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Delightful Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Egg hunts, fancy clothes, sunshine and an excuse to eat a lot of chocolate… count me in! Easter is just around the corner so today I am sharing simple and fun little Easter egg hunt ideas I put together for my daughter and a few friends! I hope it gets you in the mood for spring!

Welcome to our egg hunt… Keep Calm and Hunt On! This cute sign was the perfect addition to our porch and a great way to welcome our friends!

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Since our egg hunt was small, I knew I wanted to keep things simple, but also wanted to make it special! I headed to Tuesday Morning to do a little shopping and came across everything I needed to create the perfect snack station! The first thing I picked up was a natural fiber table runner. It will be used throughout the spring and summer but it also made the perfect starting point for our snack table. The white ceramic bunny pieces caught my eye because they were so cute and festive, but they are also so functional! I knew when I wasn’t using them as serving pieces for our egg hunt snack station, I could use them as décor all spring long!





This adorable “bunny cookies” jar was just too cute to resist! I simply filled it with bunny animal crackers I found at my local grocery store to add to our snack table! This is another piece that will be great to decorate with each spring for years to come!


Our menu consisted of easy, kid-friendly treats… popcorn, bunny animal crackers, mini-sugar cookies and petite mint candy. If you haven’t checked out all the gourmet treats that Tuesday Morning offers, then you are missing out! After talking to a buyer at Tuesday Morning, I found out that they actually visit trade shows and factories all over the world to make sure what they are selling in their stores is something they have actually sampled themselves! I had no idea that was part of the process! Make sure you check out all their wonderful treats!



To make clean up a lot easier, I picked up these cute treat bowls to serve popcorn in… these were great for the kids to carry around while they hunted eggs!


I also purchased up these cute carrot themed napkins to add a whimsical touch to the table!


Green paper “Shredz” and decorative, speckled eggs finished off the tablescape… quick, easy and super cute!


For our egg hunt, I decided to use plastic eggs filled with scavenger hunt clues. For example, the first clue said “At the end you will find a prize, but for now go look where you rest your eyes”…the first egg was in the bed, under a pillow. (There are lots of ideas for clues on Pinterest if you get stuck and need help!) Each egg led to the next location. For the prize egg, I found these adorable, vintage themed eggs at Tuesday Morning. I loved that they were oversized and I could fill them with a few goodies! Since we had all girls at our egg hunt, I used lip glosses, note pads and a few sweet treats to fill the prize eggs! I found the lip glosses sold as a set in the toy section and found the note pads right next to the check-out counter. It is always a good idea to browse all the aisles at Tuesday Morning, you never know what you might find!


Here are some more ideas of non-food items that are great to fill eggs with:

~puzzles pieces (at the end of the hunt they will have a puzzle to put together!)

~Legos (buy a small kit that they can put together once they’ve found all the eggs!)


~craft beads (after the hunt, make bracelets or necklaces)

~lip gloss or small bottle of nail polish

~Silly Putty

~print out jokes and cut into strips

~themed erasers

~coupons (ex: stay up 10 minutes past bedtime; donut date with dad)

~seed packets to create a mini-garden

~themed tattoos

~”Bunny says” activities… each egg has a piece of paper in it with an activity the child can do… (ex: bunny hop for 10 seconds; balance on one foot for 1 minute)

Have some more Easter egg hunt ideas? Leave a comment below and share them with us!

This was such a fun event and so easy to host! I hope it gave you some ideas and inspiration to host an egg hunt of your own!

If you enjoyed this post and want even more spring inspiration, head on over to Tuesday Morning’s “Decorating for Spring” Pinterest board! Make sure and follow all of Tuesday Morning’s boards on Pinterest for great inspiration all year long! You can also find their social media accounts here: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter!

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