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Your Home Design Dilemmas Answered

Have a spot in your home you’re just not sure how to decorate? We’ve asked blogger Lindsay Hines from Whimsy Girl Design for her inspirational ideas to address some of your toughest design questions.  

Design dilemmas … we all have them. From achieving perfect furniture placement to styling those awkward areas in your home, they can be frustrating to figure out! But not to worry, I’m here to help. Tuesday Morning asked its social media followers to share their biggest design dilemmas, and challenged me to come up with the solutions. I must say, I had a blast shopping at Tuesday Morning and working on a plan for each problem! So, let’s get started on turning these dilemmas into your new favorite part of your home:

Design Dilemma #1:

Are chairs okay in front of the fireplace? – Cindy via Facebook


Absolutely! I actually love to use chairs to create a cozy conversation area anchored by the fireplace. Angle the chairs toward the center of the room, add a small cocktail table or large basket holding cozy throw blankets and you’ve created the perfect spot to gather with family and friends. This design board is a great guide for creating a similar space in your own home.


1. Topiary: $12.99 (compare at $24.99) 2. Clock: $79.99 (compare at $160) 3. Cafer chair: $299.99 (compare at $900) 4. Script pillow: $9.99 (compare at $30) 5. Rustic end table: $19.99 (compare at $40) 6. Basket: $19.99 (compare at $54) 7. Throw blanket: $19.99 (compare at $39.99).

Speaking of chairs, are you in the market for some new chairs to add to your space? Check out these great options I came across at my local Tuesday Morning. They had a great selection of styles and colors available … and the best part is that each chair shown here is under $300 (compare at $399-$900).


Design Dilemma #2:

My wine fridge has no place. It overly dominates whenever I put it on my counters, and I haven’t found a stand that looks good to put it on. – Tracey via Instagram


I was brainstorming this one for a few days and happened to walk into Tuesday Morning and the solution was waiting for me! Two words: Bar Cart. Tuesday Morning has some great bar carts, as well as other furniture pieces, that would be the perfect fit. You can place your wine fridge on the upper or lower shelf, depending on which works better for your home, and then add some fun accessories to the remaining space! Here are several items from Tuesday Morning that would create the perfect “wine bar” in your home. Cheers!


1. Metal bar cart: $99.99 (compare at $200) 2. Bottle opener wall plaque: $39.99 (compare at $80) 3. Maxwell bar cart: $129.99 (compare at $300) 4. Metal wine rack: $22.99 (compare at $46) 5. Bordeaux stemware: $3.99/each (compare at $10) 6. Wine storage sideboard: $399.99 (compare at $1,100) 7. Wine glass guest towel: $3.99 (compare at $12) 8. Wooden wine crate: $12.99 (compare at $25.99).

Design Dilemma #3:

I can’t figure out how to decorate a builder-designed wall alcove. I have two; one curved and one flat. Would love design ideas! – Kelly via Instagram


Oh yes … art niches, a fancy name for, “What do I put in here?” They can be tricky to decorate. But I’ve come up with a few ideas to make the challenge fun.

  1. Paint the inside a bold accent color to make it stand out, then add accessories (see inspiration below).
  2. Paint the inside with chalkboard paint and use a variety of quotes or sayings for different seasons and holidays!
  3. Use craft paper or wallpaper to add a fun pattern to the space while creating an interesting backdrop for the accessories you decorate with.
  4. If you have a deep niche or curved niche, you could add simple wood shelves to create a built-in bookcase!

Tuesday Morning has a huge assortment of home accessories that would be the perfect fit for those tricky spots! Here are a few unique items I came across while shopping:


1. Shutter shelf: $59.99 (compare at $120) 2. Distressed mirror with shelf: $49.99 (compare at $100) 3. Clock cabinet: $129.99 (compare at $260) 4. Bird wall plaque: $49.99 (compare at $100) 5. Clock/organizer: $39.99 (compare at $80) 6. Birdcage decor: $29.99 (compare at $50) 7. Crest mirror: $69.99 (compare at $140) 8. White Paris clock: $24.99 (compare at $50).

Need more inspiration? Check out our Home Décor on a Budget pinboard for more great ideas to transform any area of your home!