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Hosting a Fall Nights Party

We teamed up with Monica from East Coast Creative to share her favorite Tuesday Morning products when hosting a Fall Nights Party with your girlfriends! Check out her blog post below:

Hosting a Fall Nights Party

Fall is hands down my very favorite season! Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunny beach in summer, and I love skiing with my kids in winter. Spring I hate – it’s wet and lame – but fall … ahhh, I just love it! Here in Bucks County (Pennsylvania) it actually feels like fall already – cold nights, cool mornings, warm afternoons. It’s perfection! Since I love fall and love our patio and fire pit, I thought a Fall Nights Party with some of my girlfriends was in order!


Once I had my party in mind, I teamed up with Tuesday Morning to put it all together. Pretty recently we got a new location near us, so I was excited to check it out! (You can use this store locator to find a location near you.) Kenzie (my daughter) and I had a blast picking out what we needed for the party (she was a little salty that she was helping me prep for a party she wasn’t invited to. I told her it was a character-building experience! Ha!) It was kind of like treasure hunting because we didn’t know what each aisle would bring, and it’s always fun exploring a new store (especially one filled with home décor items!!)

Get Inspired

I didn’t go into Tuesday Morning with a very clear vision of what I had planned, but I knew something would jump out at me. As soon as I saw this lilim outdoor rug, I knew what my style and color palette would be! Isn’t it great!?! My old outdoor rug was torn to shreds and was pretty much a disaster, so I was thrilled to score this baby! It served as the backdrop for our fire pit and the inspiration for all my décor choices!


I’m in a small Bible study with a great group of girls and usually we meet at a different location, but for this week I invited them all here for my Fall Nights Party! I love a good GNO, and it doesn’t have to be hard to pull together a really fun, themed one!

Chilly Fall Nights

Before I got into the fun stuff … food and décor… I had to think practically for a minute. It’s getting chilly here on the East Coast at night! I want my gal pals to stick around for a while, so I picked up a couple supersoft blankets that were really inexpensive at Tuesday Morning (under 20 bucks vs. $45 somewhere else!), so I don’t mind using them outside. I grabbed a few hay bales for extra seating – just in case anyone wants the full rustic, outdoorsy experience! Apparently, my puppy Wellesley thought it looked too comfy not to try out!


S’more, Please

I knew a s’mores bar was in order, so I picked up all the necessities (and even some fun extras) and used various containers that I’d picked up from Tuesday Morning to put it all together in a pretty cute setup. The rusted metal bin was a steal at $6.99 and will work great after the party as part of my fall décor around the house.




DIY When It Makes Sense

I know that as a DIY blogger, it’s assumed that I DIY everything in my life, but Tuesday Morning had this premade cupcake wrapper and topper kit for under $5, so there was no need to DIY these babies. Get this: I even bought cupcakes at the supermarket and jazzed them up, too! I scraped off the sprinkles, added some crushed graham cracker crumbs, put in a block of chocolate and half a marshmallow, and voilà! That’s called semi-DIY, my friends, and it’s easy and awesome!



I picked up mums from our local Produce Junction (8 mums for $6!! Insane!) and used craft supplies I picked up from Tuesday Morning to fancy them up a bit. I didn’t want to have to plant each one in a container because I’ll put them in the ground eventually, but I wanted them to look nice on the table. I also picked up some coordinated paper packs from Tuesday Morning and simply wrapped the plastic containers in scrapbook paper.

Details, Details

Tuesday Morning had some great paper products. I was so impressed by all the styles they had to offer. Faux bois napkins? Yes, please! Usually for paper goods with actual style you pay more, but these were only $1.99 instead of $4.95. Sweet! I bought a bunch of cute paper products and also got some mugs and plates that I’ll use seasonally. Chilly fall nights call for hot cocoa for sure!



Back to school is such a fun and busy time, but don’t let it be all about the kids and forget to take some time to connect with your friends! I know that for me, “mommy time” aka time away from my 4 kids, makes me a much better mom. Take some time to hang with your girls this fall. Hopefully my little shindig has inspired you, and you’ll be hosting your own Fall Nights Party!


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