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My Childhood #TreasuredGift

What was the most #TreasuredGift from your childhood? Read which gift blogger Jennifer Perkins remembers most fondly.

My most #TreasuredGift, like most kids, was my bike. Not because it was a cool, red dirt bike, and not because it gave me the freedom to go wherever my two wheels would take meit was because of the note Santa left me that Christmas. The year I got my Schwinn Predator was also the same year I learned that Santa could not only draw pictures, but sometimes his sleigh could not carry everything. As an adult, it is not the actual bike I remember as much, it’s the simple drawing I received instead.



During my childhood, we often had Christmas at my grandmother’s house. This meant my parents were smuggling gifts to East Texas throughout the fall without my sister and I finding out. There were always trash bags full of mystery items in the back of the car that for some reason, we never questioned. On Christmas morning, all of our gifts would magically be at grandma’s house, and we were none-the-wiser about how they actually got there. Now, I tell my children that Santa knows how to find them at grandma’s house, so apparently this trick still works. That reminds me, I need to get large, black trash bags…



Back to my treasured bicycle, or the drawing of said bicycle. One year in particular, I had my heart set on a new bike. When I came rushing out of the bedroom, rubbing the sleep from my eyes to behold my loot under grandma’s tree, it was immediately clearthere was no bike in sight. I opened my gifts and eventually came to a card that said, “To: Jennifer, From: Santa.” There was an amateurish drawing of my bike and an explanation that my bike was waiting for me at home. In my opinion, we couldn’t get back home soon enough. When my family pulled into our driveway a few days later, my parents had the inside scoop from Santa that my bike was in fact waiting in the garage attic.


As a child, I adored that bike. As an adult, I think I love the memory of the note from Santa even more. Sadly, the note and the bike are long gone, but I can still see the drawing in my head and I think of it every holiday season. In a funny twist of fate, my parents eventually bought a spare bike to keep at the house for when my sister and I had friends over. We named this funky, blue, 60’s Schwinn, “Kermit.” I remember many a hot summer day, riding my red dirt bike alongside a buddy who was on that blue bike. 30 years later, the red dirt bike from Santa has gone to the big thrift store in the sky, but I still have and ride Kermit to this very day.

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  1. Reply Karen

    I would love to share a story but do not want to join Facebook nor do I have any idea how to do twitter or instagram….guess that makes me an old gal. Thanks.

  2. Reply Lena Davis

    I love Tuesday Morning. It is like a treasure hunt and every time I find a unique item for a gift or for my home at a great price. I have several one of a kind treasures that make me happy everyday from Tuesday Morning!!
    Thank you for a great shopping experience always!

  3. Reply Jennifer Spearman

    What a beautiful memory

  4. Reply Linda Wyman

    My most treasured and memorable gift was Barbie’s Winnebago Motorhome…. ohhhh how I wish I still had that to remember good times and fond memories of simple pleasures, a simple life! 🙂

  5. Reply Nanci Wilson

    My #Most Treasured Gift was 2 fold. We were not a family of monetary riches, but we were rich with love. My dad, my hero, could do anything and everything in my eyes. I was not a girly-girl, but when I was 3 I wanted a doll. Not just any doll, but a Thumbelina Doll….the one who had a knob on the back that you turned & her head moved around. That Christmas I woke up & there under the tree was this big box. I tore the paper off, & there she was … very own Thumbelina doll. She was beautiful. Then I looked & saw that there was something that was covered with a sheet. My dad said it was for me & so I removed the sheet, and there was the most beautiful cradle that my dad had made for my Thumbelina Doll. My dad, my hero is no longer with me, but I still have the cradle and my doll, and everytime I look at it, it immediately brings me back to that magical day over 60 years ago. Now, our 5 yr old granddaughter, Hayden plays with Bella (as she calls her) & enjoys the cradle my dad made.! 🙂

    • Reply Esther

      Nanci Wilson, I’ll would like to see a picture of the cradle. I had a Thumbelina doll too but she is gone.

  6. Reply Mary Stewart

    What happened to your red bike?? I still have my one and only doll given to me when I was 5 or 6 years old. She is in pretty god condition with the exception of a few missing fingers and color change. I now have her dressed in a christening gown as her tom boy pants and red shirt are gone. She had no hair and she still says mama.

  7. Reply Tamala

    How can I enter the contest if I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest?

  8. Reply Debi Howard

    The pictures in this post look like some from my childhood back in the 60’s. Your story of your parents hiding the gifts sounds like my parents. There were 6 kids in my family and my parents hid our santa gifts at my maternal grandparents house, because there was not a safe hiding place at our house because we could find anything at anytime. Thank you for bringing those memories back.

  9. Reply Linda

    My most treasured gift was my first Barbie doll. I also got a big case full of clothes for her. My Mom made all of our clothes, so she made all of my Barbie clothes too, mostly out of my Dad’s old shirts. She added her special touches and all of Barbie’s clothes were beautiful, from casual dresses to beautiful gowns. I have no idea what became of my Barbie, but I sure wish I had her back.

  10. Reply Virginia Donald

    This is a wonderful story. Lots of memories come back to me. My favoriate was a Nurse doll and a nurses play kit. Cause i wanted to be a nurse when i grew up. Instead my oldest daughter became a nurse. So proud of her. But this is a wonderful story. Im loving it

  11. Reply Cheryl Williams

    My most treasured gift was a wood burning set….oh, how I loved spending hours creating these wonderful pictures on wood.

  12. Reply Linda Norris

    My favorite Christmas was when I goit a red hair doll. Loved that doll! Then I married and have one Daughter and guess what color of hair..Red is as she calls it Clemson Hair. Lol

  13. Reply Veta

    I’d have to say my bike as well. I remember when I learned to ride with no hands. And only the most skilled of us could turn the corners with no hands. We’d ride for hours and for miles. No helmets and no particular destination. What fun we had.


    About 9 years ago my mother surprised me with a silver ring with a white clover on top.It was not much but I held on to that ring for dear life. Then one day I went in the hospital and woke up it was gone. But it was beautiful!