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Dreaming of Spring

It’s the moment we all wait for at our house: the arrival of the first seed catalog of the year! My daughter called first dibs on it when she saw it in yesterday’s pile of mail and spent a solid two hours examining its pages and circling the many varieties of flowers that she’ll invariably persuade me to buy for her.

I love seeing that very first seed catalog in my mailbox because it gives me hope that spring must be just around the corner, even if the weather says otherwise. I don’t know what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but where I am, it’s the quintessential “late winter in north Texas” weather; one day it will be bitterly cold, and the next, it’ll be unseasonably warm. And so it goes, back and forth, teasing us with hints of spring and then blasting us with a frigid reminder that winter’s not quite done with us yet.

There’s nothing we can do about the weather, but we can still get a jump start on spring. So if you’re dreaming of spring like I am right now, I’ve got some great ideas and eye candy in today’s post!

Get Your Garden Started

Nothing cheers me up more in the last throes of winter than starting my garden seedlings inside. One year when I was feeling especially ambitious with my garden plans, my seedlings completely took over my kitchen countertops; every morning while I made my coffee, I’d check each little seed pot to see their progress.

If you’re new to seed starting, or just need a refresher, Better Homes & Gardens has a great little guide.

Did you know that Tuesday Morning has gardening supplies? This little greenhouse from Tuesday Morning is the perfect way to give your seedlings a head start! But beware, there’s not too many left in stores!

Set a Spring Table

It’s amazing what a difference a thoughtfully set table can make in freshening up your home décor. Fresh flowers and spring-inspired tableware are easy ways to bring a little spring inside!

I love the look of cabbages in floral arrangements. They’re the prettiest shades of green and contrast nicely with a variety of late winter and early spring flowers. An arrangement like this would make a lovely table centerpiece!

And I’m absolutely in love with this Bordallo cabbage tableware at Tuesday Morning! It mixes and matches so well with all kinds of other dishes to create a unique, spring-inspired table setting.

Spring on the Farm

There’s just something about early spring that makes me think of farms…maybe it’s the baby farm animals! Give a little nod to spring on the farm by using glass milk bottles in your home décor and entertaining.

In case you missed it, glass milk bottles are the new Mason jars. They’re charming and versatile and a blank canvas for a little DIY upcycling.

This set of milk bottles in a tray is a steal at Tuesday Morning for just $7.99! In addition to using them for serving drinks at parties for kids of all ages, they’re great for using as mini vases.

These DIY paint-dipped milk bottles are a cinch to make and look gorgeous holding single stems of large blooms.

We’ve got lots more ideas on our Dreaming of Spring Pinterest board, so be sure to check it out for more spring inspiration.

Before I go, I wanted to share a little spring eye candy with you. This post by blogger Aran Goyoaga on her blog Cannelle et Vanille has some of the most amazing photography of any blog I’ve ever seen. She utterly captures the sights, smells, and tastes of spring in the Basque region of Spain and shares a few recipes inspired by a spring visit to her homeland. It’s the perfect antidote to a dreary late winter day!

Enjoy, and happy dreaming!

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