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That’s How We Roll (the Dice)

Confession: we’re a “hang out in our PJs until lunch” kind of family on Sundays. For this crazy-busy foursome, it’s our time to relax and indulge in a few solid hours of doing whatever strikes our fancy—sometimes together, sometimes on our own. But whatever it is we’re doing, one thing is certain: pancakes will be on the breakfast (or brunch) menu!

Pancakes are great any time of year, but I especially love them in the fall and winter. There’s nothing like sitting down to a stack of pancakes and warm syrup when it’s chilly outside! As an east coast transplant to Texas, I have to wait a little longer for those chilly mornings here than I care to, so it’s even more of a celebration when the temperatures start to drop and we get to build the first fire of the season in our living room fireplace.

To celebrate fall’s arrival, I’ve decided to put a twist on this Sunday morning’s pancake routine and try my hand at making ebelskivers—the little round filled pancakes that I keep seeing recipes for on Pinterest! They’re a traditional Danish treat that is quickly gaining popularity here in the States. I first learned about them from a gourmet cookware catalog a few years ago and thought they sounded amazing, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend as much as $50 on a specialty pan that I could use for making only one thing. So when I was browsing my Tuesday Morning recently and saw a filled pancake pan set for $4.99, there was no way I was going to pass that up! You can fill these little pancakes with just about anything, from jam to Nutella to savory fillings. I even saw a recipe for Nutella-and-bacon-filled ebelskivers…yum! My kids can’t wait to try them out, and neither can I. (Check out the Tuesday Morning Frugal Foodie Pinterest board for links to some of the recipes I found!)

While I was basking in my sweet ebelskiver pan score, my kids were busy finding their own treasures in the toys and games section of the store. Board and card games are some of our favorite ways to pass the time during our lazy Sunday mornings. It had occurred to me that we haven’t played any new board games in a while, so I sent them on a mission to find one for us to try. Trying to find a game that is just as fun for the parents as it is for the kids AND is also age-appropriate for both our almost-11-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son is no easy feat, let me tell you! But when we find a winner, it’s guaranteed hours of family fun. Classic Battleship is my son’s favorite game these days; he’s freakishly good at sinking my battleships and beats me pretty much every time we play. My daughter has been requesting Bazaar lately; it’s a little harder to find in stores (I got ours from a local specialty game shop), but it’s worth the effort. The rules are simple to follow and it’s a good balance of luck versus strategy. I love that it challenges my kids to think outside of the box, but to them, it’s just fun to play!

I think our Tuesday Morning finds were really well-timed this week. With the kids out of school for Thanksgiving all of next week, we’ll have a lot of extra hours to fill with games…and ebelskivers! (Hmmm, I wonder if I could make leftover turkey-and-cranberry ebelskivers…)

So tell me: what are your family’s lazy weekend morning traditions? Do you have a favorite board game to recommend, or a breakfast recipe to share? Post a comment and let me know!

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