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How To: Father’s Day Tie-Dye Mug

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th! Shopping and especially making Father’s Day crafts as gifts can be so tricky, right? This year, let the kiddos make Dad something he’ll actually use… tie-dye mugs! Dad can sip his morning cup of joe and admire the amazing art created by his 7-year-old. This is a quick, easy craft that also serves a purpose, and we all know Dad loves that!


fathers day crafts

All you need for this craft are white, smooth mugs, stickers and nail polish. I grabbed all three of these things at Tuesday Morning for less than $10. You will also need a bowl, water and a toothpick. Gather up all of your supplies, and let’s craft up Dad something extra special this Father’s Day.

mugs 2

First, place a sticker on your mug. I used a fun bicycle sticker because my Dad is really into mountain biking. Press the sticker down firmly since you don’t want the nail polish to get underneath it.

Mugs 3

Next, fill up a bowl with room temperature water. If your water is too hot it will dry up your nail polish before you get a chance to dip your mug. Now it’s time to add drops of nail polish to the water in a bulls eye pattern. Don’t worry… you really can’t mess up the pattern! Then use a toothpick to create a simple pattern. This step is time sensitive since nail polish can dry, so be quick. You can use as many colors of nail polish as you’d like, so get creative.

mugs 4

Now for the fun part! Dip your mug into the pattern of nail polish and pull it out. Use a paper towel to blot the mug and then let the mug dry.

mugs 5

Once the nail polish dries, pull off the sticker and voila… super fun gift for Dad!

mugs 6

You can always dip the mug again, like I did with the bicycle mug. Or if for whatever reason you don’t like the pattern, use nail polish remover to take off the pattern and try again. Also fair to note that these mugs need to be hand washed. Cheers to a crafting up unique Father’s Day gifts that dads are sure to love and use!

For more handmade Father’s Day crafts and gift ideas, check out our Father’s Day Pinterest board. Here’s how to find a Tuesday Morning store location near you to grab all of the materials to make a special Dad’s day gift. Also, be the first to know about new products and promotions by signing up for the email newsletter, and follow all of Tuesday Morning’s social media accounts here: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest!

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  1. Reply Charles

    The instructions read to pull the sticker off. Is this correct?

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      You’re right, Charles! Jamie recommends waiting until the nail polish has dried before you pull of the sticker. We hope you have fun creating your mugs!

  2. Reply Susan

    How clever! I would have never guessed that you could use nail polish to decorate a mug. Your painted mugs are beautiful!

  3. Reply Joan

    What a great creative idea! Love it. And from Tuesday Morning no less! Keep it up!

  4. Reply PJ Black

    Love this, what a great gift idea! Thanks!

  5. Reply Marianne

    The the cups we did a set of four.
    Thank you

  6. Reply Judy

    Great posting and I saw lots of awesome items at the Ballwin store. Just think about it . . . in just a short time we will have an even bigger Tuesday Morning! AND even more items!!!

  7. Reply LAURA


    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Jamie recommends hand washing your mugs, Laura!