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Family Travel 101

It’s no secret that I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. Mostly because I like high-quality stuff but I’m also frugal. Tuesday Morning sells brand-name products at closeout prices. So, high-quality products + closeout prices = win! On my most recent trip to my local Tuesday Morning, I had one goal in mind: finding some family travel essentials I could carry with me to help make my family trips easier, especially with two little kids! I scored some great finds, and I’m excited to share it all with you!

No. 1 on my travel essentials list is ways to keep my kids entertained, engaged and having fun. After all, if they are happy, mom and dad are happy! I picked up all kinds of art supplies in the craft section of my local store. Brush markers, colored pencils, more markers, gel pens, drawing pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. I’m going to put it all in these cute plastic cases I found for only $0.99 each. Hint: Watch my video to learn why I had to grab these plastic boxes!


In the toy area I even found these Crayola DryErase Play Sets for $1.99 each! My kids are going to love these. They get the kids using their imaginations, and there is no mess. Perfect for road trips or airplane rides.


I was looking for some type of mini-clipboard to keep the activities contained on my children’s laps. Imagine my excitement when I found perfectly sized mini-clipboards with notepads and pencils! They are small enough to fit in any bag but large enough to get the job done. Score!


To keep myself entertained, I got some more yarn to crochet while my husband drives. I also found a handy little magnetic needle nest that will be perfect for keeping my tapestry needle in place while I crochet. This would be great to hold pins and needles for any project. My husband will be glad I’ll no longer have needles falling into his car seats! OUCH!



The Clover stacking cases are slim and will fit just about anywhere. They come in different sizes and will keep your pins, needles, and other small crafting supplies in place while you travel. I picked up a few in different sizes. I know I’ll put these to good use!


What is a road trip without some snacks to enjoy along the way? The gourmet foods aisle at my local store is jam-packed with goodies! The ingredient lists are short and many of the foods have no added preservatives or additives. I found these gluten-free pretzel snacks in two different flavors and jumped on ’em! I also had to grab a box of lemon snap cookies … just in case I need them, right?



I also picked up some tech essentials like AA batteries, a new car charger for my cell phone, a portable dual-port USB charger for my gadgets, and even a night-light for my kids.



With the holidays right around the corner, I am all set for our next family road trip, and something tells me this one will be the smoothest one yet!

Happy travels!



The Season of Giving

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Craft Supplies, Gourmet Food, Shopping Haul
Vanessa Wilson

Meet the Contributor

Blog: Crafty Gemini

My home Tuesday Morning location: Butler Plaza in Gainesville, Florida

My favorite Tuesday Morning department: Crafts and kitchen… it’s definitely a tie!

A little about me: I’ve been crafting my entire life! To keep me busy when I was a kid, my mom would give me challenging projects like designing my own board games or building something out of scrap materials. I always needed to be doing something with my hands… and as an adult, nothing has changed! I got into sewing while looking for a new creative outlet during law school. A few years ago, I traded in my legal career for a video camera and began to focus solely on my business and raising two kids on a five-acre organic farm. My goal in life is to learn as much as I can about as much as I can and to pass that knowledge down to my kids. I am thankful I get to make a living by simply living my life.

What I love to write about: I love to write about my crafty projects, our homestead and what I’m up to with homeschooling my kids. I basically enjoy writing about my life!

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  1. Reply Carol Simino

    I love to check out Tuesday Mornings craft department for great bargains. While there I always check out the rest of the store too!

    • Reply Meredith Shea

      Great website!

  2. Reply Kathleen Smalling

    Thank you for such a lovely gift basket contest!

  3. Reply Catherine Griffice

    I just need this to keep me sane over the holidays.

  4. Reply Kathleen Smalling

    This would be so lovely to have on my Thanksgiving Table. I love to decorate at the holidays. Shows you care

  5. Reply jules m.

    i love making things with my daughter, we would LOVE this craft baket!

  6. Reply m

    The items would be great for when we travel this holiday season.

  7. Reply Karly Mauldin

    I love Tuesday Morning ! The deals and selection are out of this world!

  8. Reply Lin

    Make some neat crafts to use at my church for Christmas

  9. Reply Rhonda Frisby

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Tuesday Morning I have been decorating my home for years with their products Many lunch hours have been spent shopping there wonderful products! My family and grandchildren thank you also. Can’t wait for Christmas.

  10. Reply Anita Mauldin

    Great ideas!

  11. Reply Rhonda Frisby

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Tuesday Morning. I have been shopping many years decorating my home. Many lunch hours spent browsing you inventory. MY family and grandchildren have benefited from all your wonderful merchandise. Can’t wait for Christmas

  12. Reply Debbie Echaves

    The OttLite desk lamp would be such a help would love to have it.

  13. Reply Sol

    I was introduced to the store by a coworker, I went there and likes all the different things you have for the home.
    Thank you for the gift basket contents. I would like to participate on the gift basket for Thanksgiving for a young mother and her one year old daughter. They have gone through domestic violence and I they deserve a little happiness in their life. They are good people and the daughter is such a sweet little girl. Hope I have a chance to win the basket for them. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for what we have and I would like to donate the basket to them. Just think on how fortunate some of us are because we have a job, a roof over out heads, food on our table but they go from shelter to shelter to get a warm meal. Many blessing to all.

  14. Reply Tracy

    I love to win and especially anything cool from Tuesday Morning! It’s a great store!

  15. Reply Celeste Dominguez

    I always check my local Tuesday Morning to see what new goodies they have and get ideas for crafts and gifts.

  16. Reply Kelly S

    I check out the whole store. I try to be crafty.. I can knit and cross stitch.

  17. Reply Amy D

    This basket will make my house look pretty and festive.

  18. Reply Steven Epstein

    Truth is I have been out of work this year so I would be wrapping these as gifts if by chance I win

    • Reply Andrea Poore

      Keep your head up Steven! I’m in the same boat. Our time IS coming! Best of luck to you!

  19. Reply Selma

    The craft gift basket contents would enable me to be creative and allow me to destress during the hectic holiday season.

  20. Reply Karen McKee

    After work and all responsibilities are taken care of, working on crafts is how I relax. I love checking out Tuesday Morning on a regular basis to see all of the new items they add to their store.

  21. Reply Janet Cobb

    I lost my husband to brain cancer on Thanksgiving Day 2011. My son moved back in with me at the time so that we could be together while we adjusted to our loss. He is getting ready to move out again and I am going to have another big adjustment to make now. My crafting is my salvation. I always head to the craft dept. of my TM store first thing! Winning this would be an amazing boost to my spirits this Thanksgiving.

  22. Reply Kelly Humby-Tulk

    I want the gift basket because I love to craft and have lots of crafty supplies that need to be organized!

  23. Reply Teri Allgaier

    Thank you for the contest.

  24. Reply Andrea Poore

    First, I LOVE Tuesday Morning! I think it would be a very nice extra touch to the rest of the decorations.

  25. Reply Itzia

    I’d love to make some crafts with my sister

  26. Reply breanna pollard

    I want the basket so I can work with my student and niece:)

  27. Reply Marshall Baer

    My wife always enjoys going to Tuesday Morning as you never know what you might find.

  28. Reply brenda tuten

    I love shopping at tuesday morning especially at christmastime but wish there was one closer to where i live so i could shop there more.

  29. Reply Jennifer

    In the last few weeks I have frequented most of the Birmingham Alabama locations and cleaned them out of the extra inexpensive bundles of Velcro, elastic of all sorts including foldover, giant snaps, oodles of sewing gadgets, and stuff I can’t even remember or, probably, even find at this point. It has been quite inspiring to find so much for so little money to make my projects so much better.

  30. Reply MichelleShort

    i would love to win this for all of my crafting needs.

  31. Reply Sarah Hirsch

    I’d love to make some holiday crafts with my kids

  32. Reply Tammy

    So many nice things at TM for crafting. I usually go in there once every week or two.

  33. Reply Lori

    This would be fantastic!!! It contains very nice items. Tuesday Mornings is the best!!!

  34. Reply Beverly

    LOVE Tuesday Mornings…every place I visit I try to find the nearest TM and visit it as well

  35. Reply Gloria

    I love to check out Tuesday Morning’s home department to find unique pieces that shows our families personality. In addition, each year we put out Nutcrackers. I also purchase one each for my grandchildren! We are very thankful to have a Tuesday Mornings close to our home!

  36. Reply Donita

    Always find great values.

  37. Reply Ashley

    Love me some Tuesday Morning!!

  38. Reply Andrea B Cofman

    To me, it’s ALL about the Family during the Holidays & if I won This would be a great Stocking Stuffer’s for a lot of my Family members..LOL I see so many different things that each Family member could use in this Basket of Treats!!! TY “Family Travel 101” & HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!!! <3

  39. Reply Miriam Prantner

    I have so much stuff, and it’s a giant mess, I could definitely use some help organizing!

  40. Reply Dianne

    i love finding great gifts..

  41. Reply stephanie lawrence

    I love Tuesday Morning..I am always surprised at what is around the corner on each aisle. I never know what great crafting deal i might find.

  42. Reply stephanie lawrence

    I love Tuesday Morning..I am always surprised at what is around the corner on each aisle. I never know what great crafting deal i might find.

  43. Reply Andrea

    A week is not a week without a trip to TM. I check out the whole store every time but especially the craft section. Thank you for the gift basket contest. With the onset of the polar vortex, what better time to get back into my projects!

  44. Reply Sarah

    I love Tuesday Morning and so does my daughter! I want the gift basket so that I can give it to my amazingly, artistic, crafty daughter who would absolutely LOVE the basket! Thanks for allowing my entry and Happy Holidays!!! : )

  45. Reply betty

    Love Tuesday Morning. Just wish I had one closer☆☆

  46. Reply

    I would love to win @ Tuesday Morning, one of my must go to stores!!! Thanks for the chance to win… Brenda

  47. Reply Lynda Bart

    Tuesday Morning, you are my dream come true! You have smitten my heart from the first day I ventured through your doors. I will always hold your craft department bargains close to my heart.

  48. Reply Susan

    I would love to win to be more organized.

  49. Reply Roz

    I have found lots of interesting craft items at great prices, snacks, electronics, pet items–all kinds of great things at TM. The basket prize looks great to me, things I would love to have but wouldn’t buy for myself 🙂

  50. Reply Julia Williams

    Who wouldn’t want this gift basket! It’s awesome!

  51. Reply Sherril T.

    I shop Tuesday Morning on a weekly basis and know what terrific items you all have available especially for the holidays. I would love to win the Thanksgiving Table basket to share with my family!

  52. Reply Diana LaFavor

    Some of my favorite knitting tools come from Tuesday Morning. Plus you never know what other useful little treasures you come across.

  53. Reply Anna Bornino-Glusac

    Tuesday Morning always has a surprise waiting to be found. I always check every aisle.