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Holiday Crafts With Kids

For the past few years I’ve done all my holiday shopping at Tuesday Morning. It may sound crazy, but when you look around the store and see they have something for every person in your family and every room of the house, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a one-stop shop! With the holidays right around the corner, I went by my local Tuesday Morning for some holiday crafting supplies and came home with a ton of goodies!

The store had an entire aisle full of holiday items including décor, gift-wrapping supplies, ornaments, etc. I picked up some supplies there and then quickly rushed over to the craft aisle – my favorite!

11122014-CG-holiday kids-1

My kids helped pick out some decorative yarns, stamps, beads, glitter glues, buttons and a chunky stack of holiday-themed scrapbooking and card-making supplies. My kids really enjoy making the family’s holiday cards every year so they even picked out a cute Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer stamp to use in this year’s cards. I like to give the kids free rein for their holiday cards, and our family members have really enjoyed them in the past. I’m sure with the new supplies I got this year they will be a hit again!

11122014-CG-holiday kids-2

11122014-CG-holiday kids-3

11122014-CG-holiday kids-4

We found the cutest little stretched burlap canvases (only $0.99!) and used them to create an embellished felt Christmas tree craft. The kids had a lot of fun with these! Watch my video to see how we made them.

11122014-CG-holiday kids-5

11122014-CG-holiday kids-6

I also whipped together a holiday centerpiece using some wool roving and a sparkly eyelash yarn I found. We alternated the decorative balls with some crinkled paper, and we tied the whole thing up with some red jute. So easy and festive … and the kids got to take part in all the fun! #winning

11122014-CG-holiday kids-7

11122014-CG-holiday kids-8

Check out my holiday crafts haul video above to see more of the goodies I picked up on my recent trip to Tuesday Morning. I even share a few different holiday craft ideas to make with the kids. The kids have fun, and we get to save a ton of money!

I love shopping at Tuesday Morning.

– Vanessa

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Vanessa Wilson

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Crafty Gemini

My home Tuesday Morning location: Butler Plaza in Gainesville, Florida

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Crafts and kitchen… it’s definitely a tie!

A little about me: I’ve been crafting my entire life! To keep me busy when I was a kid, my mom would give me challenging projects like designing my own board games or building something out of scrap materials. I always needed to be doing something with my hands… and as an adult, nothing has changed! I got into sewing while looking for a new creative outlet during law school. A few years ago, I traded in my legal career for a video camera and began to focus solely on my business and raising two kids on a five-acre organic farm. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about as much as I can and to pass that knowledge down to my kids. I am thankful I get to make a living by simply living my life.

What I love to write about: I love to write about my crafty projects, our homestead and what I’m up to with homeschooling my kids. I basically enjoy writing about my life!

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  1. Reply Mary L Robles

    Love this store, its like going in a out business store sale year round, no matter what are my needs, if im into crafting jewelry,

  2. Reply sonja zoeller

    I love your store it always scores.
    Merchandise plenty

  3. Reply Bonnie

    Love Tuesday morning

  4. Reply Deborah Piston

    I love your ideas. It makes me realize that I need to go to the store and look at items more creatively. Great fun projects with the kids.

  5. Reply Joanne

    love Tuesday Morning You carry items I can not find else where and even if I find them I can not afford them So thank you

    I do wish the store at the Orange Village was not closing It is a little harder to sneak into the one further out in Orange. I loved being able to run errands and pop in.

  6. Reply Randa Spencer

    Great crafts

  7. Reply Karly Mauldin

    Going to Tuesday Morning is like going on a treasure hunt- a treasure hunt where you always come out with a treasure!

  8. Reply Karly Mauldin

    Tuesday Morning always has something unique!

  9. Reply Miriam Prantner

    Could really use these items to make my craft space a little better organized. Love all the fun finds I discover at Tuesday Morning!

  10. Reply Stephanie McGlothlin

    I would love this because it would really make my house festive which it is lacking!

  11. Reply steve drexler

    Send me your News Letter, Porfavor.

  12. Reply Sherril T.

    I would be thrilled to get anything that involves goodies from Tuesday Morning!

  13. Reply Karla Boals

    This is my favorite store in the whole wide world! Love the soaps from Italy. The bed sheet are the best! I always get all my family gifts for there beds. The pillows are awesome. Their pots and pans the best you can buy at an affordable price! Kids toys, great selection. … Patio furniture, clothing, sandals, pet supplies, Christmas ornaments, gardening tools, bedspread, towels, make-up, jewelry, purses. I just looked at what I wrote and I think I bought out the whole store! Lol

  14. Reply Bonnie Wenners

    I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. I always buy gifts and scrapbooking supplies. Spring is great for garden tools and decorations. Good place to get unusual candies and sauces and coffee too!

  15. Reply barleecreations

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? I know someone who would love to get this as a gift from me if I won this.

  16. Reply joanne cahnman

    Great stores!!!

  17. Reply L Little

    I love Tuesday Morning finds. quit items, napkins, vases that i’ve found.

  18. Reply Demetra Hayes

    Love the new and unique finds at Tuesday Morning. Its like a treasure chest full of goodies. I love find those special gifts. Great project finds for the kids with the creative minds.

  19. Reply Marguerite Myers

    I love that fact there’s always something different waiting to be discovered. I get antsy with anticipation every time I drive to the store.

  20. Reply Jan Kraslawsky

    Tuesday Morning is really close to me; I’m so lucky that I can “pop in” frequently to see what’s new!

  21. Reply Sue

    Tuesday Morning is my go-to place for special items – Christmas cards, eyeglasses, etc.

  22. Reply Barbara Frogge

    If you are looking for something unique you can find it there. Love shopping there .

  23. Reply HeatherN.

    I love to craft with my family!

  24. Reply Shirl

    love the store I stop in at least once a week

  25. Reply Celeste D.

    I love shopping at your store. It is my first stop for gift shopping.

  26. Reply AnaMar

    I super live Tuesdaymorning

  27. Reply Roz

    I would love to win this basket. I have always wanted an Ott light but have not treated myself to one. My nephew LOVES Lego & its always on his want list. I need to get into my craft room & finish setting it up, some new craft storage would be a great push to get me going. Thanks for the chance.

  28. Reply Raquel Gondocs

    Love Tuesday morning! Its a unique place to shop.. Love the kitchen finds, I’m a home cooker & baker, so my finds @ Tuesday morning are an adventure for me

  29. Reply janice blach

    I always find stylish and unique things at Tuesday Morning

  30. Reply patti

    Love Tuesday Morning! Always a Sale!

  31. Reply Debra Hocking

    Would just LOVE to win the centerpiece deco or craft tote. My house is short on xmas cheer this year. Thx!!

  32. Reply Susan

    I love getting the ads for Tuesday morning because I always find something I like.

  33. Reply Radenna Neal

    Treasures waiting to be found in in Tuesday Morning Stores!

  34. Reply Debbie Echaves

    I would do some craft projects with my granddaughters.

  35. Reply Bonnie Keck

    it is a real shame that the only one even sorta close is closing in rio grande here near wildwood new jersey, between them having cooking stuff that he was interested in, stuffed webkinz that i was interested in…very good prices on those, and knitting supplies and just various items like adult knitted socks which I use all the time around the house, well, after xmas won’t have a store at all

  36. Reply Dee ayers

    I really like Tuesday Morning! You can find so many different things there, and for very good prices.

  37. Reply Joyce Harris

    Tuesday Morning is a great Holiday gifting store. Such a wide variety of gift ideas for all ages.

  38. Reply Cindy

    Find what you can’t find anywhere else at Tuesday Morgan!!

  39. Reply Latoya

    I recently started crafting and I’m very excited. Looking for new things to create

  40. Reply jannie Racette

    Yay, I love love love Tuesday Morning…I wish I could spend all my money there…and more!!

  41. Reply Mary Ann Atzrott

    I love doing family crafts!

  42. Reply margaret p.

    I would like it to make my home more festive. I really don’t have much autumnal decor.

  43. Reply Sandra Navarro

    I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning for over 15 years. From Los Angeles,CA to Tucson,AZ. I just love to shop at Tuesday Morning. Thanks staff for being so helpful. Love you all.

  44. Reply Antoinette Weir

    I love Tuesday Morning!!!! When I need to find gifts and things for my home, I always come to Tuesday Morning. I never leave out of TM empty handed!!!! 😉

  45. Reply Teresa Organ

    It would make a great gift.

  46. Reply Missy Coutts

    I especially love to shop at Tuesday Morning for gift wrap supplies, bedding, Christmas cards , and those yummy lemon cookies they have sometimes at the checkout!

  47. Reply carol ann

    Going to Tuesday Morning is like having the Day off School. Always a GOOD DAY!

  48. Reply Tina

    Can’t stay out of Tuesday Morning for more than a week at a time! Love it!

  49. Reply Lisa

    What a lovely gift to help build my girls’ craft stash! I LOVE Tuesday Morning!!

  50. Reply Pamela Tinkle

    My decorations are all out-dated and would love to have this.

  51. Reply GayLyn Hodges

    I am always getting great things for my crafty granddaughter. It’s amazing the things she makes.

  52. Reply Pamela F

    I love to do crafts with my daughter and we buy many of our supplies at a great discount at Tuesday Morning.

  53. Reply Brenda Tucker

    Tuesday Morning is the first stop on my list of craft stores!

  54. Reply Donna Hawkins

    I love Tuesday Morning store. Its a must for me to go to the store at least once a week. There is always new treasures to find.

  55. Reply Shannon

    I love making crafts and entertaining for the holidays! I always find awesome stuff at Tuesday Morning!

  56. Reply Kathleen

    I have been shopping at Tuesday Morning since their beginnings. It is always exciting to discover something unexpected—that you just have to have. And the price is always great!

  57. Reply Monica C

    My niece loves doing crafts projects

  58. Reply Glenna

    I love this store. You never know what you’ll find.

  59. Reply Irene james

    I love products from Europe. I find them here at very affordable prices.

  60. Reply gretchen m

    I get tons of stuff for my business at this store packaging craft supplies and more!

  61. Reply Roberta

    Love Tuesday Morning! Always find something unexpected.

  62. Reply Kimberly M.

    Love to craft. Love what I could do with all the wonderful things in the basket.

  63. Reply Johnann Allen

    One of my most favorite stores. I can always find goodies there!

  64. Reply Sara M

    I have 5 kids & all of them love creating things – crafting, painting, drawing, building things… They each have a different way of doing things & are proud when they make something with their own imagination. Winning a gift basket would give them something to do that they could share.

  65. Reply Steven Epstein

    im always trying to find stuff for the kids to do besides playing with electronics

  66. Reply Autumn Jojola

    My kids would love it!

  67. Reply Tiffany

    I love Tuesday Morning! You never know what you will find in the aisles.

  68. Reply Jennifer Essad

    I’d love to share w/my family, we were so happy to be together this Thanksgiving, When the kids we younger we would craft during their school breaks. Every year when I decorate our home and tree I’m taken back to different times through out their childhood. This would be a wonderful gift to share with my family as adults, we can reminisce around the table.

  69. Reply stephanie torres

    I host a fab holiday party and would love the basket to enhance the decor.

  70. Reply nellie diaz

    Vanessa I love bargains and this store is the best when it comes to savings and the brand name wow what a bonus plus to me and family thank you Tuesday Morning for looking out for our savings

  71. Reply Katie Marchi

    Great Blog Tuesday Morning! Would love to chat with whomever manages the content and site. Can you DM at your earliest convenience? Have a thought. Thanks!

  72. Reply Angela Davis

    I love this store

  73. Reply debra

    having a problem with my perk card it says the number is invalid can some one explain why