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How to Create a Home Gym on a Budget

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that we’re almost through the first month of 2016! So tell me: How many of you are still going strong with your New Year’s resolutions? I admit—I make a health-related resolution every year, whether it’s to eat better or get back on the fitness wagon. On the one hand, it’s a bummer that I have to make those kinds of resolutions year after year; but on the other hand, I figure, at least I keep trying!

After a few years of resolving to go to the gym more often, I finally realized that I needed to create a workout space at home. We had an extra bedroom that wasn’t being used, so I decided to spend the last week of 2015 converting it to a home fitness space so I would be ready to tackle my 2016 fitness goals right away. (I guess I should clarify that I had the home gym ideas, but my helpful husband did most of the manual labor!)

I gave myself a budget of $500 to turn that smallish, kind of dark, and unused room into a light and inviting space where we would feel inspired to spend time exercising, practicing yoga, and even trying a little meditation. I’m so happy with how our home fitness and yoga studio turned out, and I can’t wait to share the pictures and details with you!

We started by taking up the carpet and installing a new laminate wood floor, which would be better for a workout space.

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-1

The carpet’s gone and we’re ready to install the new floor!

Price was my first consideration, so I was thrilled to find a light birch flooring for less than $1/square foot at the hardware store. It certainly doesn’t look like it was that inexpensive, and the light color of the wood turned out to be the perfect choice for a fitness studio, don’t you think? It really helped brighten up the room.

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-3

The new floor makes our space light and bright.

Next, I needed to find the perfect paint color for the walls. The color I chose had to feel energizing (for when we’re really working out in the studio) but not overly jarring or bright (for when we’re doing yoga or meditating). I think I found just the right color in Positive Energy by Behr. Even the name is perfect for a home studio!

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-2

Positive Energy is just what I want for my home workout and yoga studio!

Finally, I headed to Tuesday Morning to pick up some fitness accessories. I have to admit, I normally breeze by the fitness section at my Tuesday Morning. But on my last shopping trip, I was pleasantly surprised to see the selection of exercise equipment that’s just right for working out at home. From yoga mats, stability balls, and resistance bands to sport water bottles, stay-cool towels, and even pedometers, Tuesday Morning has the basics you’ll need to have a great workout at home.

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-7

Essentials for a home fitness studio, at Tuesday Morning’s great prices.

Weight and resistance training are essential to a well-rounded fitness routine, especially for us ladies, because they help prevent bone loss. I picked up a couple of kettlebells to get me started back with resistance training this year. (Not sure what to do with kettlebells? Check out the New Year, Renewed You board on Pinterest for some kettlebell routines!) I also found an exercise step that I can use for a lot of different body weight exercises.

Both my husband and I really want to start doing yoga on a regular basis this year. It’s so good for flexibility, core strength, and balance. Beyond the physical benefits, we find that it’s a great way to get our day started on a positive note or to de-stress at the end of a hectic day.

The great thing about yoga is that you don’t need a lot of “stuff” to do it! But besides a mat, there are a few yoga props that are helpful for beginners or folks who are not very flexible, like me. I found a great three-piece yoga set at Tuesday Morning for about $10 that includes a nice, cushy mat; a block; and a yoga strap.

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-8

This yoga mat is treated with Microban, making it a great choice for taking with you to yoga classes.

That price is amazing! You’d spend more than that for the mat alone at most places. The block and yoga strap are great for completing poses when your range of motion is limited. (I’ve pinned some tips for using these props to the New Year, Renewed You Pinboard as well.)

I don’t want our studio to feel cluttered, so I picked up a woven basket to corral all our new equipment.

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-12

So with all of that in my shopping cart, I knew my home fitness studio was off to a great start in terms of supplies. But I wanted this space to be both functional AND attractive, so I decided to get a few décor pieces as well. I found just the right touches to round out my studio makeover!

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-5

I added these little details to make our studio an inviting space to unwind after working out.

I saw this silver ceramic Buddha figurine on the shelves and thought it would add a bit of Zen to the studio. My husband had already asked me to find a small table for the studio, and this rustic wood table was just the right size and style! A small planter with faux succulents and a decorative scented candle add the finishing touches.

Little details like these help cement the purpose of this room. I’m so much more motivated to take the time for myself to work out and practice my yoga than I would be if this was still a cluttered, dark corner of the house.

Here’s the big picture of our home fitness and yoga studio! What do you think?

011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-11 011516-Dineen-Fitness Studio-10

It’s still a little bit of a work in progress—now that there’s a fresh coat of paint on the walls, I want to paint the trim and doors as well. We’ll probably also add some full-length mirrors on one of the walls, to help us maintain form when we’re practicing yoga or doing weight training. But I think we’re off to a great start! And the best part is that we did this room makeover in about a week and right on budget.

Whether you’re just grabbing a mat and practicing your asanas on the living room floor or creating a dedicated yoga or fitness space in your home, I hope you’ve been inspired by my post today!





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