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DIY Your Way to Fresh Home Décor!

We’ve partnered with professional party planner and crafter Thuy Bui from Hey Thuy to show us how to use craft supplies to DIY a pretty piece of home décor.

With summer just around the corner, I’ve found myself wanting to spruce up my home décor around the house, yet I don’t want to spend a lot of money to do so. Therefore, I like to get creative and put my crafting skills to the test. Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite stores to pick up my crafting supplies. I can get quality supplies for a fraction of the cost, which is totally within my budget! Today I am excited to share a DIY summer home décor update using a crate I picked up at Tuesday Morning, two mini canvases and various scrapbooking supplies.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-1-448x300

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-2-448x300

I started with a flower punch and a pack of scrapbook paper.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-3-448x300

I picked a few sheets of scrapbook paper that I felt had a summery feel and used my flower punch to punch out six different flowers.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-4-448x300

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-5-448x300

Once I had my flowers punched out, I layered them by twos and folded the petals up on the top flowers to give them more of a 3-D look. After I folded my flowers, I hot-glued them onto my canvas.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-6a-448x600

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-7-448x300

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-8-448x300

On my second mini canvas, I used a pack of fabric butterflies and some fun Martha Stewart paints.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-9-448x600

I first placed all my fabric butterfly stickers on my canvas.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-10-448x300

Then I took a Q-tip and applied my paint to my fabric butterflies, leaving a few in between white to give them some contrast.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-12-448x300

Once my canvases were finished, I was ready to use them with my crate to update my buffet table with a fun and fresh look.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-13-448x300

I used my crate as the main focus and placed my canvases inside.

05292015-Bui-DIY Home-14-448x300

I love how this project turned out. And when I am ready to change up my home décor again, I can easily switch out the items on my mini canvases to create a new look!

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