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Design Trend: Indigo

I’ll admit it: Sometimes I struggle with the small details of decorating. I tend to think in broad strokes—paint colors and wall coverings, large pieces of furniture, window treatments, and light fixtures. But the truth is that it’s the little touches — a well-chosen object on a coffee table, the perfect picture frame, a rich assortment of textures and styles — that give a room depth and make it feel complete. So I’ve made it a point to be on the lookout for those small details that I can add here and there to make my décor a little more well rounded.

Today I’m bringing you a few ideas for adding those important little details to your home’s décor with indigo accents from Tuesday Morning. Indigo is a classic color that never goes out of style but is definitely having its moment in the décor spotlight right now!

4021939_March GC_Indigo_r1

This month, Tuesday Morning has stocked almost every department in its stores with fresh finds in this on-trend color. What I love about indigo is that there’s a place for it in virtually any decorating style or color palette. Whether your taste runs toward classic, modern, global, preppy, vintage, or a little bit of everything, indigo has a place as an anchor or accent color.

Indigo: The New Neutral

If you’re not sure how indigo will fit into your current color scheme, or if you’re looking to change your home’s color palette up a bit, play around with a color palette generator until you’ve found a combination that works for you. As I mentioned before, indigo is an incredibly versatile color that works with so many decorating styles. Here are just a few of the different color palettes I came up with that feature this new neutral:

Timeless and Traditional
Nothing beats a classic, crisp, blue and white color palette.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-color palette 1-448x600

East Coast Prep
Pair indigo with a cheerful kelly green and sunny yellow for a preppy look.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-color palette 2-448x600

Gypsy Globetrotter
Rich jewel tones and metallic gold give indigo a lush, boho vibe.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-color palette 3-448x600

Hopeless Romantic
Indigo anchors the soft pastels here, keeping the palette sophisticated instead of little-girlish.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-color palette 4-448x600

Indigo Three Ways

Before I went to my favorite Tuesday Morning to check out the new indigo products, I looked over my personal Pinterest boards for some inspiration to guide me towards the perfect little additions to my décor. Here are the three looks that inspired me the most, along with the Tuesday Morning treasures that I used to interpret each look in my own home!

Inspiration #1: Classic Chinoiserie

030915-Dineen-Indigo-inspiration 1-448x600

I am totally obsessed with Chinoiserie style, but it can be an expensive way to decorate. Blue and white ginger jars like the ones in my inspiration picture can cost hundreds of dollars!

How I Interpreted the Look:

030915-Dineen-Indigo-in store pic 8-448x600

Chinoiserie planter pots $6.99 each (compare at $20.00)

I was so happy when I found these blue and white ceramic planter pots in the garden aisle at my Tuesday Morning! They were available in two different sizes at very reasonable prices, making them much more affordable substitutes for pricey ginger jars.

I purchased two of the smaller pots and put one in my craft room to use as a yarn bowl while I’m crocheting.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 6

A jumbo paper clip (or large binder clip) on the lip of the planter keeps my yarn neat and tidy as I work, and having my ball of yarn in a container discourages our cats and puppy from thinking it’s a toy. Plus, it’s just so pretty! I don’t mind keeping my needlework out on display when it’s in a pretty container like this.

I put the second planter in my living room, where it serves as the perfect place to stash our always-disappearing TV remotes! What a simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution.

Inspiration #2: A Cheerful Tablescape

030915-Dineen-Indigo-inspiration 2-448x300

I have a carefully curated selection of vintage blue and white transferware dishes that we use as our everyday dinnerware. But I don’t like putting them in the dishwasher, and on busy weekday mornings, I don’t always have time to hand wash the breakfast dishes right away. I’ve been looking for a dishwasher-safe alternative that the kids can rinse and pop in the dishwasher themselves.

How I Interpreted the Look

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 3

Melamine dinner plate $2.99 each (compare at $8.00), melamine salad plate $1.99 each (compare at $6.00)

These mix-and-match melamine dishes were just the thing I was hoping to find! I love the mix of patterns—a Spanish-pottery inspired design paired up with a bold, modern geometric pattern. I have a couple of place settings ready to go on our breakfast bar, where my kids sit in the morning while I make their breakfast and school lunches.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 4

Tumblers $2.99 each (compare at $8.00)

I like having a complete place setting that includes glasses, so I purchased a set of tumblers that look like pale blue glass but are actually durable plastic.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 2

Woven placements $9.99 for a set of four (compare at $24.99)

The colors of the place setting just pop on top of the woven orange placemats.

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 8

Faux boxwood spheres $14.99 for a set of three (compare at $30.00)

For weekends, when we have a little more time, I set the kitchen table and added a centerpiece with bright green and yellow. Faux boxwood spheres mingled with fresh lemons and limes in a glass compote just add to the Mediterranean feel of this simple and inexpensive tablescape.

Inspiration #3: A Touch of Boho

030915-Dineen-Indigo-inspiration 3-448x600

One of the hardest things about decorating is knowing how to successfully pull together an eclectic mix of patterns and styles — and make it look effortless. I am less comfortable mixing in different styles (adding a midcentury piece into an overall traditionally styled room, for example), especially boho elements, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate something with a more global feel.

How I Interpreted the Look

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 7

Ikat floor pouf $24.99 (compare at $60.00)

This lightweight, comfortable floor pouf is the perfect addition to our living room! Floor poufs themselves are a boho-inspired (and functional!) décor element, and this indigo ikat fabric is the icing on the cake. It’s just the right amount of eclecticism without being overpowering. (And can you spot my blue and white ceramic planter-turned-remote control holder on top of the coffee table?)

030915-Dineen-Indigo-at home 5

Even better, it works equally well in my craft room, which has a completely different color scheme and style than our living room. I don’t have an ottoman or coffee table in front of my craft room sofa, so this pouf serves as a place to put up my feet while I’m crocheting or cross-stitching! I think this is my favorite purchase of the day—and you just can’t beat that price!

Just a few small accents here and there can make a huge difference to your decorating. I’m so pleased with the touches of indigo that I added to our home. I hope you’re inspired to bring a little indigo into your home décor as well! Be sure to check out our Indigo Inspiration for Your Home board on Pinterest, where I’ve added lots more ideas, color palettes, and unique finds from Tuesday Morning.



Color palettes created via MagnetStreet

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What I love to write about: I love sharing my favorite craft and home décor ideas on the Tuesday Morning blog … it doesn’t matter what kind of project I’m working on, I know I can find the perfect thing for it at my home Tuesday Morning!

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    I am awful at decorating, this article was very helpful. An I must say written to where a person like me, who likes things simple to understand was the best! Think I am going to Tuesday Morning’s today.

    Thank you

  2. Reply Shirley Dentler

    You sound like my “kind of girl”. Love to have 2 or 3 projects going at one time. I have bought many,
    many glasses from Tuesday Morning. I paint on them, design them, etc. I would love to get some of
    your creations pictures and I can send you some of mine. Not publicly please.
    Thanks fore sharing.