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Six Great Holiday Gift Ideas

To help kick off our 12 Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes, Rebekah of A Blissful Nest has provided some fantastic gift ideas for the special people in your life!

It’s that time to start thinking of what you are going to get your friends and family for the holiday season. Putting together meaningful and thoughtful gifts does not have to be hard when you have such wide selections to choose from at Tuesday Morning. I have put together 6 different gifts that I know you will love and hope to inspire you on some ideas of what you can put together for those special people you need gifts for this holiday season.

The Perfect Hostess Gift:


We all have those obligatory holiday parties to go to and, if you are like me, I never know what to bring. This gorgeous pearlized bucket and crystal wine stopper are a beautiful set when wrapped with this chalkboard style bar towel and your favorite wine. The hostess will enjoy her gift long after the bottle of wine is gone!


For The Baker:


Do you have someone in the family that loves being in the kitchen? Then this is the gift set for them. Chances are if they bake a lot already, then they are in need of a new set of tools and kitchen towels. Why not gather a set of some of the most used cooking utensils and stuff them inside pot holders. Use a cute container like this wood utensil catch-all and tuck in some neutral kitchen towels in the back. Use some clear cellophane and tie it with some gorgeous ribbon. Trust us, they will love you for it!


For The Home Enthusiast:


Do you have someone who loves decorating their home and could use some new essential items for their kitchen? Well, we’ve got THE gift for you! This gorgeous basket full of fluffy wash towels, lemony fresh soap, a candle in a mug they can use later for coffee and a little vintage looking white pitcher with flowers, will help brighten their home.


Tie a pretty burlap ribbon around the flowers for a pretty, rustic look. The basket is beautiful too and could be used in a bathroom to hold toilet paper rolls. I love giving gifts that have multiple purposes.


For The Glamour Girl:


We all have that lady in the family that loves clothes, makeup and pampering herself. I love this gift idea placed in this gorgeous pink damask lidded box. Plaid is a huge staple this winter and Tuesday Morning has beautiful scarves and shawls in this must-have pattern. We paired this with some beauty essentials like this assortment of lip gloss, a leopard magnifying glass, hello gorgeous jewelry tray, delicious smelling hand soap and a striped makeup pouch with a fabulous leather bow! I don’t know what girl would not feel pampered after opening a box like this!


For The Guy:


I love being able to go to 1 place and get everything I need for everyone, including my husband. He will be thrilled to get these Izod slippers and what guy does not need a grooming set?! I chose some soft warm wool socks to go in this modern greek key patterned box that can be used for under the side of his sink. Simply add some tissue paper to pop out of the corners and tie on a bow.


A Gift For The Teacher:


Teachers can never get enough coffee to help them stay awake to take care of our kids. I love this oversized mug and cute quote. Stuffed with some peppermints and a notepad and pen, their essentials will be at their fingertips to get them through the rest of the year.


Whether looking for a gift for a man, child, teacher or friend, Tuesday Morning has got you covered this holiday season. Tuesday Morning even has a 12 Days of Giveaways Sweepstakes that you must enter HERE!

To find the Tuesday Morning location closest to you, click HERE and if you would like to sign up to get their newsletter with all their great deals you can click HERE.

You can check out Tuesday Morning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Plus, get more gift giving ideas on the Gifts For Everyone Pinboard!

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Rebekah Dempsey

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A little about me: I am a native Californian but moved to Dallas 3 years ago. I absolutely love living in the South but still miss seeing the beach every day. I love going junking on the weekends with friends and am constantly reinventing the rooms in my home. I love moving pieces around that I already own to create a new look! My days are full with my design clients, running A Blissful Nest and being a soccer mom on the weekends. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What I love to write about: I love writing about design tips and how to get a designer look with not a whole lot of effort. I love mixing unusual color combinations with unique pattern mixes. Everyone deserves a blissful home with their own personal signature touch!

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  1. Reply Cheri wood

    I like the cooking basket everyone has to cook at some point good idea

  2. Reply Shannon

    I love all the great ideas. I will be using these to help me select some gifts at Tuesday Morning!

  3. Reply Debbi

    Would love to win! Happy Holidays!

  4. Reply Joyce Allison

    Would love to win, Love Tuesday Morning. I still have my butter crock I bought there years ago. Christmas is a special time and magical time of the year,

  5. Reply Judy Frey

    I love Tuesday Morning

  6. Reply Yolanda Jordan Young

    What such beautiful gift?

  7. Reply Cynthia

    Trust me, teachers have enough coffee mugs. Consider classroom supplies or splurges. Dry erase markers, sharpies, liquid chalk markers, card stock and classroom enhancements are all good choices.

  8. Reply Linda yarbrough

    I love shopping Tuesday Morning. I’ve never been in the store without finding something to buy. I’m a quilter and have found many items for my quilting stash. Also the gifts I’ve bought have all been well appreciated.

  9. Reply Patricia

    Some great ideas…Thanx.

  10. Reply Mary

    I will be happy to take these gifts off your hands. No problem.

  11. Reply Charles

    Tuesday’s has lost its competitive edge. No longer competitively priced products.

  12. Reply Maria Lee

    Great ideas .helpful

  13. Reply Dwight fowlkes

    Great job

  14. Reply Carrie Aldridge

    I have a comment for your second give away. I suggest a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

  15. Reply Pam hill

    Enter seep steak

  16. Reply Patricia Holmes

    Love this store

  17. Reply

    I also enjoyed the discounts that Tuesday Morning provides. I discovered housewares, gifts, toys, and discounted batteries, etc.

    Deborah Kennedy

  18. Reply Courtney Galbraith


  19. Reply Carolyn Campbell

    Love the idea and help this gives for things you can put together. Thanks

  20. Reply Diane

    Proving there are beautiful ideas for gift giving that don’t require a lot of spending! Thank you, Tuesday Morning!

  21. Reply GAY

    It’s always fun to visit Tuesday Morning and see what’s new. Love this store!