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A Holiday How-To Guide: Gift-Giving Etiquette

You’ve got your significant other, your kids, your parents, and your siblings on your gift-giving list for sure. But what about all the other people you cross paths with every day? Sometimes it’s hard enough trying to find the perfect gift for family and friends, let alone your kids’ teachers and the dog walker! (And should you even give a gift to the dog walker?)

Today, I’m here to set the record straight on the finer points of holiday gift-giving etiquette, along with a few ideas for quick and inexpensive gifts that people will love getting from you! (Here’s a hint: it’s not fruitcake.)

First, a quick primer on the basics of holiday gifting versus tipping:

  1. Never tip salaried professionals (teachers, doctors, nurses, personal assistants, office staff, etc.).
  2. Give small, thoughtful gifts to the people with whom you interact regularly or who provide some level of personal service to you or your immediate family: day care, preschool, and elementary school teachers; live-in health care workers; nursing home workers; personal assistants; etc. Limit spending to about $25 per gift.
  3. Give cash gifts (tips) equivalent to one visit, one day’s pay, or one week’s pay (as appropriate) to other service providers: babysitter; hairstylist, manicurist, barber, massage therapist, and personal trainer; pool cleaner, landscaper, and gardener; housekeeper and cleaning staff; and pet groomer, pet sitter, and dog walker.
  4. Give a cash gift to your apartment doorman, superintendent, and/or building manager based on the level of service you’ve received through the year (generally between $25–$100).
  5. USPS regulations prohibit letter carriers from receiving cash gifts, so plan to give your letter carrier a small gift instead (homemade cookies, breads, and cakes are a good option). UPS and FedEx prefer that customers give small gifts instead of tips, but don’t specifically prohibit tipping. Limit spending to about $25.
  6. Conventional wisdom frowns upon giving gifts to your boss, as it might come across as an attempt to curry favor. Every workplace is different, though, so use your best judgment and decide for yourself. (You might talk to coworkers about pooling together to get one gift from the whole team, for example.) Consider drawing names for coworker gifts, or when giving gifts to some coworkers and not others, do so in private (to avoid hurt feelings).
  7. Keep a stash of small gifts on hand to give to neighbors, hostesses of any holiday parties you attend, and for last-minute or unexpected gift giving.
112114-Dineen-Gift Guide-mug rug-448x600

This year, I’m making a bunch of these festive, quilted mug rugs as part of my holiday gift stash! They stitch together in a flash.

The Gift Stash

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older, it’s the immeasurable value of having a secret stash of little gifts to have on hand for neighbors and hostesses and the inevitable “Oh no! I completely forgot about…” folks. Whether you curate your little gift stash throughout the year or spend a weekend busting through a batch of them, I guarantee you that they’ll make you look way more put together and prepared than you may feel during the holidays! Some of my favorite have-on-hand staples include:

112114-Dineen-Gift Guide-pound cake-448x600

Mini pound cakes. Maybe it’s because I’m a Southern girl, but I have literally never met anyone who didn’t appreciate a homemade pound cake. Don’t buy them from the store! Even for a self-proclaimed non-baker like myself, spending a day making batches of mini pound cakes is almost pleasurable and definitely not as hard as you think. Most (Southern) ladies have their own go-to recipe: my mom’s is a lemon pound cake that is to die for, and my grandmother always made a chocolate pound cake with chocolate frosting that I have now co-opted as “my” recipe. If you don’t have a recipe of your own, I swear by any pound cake recipe published by Southern Living magazine. (Check out the Gifts That Say Thanks Pinterest board for links to some of my favorites!) Pound cakes are freezer-friendly and therefore perfect to make ahead of time—just be sure to wrap them carefully to prevent freezer burn.

112114-Dineen-Gift Guide-mason jar-448x600

Mason jar cookie mixes. Almost as good as a pound cake—it’s the promise of a tasty homemade treat for the recipient without the hassle of shopping for and measuring out the ingredients. These kinds of gifts are fun and easy for little ones to help “make,” so they’re a fun idea for teacher gifts. Jar mixes are also perfect for making lots of gifts at once!

112114-Dineen-Gift Guide-kitchen towel-448x600

Pretty kitchen/tea/fingertip towels. These are the ideal hostess gifts, because we all know that you can’t have too many kitchen towels! I got an embroidery machine over the summer, so I’ve stocked up on some plain towels that I can quickly personalize with the hostess’s monogram or a holiday motif. Tie a pretty towel onto a bottle of wine or gourmet olive oil, a small cheese board or wooden trivet, or a scented pillar candle for a well-rounded gift.

100714-Dineen-Family Traditions-7-448x600

Ornaments. I’ve always loved getting beautiful ornaments as gifts; even if it’s not “my style,” I’ve always appreciated having something that will remind me of the person who gave it to me or make my tree décor a little less one-dimensional. Ornaments are great to stock up on at craft fairs (look for local artisans) or on your travels. Unless it’s themed to where you live or a place you’ve been, stick with more traditional-looking ornaments to appeal to anyone’s tastes.

I hope this little primer helps you round out your holiday gift-giving list. I’m always on the lookout for unique last-minute gifts, so I want to hear from you! Do you keep a gift stash for last-minute gifts, and if so, what are your favorite ideas? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

Happy gifting!


The Season of Giving

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What I love to write about: I love sharing my favorite craft and home décor ideas on the Tuesday Morning blog … it doesn’t matter what kind of project I’m working on, I know I can find the perfect thing for it at my home Tuesday Morning!

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    The sales people are always cheerful and helpful and that makes my shopping experience one I look forward to.
    I am so glad they now occupy a bigger place where they can make available more exciting products, and the lower prices makes purchasing a total pleasure!

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    I would love to win the Holiday Gift Table Basket because I am hosting a party this year and everything in that basket would make my home shine for it. Thanks for the chance!

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  71. Reply Jane Kandell

    I surely enjoy shopping at Tuesday Morning! This Holiday season was especially fun…the store had such a wide variety of merchandise for gift- giving and looked so festive and inviting. The staff is very helpful too 🙂

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    Your ideas are so great. This year is the first year in 30 plus years I didn’t put up a tree. I just didn’t feel like it this yr, losing my fiancee this yr. I love Christmas time its one time of the year the world cones alive with beautiful lights and decor. And it looks so so pretty. I normally put up several trees in different rooms with different themes. my favorite is the Santa tree.
    I like to add a ornament to each gift as part of the wrapping its a little added surprise that everyone enjoys. My secret is after Christmas sales. I can’t help myself to rumbel through all the sales bins to see what I can find for my stash of Christmas goodies for next year.
    Merry Christmas!! Everyone.

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    Even though my name is spelled like a man I’m not a man. Female who bought an older home to redo. Love to decorate with antique & new items. Always find beautiful products at Tuesday morning I can afford on my budget. Like my home to feel comfortable when someone comes to visit, a place one can relax, but, beautiful. Like to crochet & do other crafts, when time allows. Always working on something. Like to keep candles, pretty soaps, & crochet dish clothes made in case a gift is needed at the last minute. Always looking in Tuesday Mornings for any new items they may have gotten in, we never know what Tuesday Mornings is going to get in their store next. One of my favorite places to shop.