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Preparing For Holiday Travel

We partnered with Jenna Francisco, travel writer and blogger of This Is My Happiness. Read how she is preparing for upcoming holiday travel to Brazil with lightweight luggage and other brand-name travel items she found at Tuesday Morning.

The holiday season is upon us, but for me, it’s also travel season. While most of us are preparing holiday menus and decorating for the holidays, I’m preparing everything for a Christmas-time visit to my husband’s home country of Brazil. Soon my husband, two sons, and I will be leaving behind the Christmas season here in California, and that means it’s time to get busy preparing for holiday travel. I always love to check out the bargains at Tuesday Morning, but what I didn’t expect was what a perfect source it would be for travel items!

holiday travel lightweight luggage

When I get ready to travel, the first thing I consider is the luggage I need. I have to keep in mind the destination and the weather. After deciding what clothes and other items I bring, it’s time to decide on luggage. First, I need to find luggage that’s the right size. If you travel overseas, you know that the weight of the suitcase is important. I also look for luggage that’s sturdy and can hold up to the stress of international travel. That’s why I decided to buy these lightweight hard shell suitcases. Not only does the hard outside keep my things protected during the long trip, but the suitcases are made from extremely lightweight material, meaning that I pack more and still make it under the weight limit.


The selection of luggage at Tuesday Morning was just what I was hoping for: quality, brand-name items at drastically reduced prices! I found two lightweight suitcases for just $59 each. While I opted for smaller sizes that can be used as carry-ons or for shorter weekend getaways, Tuesday Morning had plenty of medium and large size suitcases, too.


Another item that I find essential while traveling is a good backpack. This is something I need no matter what type of trip I’m taking—from holding my essentials on the airplane to carrying items for a daytrip or family hike, a good backpack is a holiday travel necessity. I was excited to find a Swiss Army laptop backpack at Tuesday Morning. This high-quality bag has sturdy padded straps for comfort on the shoulders, extra padding on the inside to protect my laptop on all sides, and plenty of pockets to organize my small items.


Now that I have the lightweight luggage taken care of, it’s time to think about traveling with my kids. Most parents’ are concerned about how to keep kids occupied during those long travel hours, whether by car or plane. Fortunately, Tuesday Morning had some great choices for travel items. First, I found a variety of travel games and activity books, which is something I rarely see in stores. After looking through the cute Melissa and Doug activity books and travel size board games, I finally decided on a travel-size magnetic Hangman game, which my kids already love.


One of my boys’ favorite pastimes is coloring or drawing, so I was happy to find a nice selection of quality crafting materials. A brand-new set of 18 beautiful coloring markers and colored pencils in 48 shades will keep my boys busy for hours during our travels.

Are you preparing for travel this holiday season? For more ways to get ready for holiday travel, check out the Tuesday Morning Travel in Style board on Pinterest.

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Products featured in this post: Ricardo Beverly Hills expandable suitcase $59.99 (compare at $159), Timberland suitcase $59.99 (compare at $320), Swiss Gear laptop backpack $49.99 (compare at $79.00), American Crafts art marker set $14.99 (compare at $29.99), American Crafts 48-piece colored pencil set $8.99 (compare at $14.99), Hangman travel game $1.99 (compare at $3.99).

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  1. Reply Ally

    I remember when Tuesday Morning first came to town, I found a large really nice can that I could be home made treats in. My husband was in the hospital and diagnosed with a rare curable ailment just before it would have been too late to save him. The doctors cured him with no problems after that. I found that can that said A WORLD OF THANKS on it.
    It was a perfect gift to fill with my home made chocolate candies in for the staff.

  2. Reply Jules Kwiatkowski

    I am very disappointed in your Palm Coast storeI purchased about $90.00 of items in your store.When I went to check them out I asked the clerk if they give veterans discounts.She said that she didn’t know and will check with the manger He came back very abruptly and said;Tuesday Morning does not give discounts to veterans Bad policy your cpmpetion does.Please advise.

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Jules. Would you mind emailing or calling us toll free at 1-800-457-0099, 8am-5pm CST Monday through Friday, so we can follow up on this?

  3. Reply christina conte

    Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite places to shop for things like travel gear, kitchen and bath items and lots of awesome gifts! The prices cannot be beat! How awesome for you and your family to spend Christmas in Brazil! Looks like you’re all set to go now! 🙂

  4. Reply Andi

    You found some fantastic finds! I have never heard of Tuesday Morning before but I am so glad that you brought them to my attention. I think I am going to dive right into the Pinterest board at this very moment! I know you said the kids like to draw, but I’ve got my eye on those Creative Zen pens/pencils for myself!

  5. Reply Cynthia | What A Girl Eats

    Having a smallish back pack is a great idea. I dread taking a shoulder purse with me when I’m traveling. A back pack feels safer…Having said that, my 16 year old confiscated my really compact backpack when we were in Europe last spring, so I need a new one! Thankfully, my 21 and 16 year old no longer need to be entertained while traveling.

  6. Reply Ellie Steinhauer

    We love Tuesday morning. Shop there all the time.. Great deals thank you for a well organized store and clean. Was just there today and yesterday.

  7. Reply Amgela Rippe

    Even though this web site says the Palm Center is up and running. Thats not true, evidentially the store has experienced some roof dammage and is closed down!
    Please bring back our Tuesday Morning store to Lakeland

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      The Lakeland store is temporarily closed. We’re awaiting remodel of our existing space and a timeline has not been finalized. We appreciate your patience!

  8. Reply Brenda Powell

    Is there any way I can order Darcie die cuts from another store ,Paducah store does not have them .I would like to have several of them I see them on U Tub purchased at Tuesday Morning.for $3.99.can you help ?

    • Tuesday Morning
      Reply Tuesday Morning

      Hi Brenda! Unfortunately due to the closeout nature of our store, we are not able to offer online shopping at this time. Since our inventories vary by location, your best bet is to visit or call your local store. You can find your nearest location by entering your zip code here: