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Let’s Celebrate: Our Top Party Planning Tips

As a mother of two small children, there seems to be something party-related going on in my life monthly. Whether I’m attending or hosting, something festive is always on the horizon. I like to be prepared, and I tend to be well-stocked on items like cocktail napkins, small gifts, cupcake coozies and wrapping paper. You never know when the urge to celebrate might strike!


Wrapping Paper

I love wrapping paper. It comes in so many cute and colorful patterns. You might recall my post where I discussed several ways to use wrapping paper beyond actually wrapping a gift. One of my favorite ways to use wrapping paper is as a table covering at a party. Wrapping paper is easy to roll onto a table, and oftentimes it’s cheaper (and almost always cuter) than a disposable tablecloth. Keep festive rolls on hand for gift-giving AND party-throwing.


Plates $2.99 (compare at $6.50)

Disposable Plates & Napkins

If it weren’t so environmentally wrong, I would use festive party plates and napkins for every meal. I’m not a fan of doing dishes, and they come in so many great styles. I based my whole party around these awesome black-and-white striped napkins with flowers. As someone who entertains often, fashionable paper plates and napkins are a must-have for me.


Alex craft kits $1.99 (compare at $5.99)

Party Favors

Did I mention all the parties I attend? When I find fun, creative gifts at Tuesday Morning, I stock up. There will always be some gift that needs to be given or goodie bag that needs to be filled in my life. I love these small craft kits from Alex because kids at the party can take them home or entertain themselves right there at the table.


Crafty Details

Even children (or at least their parents) will appreciate the details you put into a party. Dress up a plain paper cup with some fabric trim and scrapbooking embellishments. Paper flowers are all you need to add to craft kits to give them as party favors. Paper banners make great additions to your party table in place of a table skirt. I recommend that you always shop the craft aisle when party planning.


Cupcake wrappers $2.99 (compare at $6.95)

Prep Makes Perfect

Be prepared to attend and host parties at a moment’s notice. Parties don’t always consist of formal invitations. Sometimes your girlfriends just end up on your doorstep with a bottle of wine and Brie. Be prepared with cute tableware. The same goes for being a guest at a party. If you keep a closet full of fun gifts and colorful wrapping paper, your present is sure to be picked first from the pile. Follow these party planning tips, and you’ll be the hostess with the mostess in no time!

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What I love to write about: I want to share my love of DIY with the world. I’m constantly writing about the parties I’m throwing, the crafts I’m doing with my kids or my latest home décor project. I get bored easily and tend to flip-flop my passions, but they all have a crafty slant.

I blame this craft addiction on my mother, who took me to my first Tuesday Morning. I am passing this vice onto my children. They love all the craft kits for kids in the toy department. I love the craft department. Whether I need yarn for weaving wall hangings or am in the mood to scrapbook, Tuesday Morning has me covered.

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  1. Reply Louise- Chic Hen Parties

    Great list! Disposables are always a must for a kids party and little favours generally the gender specific cars etc for boys and tiaras etc for girls can always go down a treat!