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How To Create a Handmade Wall Hanging

We partnered with Jamie Dorobek, author at C.R.A.F.T. See how she used great deals on yarn from Tuesday Morning to make a handmade wall hanging!

Are you ready for a sophisticated, inexpensive project that will take you less than one hour to make and spruce up a plain white wall in no time? If yes, this yarn wall hanging is the craft for you! I love that this handmade wall hanging adds a touch of nature and a lot of texture to any space.

handmade wall hanging

All you need to make a yarn wall hanging is a straight stick, yarn, scissors and a ruler. Tuesday Morning’s yarn section is really fun to explore. There are always a ton of neat options to choose from. I used a 14-inch long stick I found in my backyard for free, but one of the fun things about this project is that you can make the yarn hanging as big or as small as needed for the designated wall.

TM 2

First, decide on a color scheme. I used mint and grey yarn. You can use as many or as few colors as you would like. To start, cut a 30-inch piece of grey yarn, and get ready to make a rya knot. This is a fancy word for a very simple knot technique. You can do it, I promise! In fact, I am almost certain you’ve made this knot at some point in your life, and didn’t even realize the official name. Fold the 30-inch piece of yarn in half and lay over the stick. Use your fingers to pull the yarn through the loop. Voila, you just made your first official rya knot!

TM 3

Next, consider what pattern you’d like to use for your wall hanging. Here is the pattern I used: 14 grey strands, 5 mint and grey strands, 14 grey strands, 5 mint and grey strands, 14 grey strands. For the mint and grey strands, instead of only using one 30-inch piece of string to make a rya knot, I used one mint and one grey strand together.

After you have all 52 rya knots tied around the stick, it’s time to add a little (or a lot) of texture. This is totally up to you. To do this, I started by braiding the individual strands of yarn. Start with 3 simple braids from the top of your stick and see how it feels from there. Next, add a few random knots with 4-6 strands of yarn. Again, there is no wrong way to do this. My handmade wall hanging has 12 braids and 10 knots throughout.

TM 5

After you have added knot and braids, it is time to trim up the wall hanging. I cut a corner of a piece of paper to use as a guide to trim the edges. I decided to trim in a modified arrow shape, but again the options are endless.

TM 6

Impressive, right? But, oh so easy! Handmade wall hangings have craft night written all over them!

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