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Family Travel 101

It’s no secret that I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. Mostly because I like high-quality stuff but I’m also frugal. Tuesday Morning sells brand-name products at closeout prices. So, high-quality products + closeout prices = win! On my most recent trip to my local Tuesday Morning, I had one goal in mind: finding some family travel essentials I could carry with me to help make my family trips easier, especially with two little kids! I scored some great finds, and I’m excited to share it all with you!

No. 1 on my travel essentials list is ways to keep my kids entertained, engaged and having fun. After all, if they are happy, mom and dad are happy! I picked up all kinds of art supplies in the craft section of my local store. Brush markers, colored pencils, more markers, gel pens, drawing pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc. I’m going to put it all in these cute plastic cases I found for only $0.99 each. Hint: Watch my video to learn why I had to grab these plastic boxes!


In the toy area I even found these Crayola DryErase Play Sets for $1.99 each! My kids are going to love these. They get the kids using their imaginations, and there is no mess. Perfect for road trips or airplane rides.


I was looking for some type of mini-clipboard to keep the activities contained on my children’s laps. Imagine my excitement when I found perfectly sized mini-clipboards with notepads and pencils! They are small enough to fit in any bag but large enough to get the job done. Score!


To keep myself entertained, I got some more yarn to crochet while my husband drives. I also found a handy little magnetic needle nest that will be perfect for keeping my tapestry needle in place while I crochet. This would be great to hold pins and needles for any project. My husband will be glad I’ll no longer have needles falling into his car seats! OUCH!



The Clover stacking cases are slim and will fit just about anywhere. They come in different sizes and will keep your pins, needles, and other small crafting supplies in place while you travel. I picked up a few in different sizes. I know I’ll put these to good use!


What is a road trip without some snacks to enjoy along the way? The gourmet foods aisle at my local store is jam-packed with goodies! The ingredient lists are short and many of the foods have no added preservatives or additives. I found these gluten-free pretzel snacks in two different flavors and jumped on ’em! I also had to grab a box of lemon snap cookies … just in case I need them, right?



I also picked up some tech essentials like AA batteries, a new car charger for my cell phone, a portable dual-port USB charger for my gadgets, and even a night-light for my kids.



With the holidays right around the corner, I am all set for our next family road trip, and something tells me this one will be the smoothest one yet!

Happy travels!



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