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How To Make Pucker-up Pillowcases for Valentine’s Day

We partnered with Vickie Howell, author, designer, instructor and broadcast personality in the knitting, crochet and craft world. Read how she used brand-name craft supplies from Tuesday Morning to create unique, handmade Valentine’s Day gifts.

When you’ve been with your sweetheart for a long time, sometimes romantic gestures aren’t just the obvious ones. I mean, of course flowers, bubbly and grand declarations of love are nice — we all need those every once in a while. And yet, it’s those thoughtful nods to everyday needs that can often be the sweetest. Your favorite coffee when you thought you were going to have to go caffeine-less; wool socks for perpetually cold feet; the perfect pillow for a much-needed night’s sleep. Just knowing what little things make your mate’s life happier is its own type of intimacy. It’s the spirit of those gestures that inspires this Valentine’s Day project, perfect for longtime loves.

On the average day, splurging on fluffy pillows and luxurious, bamboo-rayon pillowcases isn’t always a top-priority. On V-day — and thanks to Tuesday Morning’s prices however, you can treat your sweetie to such dreamy delights right now! Oh, and because you’re you (read: awesome and talented), those new glorious, be-cased pillows can also be customized! With a few supplies from the craft section, it’s easy to create handmade Valentine’s Day gifts designed to pay lip service to your next pillow-talk session. So pucker up buttercup, it’s time for bed!

handmade Valentine's Day gifts


2 small pieces of contrasting fabric. I used pieces from Alpine Fabrics 5-Piece Bundles

Lip Shaped Tulip Textile Stencil

Iron-on adhesive (aka fusible web)

Embroidery needle

Small amount, 2 colors of embroidery floss

Embroidery hoop

2 Standard/Queen pillowcases. I used Home Environment 100% Rayon from Bamboo Pillowcases

2 Standard/Queen Pillows I used Croscill Jacquard Pillows


Fabric scissors




STEP 1: Cut fabric piece to slightly larger than stencil size.

STEP 2: Following manufacturer’s instructions, iron on adhesive to WRONG SIDE of both pieces of fabric.

Pucker4 600x400

STEP 3: Using stencil and pencil, trace lip shape onto paper backing of fabric.

STEP 4: Cut lips out of fabric.

Pucker3 600x400

STEP 5: Following manufacturer’s instructions, iron lip pieces into FRONT center of pillowcase.

STEP 6: Place portion of pillowcase with lip appliqué in an embroidery hoop. With embroidery floss and needle, embroider a running stitch (coming up through fabric, then down again to create a stitch) around the perimeter of the lip pieces.

*Note: I separated the floss and used only 3 strands at a time.


STEP 7: Iron pillowcase.

Repeat all steps for 2nd pillowcase.


Place on pillows and enjoy your handmade Valentine’s Day gifts!

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