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How to Host an Epic Sleepover with Jen Perkins

We partnered with blogger Jennifer Perkins to throw an Epic Sleepover before the school year begins again! Check out her post below:


Summer is quickly coming to a close and soon the school bells will be ringing.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  Either way send the kids back with one last summer shebang.  I decided to throw my daughter and her cousins their first sleepover.  It was actually a full weekend of non stop popcorn munching, face painting, karaoke sessions, pedicures and crafts crafts and more crafts.  The best part is most of the supplies came from one place: Tuesday Morning.


The key to a successful slumber party is to not have any down time.  Wear those kids out with activities so they will sleep and maybe mommy can sneak in a late night mani and pedi in peace.  I had loaded up on an arsenal of craft supplies from Tuesday Morning to keep the kids busy throughout the weekend and my plan worked like a charm.  I’m patting myself on the back for a successful sleepover and you can too if you follow my 5 tips to hosting an epic sleepover.


Glitter, Glue and All Things Girlie

I love all the craft supplies at Tuesday Morning.  The kid’s aisle is full of easy to follow low mess craft kits.  Outside the kids department there is an entire section devoted to crafts – an oasis of crafty fun.  I loaded up on scrapbook supplies and jewelry kits this time around.  The girls had all been at vacation bible school together the week before so I had all the pictures developed from their week.  I gave each girl a stack of pictures, glue stick, scissors, stickers and more and they got busy for hours.  Each girl worked diligently documenting the memories of their week together in style.  There were occasional breaks in the scrapbooking action to string necklaces and paint, but paper crafting was the overall winner.


Crafting and Beautifying Makes You Work Up an Appetite

You might not know it but Tuesday Morning has oodles of culinary gadgets and rows of food.  From fancy coffee (which mom and dad needed badly each morning) to cookies, popsicles and popcorn.  If you have ever hosted a slumber party then you have known what it feels like to be a short order cook.  Kids eat constantly so all of these snack foods came in handy. Plus mixing up some food coloring with icing and handing over some left over Halloween sprinkles kept the kids busy decorating cookies for a good hour.


Makeover Must Haves

It’s been a long time since I have worn the bright green and blue eyeshadow collecting dust in the back of my vanity cabinet.  The girls were more than happy to help me with this problem.  The first night everyone got a full face of make-up and a pedicure.  Tuesday Morning had polish galore, nail decals and even sparkly toe separators for that true spa feel.  I let the girls paint their own nails.  Remind me not to let them do that on my carpet next time.  The second night when the girls requested more makeup I instead brought out the Tulip Fashion Body Paint from Tuesday Morning.  I made little boys cars and girls into butterflies.  I can now check face painting off my bucket list.  The girls refused to wash their faces or wipe them with towels after dips in the pool for the remainder of the weekend.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Anyone who lived through the 80’s remembers Lisa Frank and her purple and pink tigers.  She is still around and going strong.  Sitting on a shelf at Tuesday Morning was everything I needed for the weekend in one simple box – Lisa Frank Party for Four Tub.  This 276 piece kit was the belle of the ball.  There was a jewelry kit (the girls made baubles for days), tiaras, nail decals, wands and the most important part – light up microphones.  For 3 little girls obsessed with the movie Frozen this was the best gift of all time.  If I never have to hear a very flat rendition of “Let It Go” again that will be ok with me.  Even my nephew took the 4th mic to sing the Thomas the Train theme song.  Get this kit, trust me.


Sweet Dreams

Just when the girls thought the party was over and bed time was imminent I busted out some pillowcases and fabric markers I had picked up at Tuesday Morning and told the girls to get busy.  They traced their hands, drew pictures, signed each other’s pillows and more.  Each time they lay their little heads on these customized pillowcases they will go to sleep having sweet dreams of the most epic slumber party of all time.

Have fun,

Jennifer Perkins

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