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Four Family Travel Tips for Spring Break Vacation

Blogger Jodi Grundig’s Family Travel Magazine was recently voted #1 in the Best Family Travel Blogger Reader’s Choice Awards by 10Best by USA Today. Check out her expert family travel tips and recommendations on which Tuesday Morning items are essential for your upcoming spring break vacation.

Preparing for Spring Break

Whether your kids get vacation in March or in April, spring break is a great time to get away and enjoy some quality time today. Before you pack your bags and head out the door, it’s important to prepare for your spring break vacation. With a little bit of advance preparation, you can absolutely have a successful family vacation.

Family Travel Tips

1. Choose your destination

If you haven’t planned a vacation yet, there’s still time! There are lots of last minute travel deals available, and with lower gas prices, you may even get a great flight deal. Keep in mind that you can also drive to your chosen destination, and save money on flights and a rental car.

If your kids are old enough to participate, definitely get the involved in choosing your vacation destination. Ask what type of vacation they’d prefer (beach, theme park, museum, city, etc) and research specific options. If your first choice is too expensive, put it on a list for another year.


2. Get the right travel gear

You’ll definitely want to have the best travel gear possible to make travel easier. If you are flying, purchase a brightly-colored or patterned piece of luggage, which will make it easier to spot in the luggage claim area. With increasing checked luggage fees, I like to check one bag and bring the rest in carry-ons. This is much easier if your children are old enough to wheel their bags.


I keep a hanging vanity case always stocked with my travel-sized items like toothpaste, deodorant, and cosmetics. That way, it’s always ready to throw in my suitcase. To follow TSA rules, put toiletries in a carry on bottle kit, which makes them easy to transport.

When I travel, I always pack a portable charger that can be used for my kids’ devices as well as my own. That way, you’ll never be without essential apps that you may need on your adventure.


3. Pack for the kids’ journey

Each of my kids carry a small backpack with their personal items. I have them pack their electronic devices, headphones, stuffed animals, travel pillows (for long journeys), and entertainment. Travel-sized games, journals, coloring books, and reading books are great to keep the kids occupied on the trip, and at your destination. Also bring along a water bottle, which can be filled up once you are past TSA security, and used throughout your vacation.


4. Be prepared for your destination

Be sure to also pack for items you’ll need at your destination. If you are going to a public beach, for instance, you’ll probably want to bring along beach mats and beach towels. Sunscreen is almost always a necessity in any warm location, and bug spray is also good to have. We also bring along some small balls to play with in the park or on the beach, as well as snorkels and masks.


Once you are prepared, you can depart on your adventure, knowing that you’ll have everything you need. Now it’s time to have fun, make new memories, and bond as a family.

For more family travel tips visit Tuesday Morning’s Spring Break Pinboard!

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  1. Reply Nicole Feliciano

    Good idea to bring games and toys along.

  2. Reply Jo-Lynne Shane

    These are fabulous tips. Now I’m wishing we’d planned a trip for Spring Break!

  3. Reply Wanda Booth

    This is one of my favorite stores !!!! I will go and pick up some supplies for my trip to family!!! Thanks for the ideas , they really help!!! Thanks Nana Wanda