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Frighteningly Fun Essentials for a Kids’ Halloween Party

Blogger Jennifer Perkins sure knows how to throw a party  especially one full of creatively spooky treats for children! For help planning something special for your adorable little monsters this October, check out her kids’ Halloween party ideas.

Every year I throw an elaborate, over-the-top Halloween party for my children. Ok, maybe it is for me, too. Either way, we all enjoy the festivities and usually so do 100 or so of our closest friends. This October will be our 7th annual party. That being said, it is not my first time at the party throwing rodeo. I have learned a few tricks (and how to make some treats) over the years. Planning your own spooky soiree? Read on, I have a few pearls of wisdom for you.

Set the Scene


If you are hosting a party with a theme like Halloween, you want it to be really obvious to your guests the minute they walk in the door. Rearrange your gallery wall to include Halloween decorations, swap out your throw pillows for something spooky and don’t forget to deck the haunted halls with a Halloween tree (or two or three). Seasonal decorating is the best because after the holiday you can pack it all up, put it away and get out the supplies for the next holiday and decorate all over again.

Gimme Something Good to Eat


Kids and adults alike will be impressed by elaborate table tops and vignettes. The devil is always in the details when throwing a party. Keep things in theme right down to the plates and napkins. Also, don’t forget the candy corn. Candy corn is crucial when throwing a Halloween party.


Anytime you can make food look spooky, do it. Even store bought cupcakes are easily dressed up with a Halloween serving platter, edible googley eyes and a pumpkin faced sucker on top. Make your party Pinterest worthy in less time than it takes a witches cauldron to come to a boil with the help of easy cupcake decorating kits. Everything you need is included from the bat wings to the cupcake wrappers. I’ve come to learn that Halloween party attendees are more concerned with how their food looks rather than taste. Save yourself some time and buy cupcake mix in a box (or better yet ready made cupcakes) and spend your time decorating rather than whipping up recipes from scratch.

If It Didnt Happen on Instagram, It Didnt Really Happen


No party is complete without a photo booth. The best money I spend on my Halloween party each year is on a professional photographer. This way I can enjoy the party along with my guests and let someone else worry about capturing all the memories. After the party send a link to the photo gallery online and watch the Facebook profile pictures change. I also have a collage poster made each year of the pictures that hang for the party. I love seeing how the guests have grown and changed over 7 years.


Have props and a specific area set up where guests can take their own cell photos as well as where your photog can capture uniform pictures of all the guests. If your guests are the internet savvy type you might also consider using a hashtag so all the pictures from the event are easily located online. Check out #Halloweenwithjen next time you are on Instagram.

Ghoulishly Good Goodie Bags


Goodie bags at parties are another perfect example as a book being judged by its cover. If the goodie bags look amazing on the outside, you know there is going to be fun stuff on the inside. Make your goodie bag’s something the kids (and parents) can take home and remember your party fondly by. Too many times as a parent I leave a party with my kids rifling through a goodie bag full of junk and think: “I’ll chuck that in the trash tonight after bedtime and they will never miss it.” Be as thoughtful about what the outside of your treat bag looks like as what goes inside.


In the past my gift bags have included Halloween themed books with book mark making kits, handmade Halloween shaped crayons, Halloween jewelry kits and even handmade Halloween soap once. Give a goodie bag that keeps on giving even after you send your guests home. This year guests are getting small wooden birdhouses, black paint and paint brushes so they can make haunted houses.

Fun and Games


The most important part of a kids’ party is keeping everyone busy. You want to run a tight ship with several different stations and activities set up. The busier the kids are the less likely they are to tear your house apart (eeek, did I type that out loud?). Playdoh and Halloween themed cookie cutters are always one of my favorite stations. Not only do kids love it, I love it because it is so easy.


Also, use your creativity when thinking of Halloween activities. Don’t go to the store looking for obvious pin the tail on the cat or witch hat ring toss. Look in the toy department and think – with a black marker and some orange paint that kids’ golf game could easily become Halloween themed. Remember that part about the Devil in the details? Yup, paint that jack-o-lantern face on that golf ball.

My house is decorated, photographer is booked, goodie bags are ready to be filled, games are in the works and cupcake kits are on hand. I think I’m ready for another amazing party. Now you are too!

Photo credit: Chelsea Laine Francis.

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  1. Reply Mary Ann Frohwein

    Very creAtive and timeless ideas for first time children and ones on the way! Keep pictures of each year’s party and then alternate with new “littleones” coming into the fold.
    Make homemade cupcakes such as pumpkin spice, carrot cake, Devils Food, and Angel food. Label the types of cupcakes with their name so there is no wastage with
    A picture of each of the types in front of the cupcakes
    So they know which one to chose. Put a toothpick with pic of each type of cop ale as well

    Goodie bags can be inexpesively made from brown paper sandwich bags from grocery store and tied off with colorful ribbons from your local Dollar Stote