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Happy Father’s Day!

I love Father’s Day. I’m fortunate enough to be an unabashed Daddy’s girl—and if you’re a Daddy’s girl too, you know exactly how wonderful it is! Whether he’s known as “Daddy,” “Dad,” “Pops,” or something entirely different, I think we can all agree that it’s so very important for children and teenagers to have positive male role models in their lives. I believe it’s equally important to acknowledge and celebrate those male role models. For some of us, we’ll be celebrating our fathers; others will be celebrating stepfathers, grandfathers, brothers and Big Brothers, uncles, teachers and coaches, or whoever stepped up to the plate to help us become the people we are today.

Despite my love of the holiday and the intent behind it, I have to admit that I usually struggle to find something clever to give my dad and husband for Father’s Day. I hate to fall into the tools-and-ties trap; and if the men in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they pretty much get whatever fun gadgets they want when they want them!

My ace in the hole is The Grill. Yes, it’s a cliché—but seriously, I haven’t met a guy who either isn’t a grilling aficionado or isn’t trying very hard to become one! Putting together a “King of the Grill” gift basket is easy and fun, and something the kids can help with, too! Check out this blog for a cute printable tag to go on your basket.

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I recently picked up these maple and cedar wood grilling planks from Tuesday Morning. I can’t wait to have my husband try them out on the grill! I love getting cedar-plank grilled salmon when we’re dining out, so being able to do that at home—or more accurately, having my husband do that at home—means we’ll save money recreating our favorite restaurant dishes at home!


Have your little ones help you mix together a gourmet barbeque rub to include in your grilling basket. There are plenty of recipes to be found online, but I really like this blog.


There’s no shortage of necktie-themed elements for Father’s Day gifts: tie-shaped printables, cards, key chains, cookies, and banners are the most common things I’ve seen on Pinterest and the blogosphere. But as I was searching for unique Father’s Day gift ideas, I came across some clever ways to repurpose old neckties—a great idea for using what you’ve got on hand and giving a nod to a Father’s Day tradition at the same time!

My absolute favorite idea was a photo album/memory book cover made from old neckties. The blogger had saved her father’s ties after he passed away and used them to make these album covers for her mom and siblings. I thought that was such a lovely and sentimental way to remember her dad!


Another clever idea I found was a tutorial on making a zippered pouch from old neckties. This would be the perfect way to salvage your husband’s or dad’s favorite tie that might be too worn to wear anymore!


Finally, I thought this necktie wreath was just too cute! This would be a really simple project to make and hang on the front door for Father’s Day!


We have plenty of last-minute gift ideas and Father’s Day recipes for you on our Father’s Day 2014 Pinterest board! Have a wonderful holiday!


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    Looking for an item that displays Cup cakes like a cake on a cake platter

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      Hi I was just in Tuesday Morning and saw the most beautiful clear glass three tiered desert stand, very beautiful. Nancy Rick-Janis

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        Glad you liked it Nancy!

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      Hi Bobi, Try checking your local Tuesday Morning. Every store is different and our inventories always varies.