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Quick Color Swaps Make October to November Decorating a Snap

The trouble with seasonal decorating is that it can feel daunting to transition your decorations from one season to the next, especially with certain holidays in the mix. In just three months, we have to go from spooky Halloween to Thanksgiving harvest to festive and wintry Christmas. It’s hard not to feel like we should take down everything we used the previous month and just start all over!

Here’s the good news: it really is possible to seamlessly transition your seasonal decor from early fall into Thanksgiving and Christmas by making simple changes each month. How will we do it? By keeping our seasonal decorating color palette to three key colors and changing just one color each month. I’ll show you some of my favorite seasonal finds from Tuesday Morning and how I’m incorporating them into my own home decor, as well as some ideas from my favorite bloggers.

October’s Color Palette

October Mood Board

The Basics

In September, I set the stage for my fall-into-holiday decorating by adding select accent pieces in greens, oranges, and browns to my regular all-season decor. The green tones are a nod to the waning days of summer, and the oranges and browns will carry our decor into fall. By incorporating seasonal staples like pumpkins, branches/leaves, and burlap, you can create a look that will last through November.

Products I Love

1) These chevron pillows are a fun and modern touch to my sofa, and the turquoise adds just the right punch of color. They’ll stay here on my sofa until December.

2) This light ruana doubles as an easy throw, and ombred anything is super trendy right now!

3) This bright green apple would look awesome on a side table or coffee table. The Extra Touch Once October hits, adding touches of black here and there bring a little Halloween drama.

The Extra Touch

Once October hits, adding touches of black here and there bring a little Halloween drama.

4) I love the contrast of the bright green hedge apples against the white pedestal bowl and mantel here. The little black spiders are a fun and not-too-spooky touch.

5) Printables (like the ones in the frames here) are an easy and inexpensive way to add holiday-specific accents to your decor.

Spray paint a few branches black (and add a coat of silver glitter, if that’s your style!) and put them in a great vase with some orange leaves or black feathers.

November’s Color Palette

November Mood Board

The Basics

Now that our basic color palette is set, we can easily transition our seasonal decor from October to November by replacing our green accents with gray accents. Of course, we’ll want to take down any Halloween-specific decorations too. But the rest of our accents–the ones in oranges and browns–will stay put!

Products I Love

1) This round pillow is at once modern (in shades of gray) and rustic (thanks to the felt).

2) Cooler nights call for a more substantial throw. This refined throw from Peacock Alley adds sophistication to my casual living room.

3) I fell in love with this regal glass vase. The purple adds a pop of color that looks amazing against my backdrop palette of grays, oranges, and browns.

The Extra Touch

Take advantage of the textures of the season to add depth to your decor. Woodgrains, chunky knits, grasses, mercury glass, and porcelains work together beautifully for this season and make your decorating seem richer and more complete.

4) I’m head over heels for these two frames. The burled wood frame adds warmth, while the woven ceramic frame makes more of a statement! You can find the printables to put inside them on our Warm Home pinboard

5) There are so many things I could put in this awesome copper bowl: pinecones, unshelled pecans, or mini pumpkins are top of the list.

6) Take those black branches and spray paint them gold or bronze for November. Keep the orange leaves if you used those for October!

And that’s it! By changing swapping out one color in your decorating palette and just a few products, you can seamlessly transition your October decor into November. Check out our Warm Home pinboard to see more great ideas for your November decorating, and see how we transition into December next month!

(Missed this step? Don’t worry! Pick up a few items that fit this color palette on clearance and you’ll be ready next year!)