 3 of my favorite “Tuesday Mornings” to purchase the cute knitting bag on legs that you have in your ad. No one has this item. I was very disappointed to say the least. Don’t give me an excuse, it should have been in one of these stores.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      It is our intention to be in stock on all advertised items. However, because of the closeout nature of our store, quantities are often limited and availability is subject to stock on hand by location. We apologize for any inconvenience, Pat!

  14. Reply Carri Anne

    Great idea! I’m trying this scarf out for my daughter. I think you need to cast on 28 stiches for the pattern to work out. Although it looks like the picture has 2 garter stiches on either side. Hard to tell. I’m planning on making mine a cowl and one repeat wider- 41 stitches.

  15. Reply Paula Lee

    I find it too difficult to buy yarn at the Walnut Creek, California store. The display is very disorganized. Types and colors of yarn are hard to match and balls of yarn are often tangled. It is difficult to find enough matching yarn for my purposes. The store needs to package matching yarn in plastic bags and perhaps label the bags.

  16. Reply Renee Johnson

    I love this scarf! Vickie Howell is Great!